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Xiom 36.5 ALX

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
A modification of the famous Xiom Stradivarius blade. With the help of the 36.5 C cold press, wood technology, and new outer Axylium (Arylate) layers structure and carbon, the blade has perfect control while maintaining high speed for close-to-the-table strategies. Made in Korea.

Customer Reviews

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29/07/2021 Not as good as I thought Review by Wayne Shen
I had been using Xiom paddle for a while. Originally used Zetra quad, which is a great paddle, then I switched to Vega Euro and love it. Then I tried Feel HX pro and it was ok. So I decided to stay with Vega Euro although it was discontinued (you can still buy it from Amazon at a decent price and the XIOM US store still has it.
So when I saw this 36.5 and a review from a XIOM expert in a forum saying this is the best XIOM he has ever had, I decided to have a try. I have Rakza X as FH and TSP ventus spin as BH. I tried Rakza X in a Timo Boll ZLC and it is really good.
Quite disappointed with this paddle, the paddle is very different from XIOM Vega Euro. The paddle is too slow close to the table and when you try to hit hard, the ball just flies out of the table like no control. The speed of the ball coming out is not linear to the power you put in.
Not saying it's not a good paddle but to switch from Vega Euro (a copy of Zhang Jike ZLC) to this ALC will take some time. That's actually quite weird as I tried Koki Niwa carbon (an ALC paddle also) and it is close to Vega Euro, just much faster. and I switched from Zetro Quad to Vega Euro with no problem at all.
So I decide to stay with XIOM Vega Euro.
23/06/2021 Xiom Review by Arslan Kaliyev
Чистый off. Очень контрольное и управляемое лезвие. Использую с накладками слева Xiom Vega Europe, справа Xiom Vega Japan. Слева Europe не понравилась слишком мягкая по ощущениям. Буду ставить Andro R47 на толщине 2.0.
11/06/2021 Понравилось Review by Dmitri Kan
Качественное, хороший контроль.
29/09/2020 Превосходно Review by Ivan Sergeevich Korchevoi
Отличное основание. Контроль изумительный. Корейцы молодцы, такую вещь сделали. Потрясающее чувство мяча. На мой взгляд владеющему только досками butterfly, xiom на первом месте сейчас по соотношению цены и качества. А магазин tabletennis11 крутой, скидка + подарок, о чем еще можно мечтать. Спасибо!
26/09/2020 Great feeling blade. Review by Seow Peng Lee
Play as Viscaria but with a better feeling. I like this blade more than Vis.
03/09/2020 Good balance blade Review by Arnel Bauda
Just an exact bounce and balance blade. Good feeling.
Xiom 36.5 ALX