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The roots of the South Korean company Xiom go back to 1976 when it was founded under the name Champion Limited Corporation, initially focusing on making table tennis tables for the Korean market. The company grew and went on to sponsor the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, and 1986, 2002, and 2014 Asian Games. The company has been selling a full range of table tennis products for the worldwide market since changing its name to Xiom in 2007. Xiom’s rubber range includes the flagship Omega VII series, as well as, the classic Vega, Omega IV, and Omega V families. All of these rubbers use Xiom’s signature “Carbo Black Sponge”. Xiom blades - which are made in Japan, Korea, and China, and renowned for their high quality - ... include the Hugo Calderano, Ice Cream, and Feel blade lines. Xiom is also known for its eye-catching clothing and shoes, which often come in very vibrant colors. Consistent with its youthful style, Xiom sponsors many exciting players including the “Thrill from Brazil” Hugo Calderano (the first player from Latin America to break into the Top 10 ITTF World Rankings), Jeoung Youngsik (2017 World Championships semi-finalist, Men’s Doubles, 4-time bronze medalist WTTTC Men’s team), and An Jae-Hyun (2019 WTTC bronze medalist, Men’s Singles). Did you know that “Xiom” refers to the term “axiom” that is pronounced “ak-ceom” and which means “a self-evident truth that requires no further proof”? Show more Show less


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