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Victas VS > 402 Double Extra

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Rubber type : inverted
The VS > 402 Double Extra is a further development of the very popular VS > 401. This innovation combines the very tacky, elastic top rubber sheet with a modern, slightly harder offensive sponge. The new sponge/top rubber sheet combination makes this High Energy Tension rubber the ideal weapon for any spin-oriented allrounder. The extremely tacky and flexible top rubber sheet virtually tacks the ball and produces fantastic spin both in topspin play and in defensive strokes with heavy backspin. Thanks to the optimized offensive sponge, the VS > 402 Double Extra is even more dynamic than the VS > 401, which is a great advantage in topspin play. However, even with the higher speed, the rubber still provides for high control and tackiness for dangerous backspin variants.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/07/2023 Almost sticky Review by Stan
Almost sticky, similar to Chinese rubber, but lasts longer. It has a quick response to an opponent's attack and a good spin.
Beginners need to get used to these types of rubbers.
02/12/2022 Wow Review by Neil Santos
This was my first "high-end" or "expensive" rubber for my FH and I must say it was very fun to use. Has a lot of speed, decent spin, and good control. Paired it with Victas Balsa 2.5 and Victas Curl P1V on the BH
07/10/2020 Great product Review by Edin Kucukovic
Well, it is better than VS 401 in terms of speed that is a fact but VS 401 has something special, that no other rubber has. But this is closest as it gets including more speed.
16/01/2020 Отличное качество Review by Vano Azizyan
14/05/2019 отлично Review by Elena Tsvetkova
очень хорошая накладка
06/07/2018 Spinny... Review by tomo
This rubber is good. Nice spin and good for looping..
03/07/2018 A Review by NAIYANA MODEMUANG
Good rubber
19/10/2017 Spin with control Review by Antonio Oliver
I like this rubber it’s semi hard with pretty good spin and control . I’ve used this rubber now for about a month and I can say this give it a try for my style of play it works .
13/07/2016 5 Review by nachum shamis
27/11/2015 excellent rubber for all round players Review by Ning Yang
I use VS402 extra for forehand, it has amazing control and really spinney, it's good for the soft touched back spin service which is the powerfully weapon of mine. And of course I can also make very strong forehand top spin with this rubber.
BTW, I am a modern defensive player.
11/08/2015 Very good Review by Paul Lunan
excellent control and spin good for slow loops
Victas VS > 402 Double Extra