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Victas V > 15 Extra

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Rubber type : inverted
The ultimate weapon for aggressive offensive players! V > 15 Extra is a high-end offensive rubber which will enable you to perform on a new level in topspin rallies. Feel the ultimate power and high-efficiency energy conversion of the innovative 47.5° offensive sponge and experience the unlimited potential of the spin-optimized top rubber sheet! Demanding offensive players who rely on aggressive topspins as well as topspin-to-topspin rallies will take their play to a new level with V > 15 Extra!

Customer Reviews

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28/03/2023 Excellent Review by Gary S.
A very good FH offensive rubber.
30/01/2023 Dynamic Review by Peter Blackwell
Fast and spinny, but not impossible to control. A little bouncy in the short game but that's the trade off for having such accessible levels of spin. Very easy to serve with spin; spinny and controlled on serves - very nice.

Overall it's a great close to the table and mid distance topspin rubber because it doesn't take exceptional effort to activate the sponge.
09/12/2022 Good for FH and BH Review by Andy Lee
I use it on both FH and BH, like the spin it can generate and the control it provides.
10/08/2022 Looks great with Viscaria Review by Lester Glenn Tabada
A great hard rubber, not to mention the sky blue version blends really well with the original Viscaria, especially for those players who want to match their setups #fashion.
Fast and grippy. Good feeling. I'm still breaking in the rubber but I notice the rubber is sensitive to heat, so don't use a heat gun on the installation with glue.
With the viscaria, it's not as fast as the Tenergy 05 but offers great control. Low arc in looping, so adjust accordingly. Blocking is good also with this rubber.
30/05/2022 I think this is good Review by Anton Tran
This rubber is fast and really enjoyable to use.
29/03/2022 Fast with control Review by Jari Seppala
The next one I'll order with blue color, was sold out when I order
19/03/2022 Good Review by Heng Socheat
Very good rubber speed spin and very controls
18/11/2021 No la he probado aun Review by Pablo Burotto
No la utilice aun
08/09/2021 Качественная / Выносливая накладка Review by Mikhail
Ранее уже брал эту накладку на пробу. За полтора года использования (тренировки 1-2 раза в неделю) ничего не отклеилось/вздулось/потрескалось/рассыпалось. Понятное дело зона контакта с мячом подизносилась, но прочие варианты обычно столько не жили в принципе. Andro Hexer (duro/powersponge) посыпалась губка с краёв, xiom europe - резинка треснула в нескольких местах. Хотя может за это время опыта поднабрался, меньше по столу стучу ))).
По преимуществам: прекрасное вращение, продолжительное время контакта с мячом при обработке, достаточно контрольно.
Взял повторно так как устраивает во всём.
Спасибо tabletennis11 за сборку.
06/09/2021 perfect Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
I liked it a lot, but people say that it is not very durable, I don't know if it will really be like that, because the rubber is very good and it is one of the few Japanese types that I would use in the BH instead of the Rakza z. It has nice fine touch and control, as well as power.
09/08/2021 I liked it a lot Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
Very good for BH.
22/03/2021 рекомендую Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Убойная накладка , но нужно правильно подбирать основание.
29/12/2020 Would be the best if the rubber didn't wear out so fast Review by Coach Wickham
Absolutely fantastic for a high-level player. Sponge outlasts the top sheet, and the top sheet is toast FAST. It's too bad that the top sheet is done-for so quickly because this is one of the best rubbers on the planet. I prefer this over T05 any day. But, I'd say that D09C beats this, and I'm not a Butterfly fanboy by any stretch of the imagination. I wish they made this in 50 degrees, or even 53 degrees too. That would be nice. Victas' packaging leaves room for 50 degrees as well. But, it's almost 2021 and it still has not happened.
27/11/2020 Very good Review by Ashraf Kubbara
Same as 11 but heavier.
26/09/2020 Excellent in spin and speed Review by Seow Peng Lee
Up there with Tenergy.
08/07/2020 Reliable rubber to upgrade your game Review by Mat
The Victas V > 15 Extra is a fantastic rubber for all those who are looking for heavy spin, speed, and consistency. I’ve used many different rubbers over the past years, but this one is definitely worth trying it. In my opinion, the rubber is heavily underrated when compared to more expensive sheets. The rubber works perfectly well with Alc carbon blades. Give it a try and don’t always believe what other jealous experts might say. :)
18/05/2020 Hard unpredictable rubber Review by M.A.
Fair rubber, not very accurate and difficult to predict.
04/05/2020 Good Review by sean
18/02/2020 Very dedicated team from TT11! Review by Nick
Appreciate their speedy services and quality products as always! Kudos to the TT11 team!
17/02/2020 Very nice rubber !!! Review by W830
Very nice for spin and control but it's a little bit hardness.
13/12/2019 Very Good for Forehand. Review by KEVIN KOSHY
Good Rubber for FH. Got good spin and control. It helps you elevate your game.
22/11/2019 Extra 15 Review by Jan Bogdan
Very good rubber on AF of the Innerforce Layer ALC speed spin everything is there.
03/10/2019 Good Rubber Review by Justin Lau
Good quality rubber pair with Victas Koki Niwa Wood.
13/06/2019 Surprised! Review by JG
First experience with Victas & very pleasant one, good spin, good speed and control with feeling. Recommended.
05/04/2019 Awesome FH/BH rubber Review by Ben Lo
Awesome for FH and BH, great for Drive, Block, Power Loop, Chop, and flicks. Only down side is slow loops, low tackiness requires more precise timing, they can still be done.
27/03/2019 Хорошая накладка Review by Aleksandr Alekseevich Zaitcev
В сравнении с Tenergy 05 накладка Victas V > 15 Extra медленнее и с меньшей реакцией к приходящему вращению, более контрольная и прощающая ошибки в технике
11/03/2019 V15 Extra Review by Frank White
Installed on Forehand and Has Very Nice Smooth Control with Good Power.

I matched this with V01 Limber on the Backhand
11/03/2019 G Review by Mohit Kapoor
I have used this rubber on an ALC, ZLC and all wood blade and it kinda behaves differently.
It's a good rubber, it got good control, dwell and durability. I would say this is rubber can be used on both ALC and ZLC the only drawback is when playing with ZLC lifting the ball is hard, but the rest you can do everything. On the other side on ALC it works well. All wood, I was using Infinity VPS and I couldn't feel the ball spinning it had no dwell time so I didn't like it at all.

It's just a few touches lower as compared to the 05 it's probably due to the sponge quality which can be improved in the future.
16/07/2018 Aaaa Review by NAIYANA MODEMUANG
Good rubber
13/06/2018 Отличный Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Очень хорошая накладка. Можно играть и на FH и BH.
08/05/2018 Good rubber Review by Nam Nguyen
The best tennis substitute for the Tenergy I have ever played.
03/12/2017 excellence for offensive-minded players Review by Hoang Le
My set up is Koki Niwa blade + V>15 extra max on FH and V>15 extra 2.0 on BH

*Good when* you are deterministic to put a lot of power in your strokes either with full arm swing or excellence wrist rotation or both. With such extreme strokes, the ball will be thrown enough with super fast forward velocity. Also because the rubber is not spin-sensitive, blocking is surprisingly fun and effective, when you stay close to table with high ball, you can direct the ball so well and fast, side-spin don't effect ball-redirection that much.

*Average when* you don't generate enough power, the ball will be pretty flat. If you tend to hold back your hand power, it may feel a bit dissatisfying

*Not ideal* for players with that rely a lot on spin and placement control. If you're hesitant or change your mind passively, you'll likely see the ball go flatter than you'd expect with other spin-sensitive rubbers. So better be really proactive and go for fast pace. Technically, the speed is fast and can be explosive, but spin is average

Some note: this rubber is perhaps easier to use on FH but pretty cool to use on BH if you are confident. See the BH technique here with the rubber on BH here
05/09/2017 good rubber Review by adi
nice for spin and conrol
24/01/2017 good Review by rio
good rubber..
16/12/2016 ok Review by Alex
apparently hyped as another tenergy alternative...
not sure about tenergy but in comparison with Tibhar Evolution MX-P or MX-S this is just pretty dead rubber.
used it for couple weeks on FH (and V>15 Limber on BH), half price anyone? :)
09/08/2016 还好 Review by LUO YICHI
02/05/2016 excelent and inexpensive rubber, Review by ORMOND MARSHALL
my experience and opinion with victas rubbers are, so beautiful they have become my favorite..speed spin and control are on the mark,they deliver in distance playing and close to the table and cost almost half the price of tenergy..highly recommended for the advance player and all players. a definitely must have,again they are running parallel with tenergy.
16/02/2016 Excellent Control, Spin, Touch, and Power Review by Frank White
Hello Fellow TT Players.
After trying this rubber on a friends blade at the club I was very impressed with the nice smooth control it has.
I installed the Red Max Victas V >15 Extra on my Forehand Side on an Adidas Carbon Strike blade. I'm a Right hand shake hands club level player.
This rubber has very good consistent control with good spin on Loops and Serves. For soft touch shots, like drop shots, it is very
Predictible and Nice too.
When you Dial Up the Power its right there too and has very good Power when you need it.
So if your a mid level player looking to improve and maintain your Control, and Spin as you develop, this rubber will help your game.

On my Backhand I use Victas V >01 Limber which also has very good consistent and predictable control, spin, touch, and power.
I believe both these rubbers will help me reach the next level as I develop.
08/02/2016 Excellent rubber Review by Michael Bolton
This is a fantastic rubber. I love it on bh too...flicks are incredibly easy. It is plenty grippy and spinny. Short game is good too. Coming from T05 and Tenergy 25fx I found my less expensive alternative. Very happy
26/10/2015 גומיה טובה! Review by Aharon Ben Ari
ןאחרי הרבה חיפושים גומיה טובה סוף סוף גומיה שמתקנת את הליקויים הטכניים שלך מחזיקה מעמדולא מאבדת מהדינמיות שלה
Victas V > 15 Extra