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Victas Triple Double Extra

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Rubber type : inverted
The Triple Double Extra is a tacky Chinese type topsheet with a very hard, 57.5 ° sponge. It is the hardest rubber in Victas' assortment. The tacky surface produces good spin and power. The sponge is so hard that it makes you think it has additional boosting. Made in China.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/09/2023 Fast and Tacky Review by Kenneth Baluyut
This rubber is fast and tacky. Only drawback is it gets dust easily so but all good.
12/08/2023 Good but does not last. Review by Setia Welli
Has a lot of spin, good grip, good control. Not very fast, good for backhand rubber. The only defect may be does not last too long.
06/07/2023 Great spin and feeling! Power when you need it! Review by Carl D.
Love this rubber.
Switched from using Donic BS Z1/BS Pro for a little over 2 years because I wanted more spin.
I read some reviews that said this was really not a good rubber for power, but I found that to be inaccurate.
I have no problem getting power out of smashes or strong hits with this. It is also much easier to get more spin on loops and serves with this rubber because of the tackiness.
Only reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 is because it does seem to lose tackiness pretty quickly (1-2 months). It still has some tack, but nothing like the original.
13/06/2023 The best ever Review by Alan Meier
the best rubber I've ever had.
Is still very handy/sticky after 6 months :-)
if you like to play with spin, this is a great rubber !
But unfortunately the red coating is not as good in quality as the black one
02/05/2023 Excellent Review by Ivan Ochisev
Goes well on fh with victas zx-gear out. Amazing spin and power. Many gears. Heavy.
04/06/2022 104 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Doble triple, bastante dura, para atacantes.
21/05/2022 Best H3 Alternative Review by ajc
Best H3 alternative, in my opinion, and does not require boosting. The manufacturer rating ESN 57.5 sponge feels wrong to me, this rubber feels softer than 39-degree H3 and it is easier to use. In comparison, the H3 feels very hard and difficult to hit with. The short game control is good with this rubber too because of the tackiness. Overall, I think this is an excellent Chinese-style rubber for the players that may feel like they want to use H3 but then realize they don't hit hard enough to fully use H3, the Triple Double Extra is easier to use and the spin and speed is still amazing. This rubber will still need a bigger stroke to use, so if you prefer tensor style rubbers this one is not for you.
05/05/2022 Not my personal preference, but might be good to some people Review by Anton Kukeste
Extremely hard sponge with a soft and tacky topsheet. Not as fast as Dignics 09C, Xiom Omega VII China Guang, Rakza Z, or Bluegrip C2. For me, hybrid rubbers like Donic Bluegrip C2 or Yasaka Rakza Z are much easier to use while offering similar levels of spin.
23/03/2022 young man rubber Review by pongmaster
This rubber has a fantastic grip, good power but low throw angle. This is similar to Hurricane with tacky grip. However, the sponge is harder and has good power away from the table. You need to hit with full strokes and with good footwork. So it is not very forgiving on half strokes or missed timing. I feel it has good low gear for short touch shots and good power for long rallies but there is no in-between. It has a low throw angle so there is not much margin of error. This is for high-level players with good footwork.
15/02/2022 Tacky~ Review by Ruel Rubio
If you have a proper technique with excellent swing, this one is for you.
10/10/2021 Good Review by Richard Lim
Tacky and so spinny...but I like more the DHS-Nittaku turbo blue.
09/06/2021 Amazing Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
This rubber is special for those of us who are adapted to Chinese, hard and very sticky rubbers, but what surprised me the most is that, when I gave it to friends who play with European or Japanese rubbers, they did not have many adjustment problems. It is somewhat surprising: since the throw angle is not high ...
The sponge is very hard but not as hard as the h3 pro turbo blue. I don't know if it's factory-boosted, but it bounces well and I can't really find any fault with it. The sound is beautiful, like breaking balls all the time. It has a very nice feeling ... I'm playing it on an Acoustic LG90gr. Be careful, it is heavy, something like 58 grams cut.
I do not find much difference with a boosted National H3 or Yinhe DPR or Jupiter 3 pro tour ... maybe it is because I am an amateur and my technique is not the most sophisticated, but Victas TDE is very similar to those rubbers, at least for me.
01/06/2021 I am playing with it Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Very good rubber! If you are used to Chinese rubbers, this is it. Hard sponge but reactive, Low but not exaggeratedly low shooting angle, I don't think it is necessary to boost it, but maybe it would be easier to play. Anyway, what impresses me about this rubber is that players who are not used to Chinese rubbers play with it without problem: it must have something different, but it is not like those hybrids in the style of H3 Pro Turbo or Rakza Z, it is different. . Maybe it's closer to a national blue h3... I don't know, I have to test it more. For now, it has given me a lot of satisfaction and when I hit hard, the ball sinks and provides a lot of effect, it is also spectacular to block, serve and cut. Heavy rubber! maybe 9gr more than Rakza Z or 12 gr more than h8.
Victas Triple Double Extra