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Victas Koki Niwa

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
Japanese player Koki Niwa is the leading contributor to the design of this product. This offensive blade is suited for creative, close to the table power players. Counter topspins with an aggressive trajectory and heavy spin variations are a key feature of this blade. The core ply combined with layers of inner aramid carbon fiber helps improve fast mid-distance topspin rallies with optimized stability in extreme situations. The outer, very elastic fleece carbon provides for excellent feel and great spin development.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

17/04/2023 на себе проверено Review by Alexander Gerassimenko
Контроля и скорости хватает для игры на высоком уровне с разными накладками
03/02/2023 Better than I could possibly expect Review by Bruce Fountain
Although it doesn't seem to be, this blade IMHO should be extremely popular..

It's light, it's very fast, exhibits excellent control, spinny, and most of all you can hit any shot with this blade. I find no fault of any kind with this blade. I have owned over 20 blades, and this is without question the best. Until now, I have considered my Nittaku Basaltec Outer the best blade because of it's properties. But this Victas blade does everything the Basaltec does, but just better. The one caveat is you have to be at least an intermediate player (1600-1700 level) to really use this blade to your advantage.

I would call this a very offensive blade with great control and still plays like an all around blade with the full variety of shots and spins.

I have the Tennergy 80fx on forehand, and Barracuda on backhand. Great combination.
08/09/2021 Отличное основание Review by Mikhail
Не могу сказать, что являюсь гурманом оснований. Постепенно переходил из класса All(последнее было Andro Super Core Cell) к Off(перед текущим был Andro Treiber Off-). Ни в какое сравнение с предыдущими не идёт. На порядок лучше.
Приличная скорость, контроль мяча с большим запасом (прощает многие мои ошибки в обработке), в момент приёма мяча ощущается небольшая, назовём это "ватность", как будто защитным основанием играешь, но обратно мяч летит с совсем не защитной скоростью. На обе стороны поставлены Victas V > 15 Extra(справа 2.0, слева max). Идеально для игры у стола и в средней зоне. Пока самое лучшее, с чем играл.
19/08/2021 рекомендую Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Я долго искал себе основание с превосходным контролем и скоростью , и это случилось после тестирования лезвия Коки Нива, самое главное подбор накладок .Для разных игроков они индивидуальны. Я выбрал для себя Тенерджи 05 макс с лева и Тибхар МХ-D макс с права , но выбор всегда остается за спортсменом.
21/06/2021 рекомендую Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Отличное основание. Очень напоминает ALC от бабочки но с лучшим контролем. Это лучше бабочки ALC. Рекомендую попробуйте.
27/04/2020 Excellent blade Review by Wang Ke
Extremely wonderful feel, unparalleled forehand-backhand conversion!
14/04/2020 12/4/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
High speed, not control, but you can try.
03/12/2019 Absolutely Fantastic Review by Jun Du
Fantastic blade with great, wood-like feeling plus superb speed and power, power, power (I found much better than my previous Koki Niwa Wood blade which has little power for looping). Perfect for close-to-the-table attackers looking for a combination of speed, placement, and spin! Just like Koki Niwa!
02/10/2019 Amazing blade Review by JW
Very powerful blade but with great, almost wood-like feeling.
09/01/2019 Great paddle Review by Wayne
I bought this new version and frankly, can't tell any big difference between this new version and old version. Excellent paddle. You need some skill to control it though, if you put even medium hard rubber on it.

I put Ventus spin on both sides and the result is perfect. Also, I found that the overall weight (paddle plus two rubbers) is very light compared with my TT buddy who has a Ma Long 5 with both sides Hurricane 3. TT11 did an excellent job to assemble it. Thank you.
Victas Koki Niwa