Gluing the Rubbers (How to Assemble Your Paddle)

Step 1.

Using the applicator sponge, spread table tennis glue thinly over the rubber's sponge side. If the applicator is not available, use soft foam or a soft bristle brush.

Gluing Table Tennis Rubber, Step 1

Step 2.

Use the same glue application as in Step 1 for one side of the blade. Make sure you have enough glue covering the outer margins of that side (and of the rubber). Then let the glue layers dry for a few minutes until they become transparent then add one or two extra layers to the sponge. Two layers on the sponge and one on the blade is quite common.

Gluing Table Tennis Rubber, Step 2

Step 3.

Carefully align the rubber with the blade as shown in the picture and then press it down starting from the base of the blade’s face and upward.

Gluing Table Tennis Rubber, Step 3

Step 4.

Put pressure on the rubber using a roller. Then apply pressure rolling it in an upward direction, starting from the top of the handle.

Gluing Table Tennis Rubber, Step 4

Step 5.

Turn the blade over (so that the rubber faces down) and cut the rubber along the blade's contour. After you are finished with the first rubber, do the same with the second. Then attach the edge tape to protect the edge of your paddle.

Gluing Table Tennis Rubber, Step 5


Tabletennis11 Team