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TSP Spectol Red

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Rubber type : short pips
TSP Spectol has been a top-seller for decades and one of the best-known short pips-out rubbers worldwide. Numerous major championships were won by players using Spectol, and even today many top table tennis stars rely on the special features of this legendary pips-out rubber. Spectol Red is the softer and faster version featuring integrated Dynamic Tension technology. The very light Japanese offensive sponge provides for unique catapult effect and tons of speed. The proven Spectol pips design provides for highly dangerous pips-out effects dreaded by so many table tennis players. The red high-performance sponge of Spectol Red is softer and faster than the sponge of Spectol Blue. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/04/2018 Отличные шипы в стиле старого спектола Review by Roman Nickolaevich Muratov
Отличные быстрые шипы, с низким вращением. Позволяют агрессивно тыкать топспины по углам и спокойно бить накатом подрезанные мячи. Не так вариативны, как современные тянущие тензорные шипы, но ведь не всем это нужно...
17/01/2017 fast attack! Review by Gary
I use it for my BH, it has great control for blocks and a great sponge to produce speed and power drives. Not very deceptive when attacking but has little knucle ball effect when passive blocking.
04/12/2016 Very Good Short Pips Rubber! Review by SERGIO SUEHIRO
This rubber is very good for control and easy to block. New sponge allows catapult effect, and strong attack is possible, and fast top spins (!) also.
One important fact is on all the surface of rubber the feeling is the same for the player, one aspect that are searched for who needs control.
TSP Spectol Red