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TSP Spectol Out

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : short pips
The original in the Spectol series, the TSP Spectol Out is the most well-known short-pips rubbers in the world. Being on the softer side, with around a 35-degree hardness, it has excellent control and spin possibilities.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/06/2021 Not so good Review by gabriel IACOB
The rubber is not suitable neither for playing close to the table nor for playing far from the table. I really did not know what is good. I am a modern defender who wants to chop but also to do a topspin but this rubber did not help me to any of my actions. A bad decision. Not recommended.
29/10/2020 good product Review by Heiki Kuus
TSP Spectol has been bh rubber choice with a great number of modern defenders, including top players. This speaks for itself.
11/07/2019 Good Review by Bethany Rodriquez
Deceptive pimple rubber. Requires good skills.
27/03/2019 Excelent pips out rubber Review by shean chang
I use 1.0 mm sponge on my old TSP defensive paddle and 1.5 mm sponge on my collectable 032 Chinese Double Happiness "professional grade" paddle. Both work out very well - great feel for chopping primarily and good control for offensive shots.
05/04/2018 Spectol Review by TT player
Used in red and 1.8mm for modern defense.
Speaking of thickness, there is some discrepancy between sheets. Mine looks more like 2.0mm but I am ok with that.
Sponge is very soft (35 deg) and the grip is enough for spin variation in defense. Light weight also.
Great for attacking. It gives some really flat and dead balls.
A real classic SP rubber.

Great service from TT11. Super fast shipping.
23/01/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnije korotkie shipi
13/07/2016 TSP Spectol-Out Review by TT Player
One of the best SP on the market. Middle of the road grip wise.
Can do everything (attack and defense).
I chop with it (1.5mm).
The softer sponge gives more spin for chops and is lighter than Spectol Speed.
Red is less grippy than black topsheet.
Great rubber overall.
16/05/2016 thank you tt 11 Review by Bakhos Abboud
Very nice rubber for a block strategy game close to the table but i prefer from my experience the long pips rubber , i feel the ( l p) make a dangerous ball more than the ( s p ) .
16/01/2016 4 Review by Станислав Викторович Хмелевский
Цена качество не плохо.
07/10/2014 excellent service Review by Yanhan Wang
excellent service
02/07/2013 Best Review by Tornado
Best short pips at speed glue. It is very convenient to use for sparring.
TSP Spectol Out