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TSP Black Balsa 3.0

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Number of Layers : 3+2
approximate weight (g) : 75
Blade Type : DEF
thickness (mm) : 4.6
The TSP Black Balsa 3.0 is specially designed for classic defenders. This high-end blade features a balsa core and a slightly larger head for maximum control in all stroke techniques. The tried-and-tested balsa/glass fibre layers additionally provide for an enlarged sweet spot, which guarantees ultimate feel, forgiveness and effectiveness.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

20/03/2019 Love it! Review by Edgar Faingor
The weight and control are just perfect. The slimmest blade even seen. Aesthetically gorgeous as well, especially if you like black. Great!
05/10/2018 Pimple time! Review by P'rol
Very lightweight!
Use this blade with long pimple. Excellent!
Just need a very fast rubber on other side to support attack.
16/08/2017 Nice choice for beginners and modern defenders Review by Samuel Cacatian Jr
The head thickness is approx 4mm and the blade is very light. You might want to consider those when choosing rubbers. I got a 60g and they said it was the heaviest they have in stock back when I ordered. ST handle is 24*28*100 so it was not bad. The fibre glass in the blade gives it quite a sharp feeling. Or i may be wrong. The feeling makes it easier for me to control the ball and gives me confidence that I can attack with it; despite being a def blade.
10/04/2014 Good blade for playing defensive game. Review by Gurcharn Rehill
An experienced player can attack easily against this blade.
TSP Black Balsa 3.0