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Tibhar Szocs Signature 1

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
This 7-ply all-wood blade is the perfect choice for an aggressive and powerful game at the table. The combination of hard inner wood and softer outer veneers makes it also perfect for playing at the half distance.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

29/06/2023 Thinner clipper - more flex/less stiff Review by Zane Cundiff
Good blade for looping with. Mild flex with every hit and stiffens up only on very hard shots and tends to overshoot.
Gear range is 5-20 and little less forgiving in terms of speed style, it will definitely slow you game down if you don’t actively do any shots, even when others are attacking hard.
Solid OFF- to OFF. Feels muted but more solid than Infinity VPS or Acoustic. It’s like a version between a Hurricane Long 3 and PG-7.
Stiffness between both and control is better but definitely slower. Didn’t work well with MX-S 2.0.
Worked well in tandem with DHS H3 NEO, Rasanter 50, R42 and Skyline 2 Provincial.
Didn’t seem to work with soft top-sheet rubbers with that click a lot.
Serve, receive and open are good and long mid high arc with most shots, passive or active.
Counter looping was average, not as good as a clipper due to extra flex but very easy to continue looping through people.
26/12/2022 26.12.2022 Review by Michał
Very nice control, but when you hit harder there is power. I recommend
08/07/2022 Really good Review by F. Hancock
Excellent blade speed and feel, very well suited for my ability.
09/02/2022 An excellent "Do it All" Blade Review by SK Rizve Hasan
It's an excellent blade. Lightweight with enough power from mid-distance rally. Loops really well and flat hits are also possible. I am playing with this blade and kept the XIOM AZXi in the box as this blade goes well with my play style. To me, it's a powerful and nicely designed Yasaka Sweden Extra as I had played with that blade too.

03/02/2022 Excellent blade Review by Jay
Bernadette Szocs is one of my favorite players and it is amazing to have one of her products. The blade has a nice flex to it. I can use it for close-to-the-table shots and from farther away with ease. I'd highly recommend it for players that are working towards using rubber with more speed. The blade is all wood so it has a nice feel.
05/05/2021 Controlled offensive 7ply Review by leon siu
This is a very good blade.
It has lots of flex for a 7ply Clipper-like construction.
You can really feel the ball and therefore have control.
I use Fastarc G1 on FH, and H3 37 on BH.
It’s a solid 9/10.
24/01/2021 Extremely Good Wood Blade Review by BEN TAN
I found this to be an extremely good all-wood blade. I have other all-wood Balsa 8.5 and clippers, and carbon blades... I initially wanted this to be a spare all-wood blade for training purposes and I wanted to change to an ST handle. It looks good and the price is affordable so I got this. Now I like it very much. The feel is firm and stable, very fast in its own way and very good also in control. I matched it with Fastarc G1 for FH and Victas 07 sticky extra for BH. Both are very responsive rubbers with lots of spin and fast. playing with this blade now is so wonderful.
Tibhar Szocs Signature 1