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Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.7
The small brother of the Samsonov Force Pro blade; Vladi Samsonov, our multiple European and World Cup champion personally tested the prototype and said: “you can really feel each ball on the blade, no matter if you hit it hard or slow”. It features excellent speed and is supported with good acceleration. Perfect for players who prefer sensation, speed and spin.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

03/08/2022 Top product Review by Vladislav Cicvaric
Very good job
21/06/2022 Excellent Review by Ardak
I agree that this blade doesn't shine at some strokes, but does every stroke well. It has less dwell compared to stiga clipper wood which makes the Tibhar blade less sensitive to incoming spin. But stiga clipper loops better because of more dwell. And clipper is more spinny but less controlled. It is a bestseller in TT11, so I gave it a try. Understand why it is a bestseller because it is an excellent blade for such a price.
17/04/2022 excellent Review by Kenneth Yan
One of the best wood blades. I own both ST and FL handles, I prefer FL (thinner).
Good speed with a lot of feels.
05/04/2022 Very good Review by Sahad Miah
Nice blade, very close to stiga clipper 95%. Highly recommended blade, the flared handle is decent size not too bulky as others said.
29/03/2022 Excellent Review by Jari Seppala
Nice all wood blade, only that handle is a little too thin for me.
28/10/2021 Very nice blade Review by Mihai Claudiu Capatina
Very nice and controllable blade. The handle is a bit bigger than normal but perfect for my hand.
06/09/2021 very good Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
Used by many pros! the price is out of this world, I recommend it for any offensive player that cant buy a USD 170 blade.
24/06/2021 Looping machine Review by Ouchy
Good flex, good speed, good control. Looping machine....
09/06/2021 I liked it a lot Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
One of the best-balanced paddles, a lot of feeling, good flexibility, excellent, although I prefer the Acoustic LG, they are on a similar level.
21/05/2021 feeling and quality Review by Marcos GG
One of the best blades I know; keep in mind you will need a heavier one to be more offensive.
06/04/2021 Excellent feeling Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
One of the best blades I ever tried, great for stroke development and for offensive players. Maybe not too good for counter-looping or playing far from the table.
15/01/2021 Fantastic blade Review by EricZ
Not much vibration but It has a good ball feeling. I have been using it for three weeks and really enjoy it.
14/08/2020 Обязательно иметь в коллекции Review by ANDREY ROZOV
Основание, которое полезно иметь в личной коллекции. Играю с Nittaku Fastarc G-1 с двух сторон. Вес 88 гр. Гармония полная. Золотая середина основных параметров. Удобная анатомическая ручка. Линейность сборки заставляет играть с классической полной амплитудой движения. Часть тренировки по отработке элементов не выпускаю из рук. PRIMORAC CARBON играю только на счет и только в хорошем тонусе, иначе куча ошибок.
27/04/2020 Dimas Review by Nikolay(inn027720047199) Rubets
Основание хорошее контрольное off. С лева стоят длинные шипы baterfly feint на ох. С права ysaka rakza p.o нлберите толщину 2.0 лучше прожимает доска.
14/04/2020 12/4/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
Same as Stiga clipper CR, price cheap.
22/01/2020 Excellent Review by Ashish Mohan
18/01/2020 Does not shine at anything but it does everything right. Review by ANASTASIOS TASIONAS
First of all, I found that this blade is not super fast but somewhere between Alll+ and Off-. Also, the dwell time is not fast but it gives you the time to create the spin you need. Probably it would be better (in terms of creating spin) if the second layer was limba and not ayous. The control is superb as you actually feel the exact contact point of the ball in the blade. It gives you plenty of information to correct your strokes and to improve your movements but also you can use it under the pressure of tournament matches. I found the handle is comfortable, although, for my standards, I prefer it a little bit thicker, especially in the neck (I order the flare version and maybe the strait version is better). I can live with that. On the downside, I found it a little bit heavy as I pair it with two Donic Barracuda, so I can generate a little bit more spin.
I recommend this blade to intermediate players who want to improve their movements or for players with a lot of time away from the table. With a Hurricane III rubber, it would be the perfect blade for exercise.
Finally, this is a blade that does not shine at anything but it does everything right.
26/10/2019 Идеальный выбор Review by lev avruskin
Идеальный выбор за эти деньги , да и не в деньгах дело. Очень контрольное дерево , перешёл на него после Фрейташ Бат. Полет нормальный
08/10/2019 76 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Una de las mejores madera muy buen control y excelente velocidad.
11/09/2019 on the bulky side Review by Farzad Kassam
Great blade for its price, but the handle and ply thickness can be an issue if you are used to more compact blades. It does have good playing characteristics especially with control and blocking however to get the power out of it on drives and smashes can be a learning curve compared to carbon blades. I rate assuming you don't have an issue with the bulkiness.
05/09/2019 Love it Review by vin
I prefer heavy paddles and this fits right in. Very, very comfy playing and will definitely consider purchasing again.
09/08/2019 106 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Una de las mejores maderas que exiten en esta tienda
01/08/2019 Very good Review by Ralph
Very well made blade.goes perfect with MXP on both wings.
I would say ALL+ blade and does its job in all areas.
23/07/2019 It looks good Review by Umar Butt
It looks good but I don't use it due to a busy schedule.
28/05/2019 Very good Review by Eralf Deda
Very well balanced blade and it pairs well with almost any rubber I have tried on it.
26/05/2019 Best blade for the money! Review by Bayu Sampurno
I've got the anatomic handle that fits perfectly in my hand. I pair it with the MX-P 47 on my BH and the MX-P 50 on my FH, which is the perfect combination for my attacking style (I believe V. Samsonov used this combination). Speed, vibration, and control are good. A bit head heavy, which is good for me. Best blade for your money, you won't regret it!
17/04/2019 Excellent purchase Review by Aashish SIngh Chouhan
Great combination with DHS Gold Arc and Rakza 7.
10/04/2019 You cant ask more for this price Review by Eralf Deda
I bought this for a friend and have tried it several times.
It feels good in your hand and very well balanced.
Great for blocking and makes very secure attacks.
Paired with Yasaka Mark V on both sides and it goes perfectly. Great combo to inprove technique. It should go very well also with other rubbers.
TT11 still best in this bussines!
20/03/2019 It's really good. Review by Luka Konecnik
It's really good for a low spin or a top spin. It's heavy in the back which makes it really good.
26/02/2019 싸고 좋은 블레이드. cheap and good! Review by Gyejin Lee
합판임에도 불구하고 웬만한 카본 블레이드 만큼 잘 나가고 품질이 굉장히 좋습니다. 거기에 그립감도 좋으며 가격까지 싼 블레이드입니다. 탁구 초심자에게 추천하기 딱 좋은 블레이드입니다.
this blade is very fast. even though it's plywood. and it's very good quality. It's a blade that has a good grip. It's the perfect blade to recommend to beginners of table tennis.
24/01/2019 Good Review by Abu Hena Mostafa Belal
06/01/2019 Great Review by Andrea Cork
A bit on the heavy side, could be the MX-P rubbers but for the boyfriend's brother, he loves it so far as a flat hitter.
13/12/2018 Marco perfecto para jugadores intermedios y avanzados Review by DAVID HESSLING
Todo lo bueno que se dice sobre este marco es exacto, mi marco pesa 89gr y vengo de usar un Viscaria, decidí cambiar a un marco ligeramente menos rápido y con más control, hice muy bien en elegir el Force Pro B. E., excelente para usar con gomas duras o medio duras, tengo una goma Xiom Omega V Asia para el drive y una mxp para revés. Todavía sigo entrenando para mejorar la técnica y este marco me está ayudando bastante, el tiempo dirá cuando podré controlar mejor una con laminas de carbono.
15/11/2018 Best all wood Review by Amit Aisikowitz
This is one of the best all wood blades out there.
The choise of rubbers is very important. After trying many many rubbers on it, I found the best combination to be Donic Bluestorm Z3 on the forehand, and Donic Bluestorm Z1 on the backhand. It makes it a monster.
24/10/2018 TopSpin, Loop, Flat hits, Chop & Block WoW!!! Review by R&M
This Ply is doing wonders, what a control it has got. The top spin shots are just amazing. Blocks are very easy and smooth. I have put DHS Hurricane NEO 3 on FH and RAKZA 7 on BH what a combination, since the blade has got some flex properties hard rubbers are suiting really well and the same time using european style of rubbers are good too. Happy to have this blade.
25/09/2018 Great blade Review by Amir Hanna
It is a really good blade with good control.
06/08/2018 Прекрасное основание за небольшие деньги Review by Eugeny
Очень комфортная игра. Контроля и скорости предостаточно. Качество изготовление отличное. Рекомендую.
27/07/2018 Nice Blade 7plys Review by Tiziano
Nice blade with soft touch in short game. I consider it Off-. Great grip handle in big hand. Good for all/off players cause you can do everything with this blade.
Nice intermediate level of blade.
14/06/2018 Good blade, but not top class. Review by Hon Kau Ip
It is good workmanship. The blade just average and not a outstanding blade. Price is good!
05/06/2018 Very Nice Blade Review by K TRAN
I already have two bats, but could not resist the temptation of buying this beautiful blade when I saw it was on sale. I had to buy it and it's still sitting in the box in my cabinet at home. It will be my future bat next year.
21/05/2018 Good Review by Krug
Very good quality 7ply blade. Same feeling and construction to clipper wood with much better handle, better feeling. Good for loopers and hard hitters as well.
13/05/2018 Incredible blade. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
I'm an engineer, and I play for fun. I do have some technical background on table tennis, specially cause I hang around with proffesionals.

That being said, I've waited 9months to write this review. I come from Arylate and Aramid Carbon blades, and I was looking for more feeling, little less speed, and more dwell time, thus increasing control.

This blade is a perfect mixture of power, feeling, and control. You almost don't sacrifice any speed, but you gain a huge amount dwell time, and that forces you to complete your strokes, and hit the ball right. This basically fixed my technique.

It's a bulky blade, the grip is thick, and the 7 layers really come with some weight. But for God's sake, the feeling is superb, and it will give you all the power you need if you hit it right. (Arylate and Aramid will give you power wether you hit it well or not).

With this blade, it matters. So, if you don't have the patience to work on your strokes, keep your Arylate blades. But hey, have you seen the price of this blade??? Tibhar just hit a grand slam with this blade. Enjoy!
12/04/2018 It is a really good blade for me. Review by choi hong hyuk
Very nice good blade for me.
12/04/2018 It is a really good blade for me. Review by choi hong hyuk
It is a really good blade for me.
06/04/2018 Very good 7 ply blade Review by Chetan Devadurga
It's been almost more than month that I am playing with this. The feel of the blade is too good. Controlling aspect is very nice. Excellent price for a 7 ply blade.
30/01/2018 Good choice for beginner!! Review by Bongju Lee
Great quality.
27/01/2018 nice blade Review by Nayan Kumar Solanki
I've used this blade since 2 months. Nice shape handle and easy to change to backhand. Playing backhand with this blade is very fast. I have red side Yasaka Valmo on forehand and black side Victas Stif on the back hand. Very useful for those who play inside the table. Sound is soft and woody..overall nice blade for all.
06/01/2018 A fast All wood blade Review by Abhirup Bose
If someone wants an all wood do it all blade then this blade is one of them. It boasts enough power, throw and control for that. Though it's feel is a bit soft and if you want harder option then original force pro is there. Nice and comfortable handle. A really good blade overall.
25/12/2017 Excellent blade Review by Chinh Le
High quality blade. Excellent all wood blade. Solid. Fairly fast with good controls. Excellent price from excellent vendor. Recommended for most types of players.
27/11/2017 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
89.3 г, 157х151х6.9 мм, очень похожа на CLIPPER , только чуть медленнее и баланс смещен немного в голову, с тяжелыми накладками играть становиться сложно, нужна хорошая физподготовка.
16/11/2017 Great quality blade from Tibhar Review by Alexandr Myroshnychenko
Great 7 ply offensive blade. This blade is a clipper type. If you like Stiga Clipper blade variation but feel it to hard, try this baby from Tibhar. It feels little softer than Clipper and had more control, little more dwell and. I recommend this blade if you like wood feel, but not enough power of 5 ply or feel to hard carbon blade. My blade FL handle weight 90g. Play great with europe type tensors and with chinese tacky rubber.
Another big thanks for tabletennis11 for great service. Thank you guys and good luck.
06/11/2017 Excellent Review by FESIH TOPDEMIR
Excellent blade thanks a lot tt11 family
02/10/2017 Very good blade Review by Son Tran
Decent speed, very controllable, very good for close and mid- distant attacks. Just a little dull feel and sound compared with Stiga Rosewood. Consider its price, Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition is the best valuable blade on the market. I pair this beautiful and light blade with Joola Maxxx 500, the result exceeds my expectation
My ratings:
Speed: 9.1. control: 9.3. Stiffness: nearly stiff. Feel and sound: average
21/09/2017 One of the best all wood blades Review by Arman Zhumagaliyev
I bought several blades for our club members. Their fees back is positive. They like this blade very much. Great service from TT11 team.
11/09/2017 My go to blade for beginner recommendation Review by Homa Wong
Well balanced, fast but not sacrificing control.
Great blade for beginners.
Can pair with many different rubbers: H3, H8, Airloc, Alhelg, Rakza, etc.
17/08/2017 Great Blade Review by Juergen Kurras
Price and quality is excellent.
13/07/2017 Excellent first custom blade Review by John
This is my first custom set up. I have this blade paired with Evolution MX-P rubbers on both sides. The handle is superb (I have larger palms and short fingers, so some handles I've tried can be uncomfortable). Nice large sweet spot. It was tough keeping the ball on the table when I first transitioned, but now I'm 8 weeks into this blade and feeling very confident with ball placement.
27/06/2017 Likeable paddle - close to my Viscaria but cheaper Review by Magnus Wiklund
Since I wanted to explore new rubbers I bought a Samsonov to alternate with my Viscaria blade; so now I have two paddles of each and can compare how they match with two versions of rubbers. The fit and finish of Samsonov paddle is excellent. Nicely rounded bat from the factory - with Viscaria you have to sand the edge yourself to not cut too deep in your hand; just a nice detail! I think they perform pretty similar. I can easily switch between them with minimal adjustments. If price is an factor the Samsonov paddle is a deal hard to beat.
18/03/2017 Almost perfect blade Review by Shea
This was my first custom paddle and I was very pleased. I recently purchased a Stiga premade blade and was upset by the handle, so purchasing this made me nervous as I couldn't feel the handle ahead of purchasing. I purchased the flared handle and it felt pretty thick and fit my hand well (6' 1" tall, average hand size). While my overall paddle was heavier than premade blades I didn't find it too heavy where I lost points due to arm/wrist fatigue faster than usual.

My only gripe is the exposed wood near the bottom of the paddle where the wood and handle meet. When I hit a backhand against slow to medium speed balls with heavy top spin the ball flies off the table with almost hand speed of return. The issue is the angle of the paddle needed to return the ball. Due to the heavy top spin I need an excessively closed backhand angle, but the wood near the handle jams into my hand. The adjustment is quick if I find it in warm ups, but a pain making in game adjustments. I really have to turn my wrist to make the shot.
08/03/2017 it was for my dad Review by Aurelio Gutierrez
He loved it. For me I still need more speed
07/03/2017 Good price. Review by Fai Cho
Slow than I expected, ...possible is the combination of my rubber. Good control. It still a good blade for this price. Fast delivered.
07/02/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
ocen xorosho igraet s nakladkami tibhar evolution mx-s
27/12/2016 Excellent Review by Gary S.
This is most likely one of the best blades
with such good quality and reasonable price.
28/11/2016 Very Good Blade with very high CP ! Review by Mark Cheung
No doubt it's an excellent blade with power and control. I paired this FH with KTL Red Diamond and BH with Pailo Hidden Dragon. The performance is good and fulfilled. Beside, the workmanship is very good despite it is not an expensive model from Tibhar. Highly recommended !
19/11/2016 It is good blade for the beginners. Review by LINBO ZHOU
Even this blade is not reach my expectation, it is still a good blade for the beginners. My wife likes it.
13/07/2016 Best Review by LEVENT
This blade is a very good mixture of control and power
07/07/2016 性价比很高 Review by Peng Sun
21/06/2016 性价比高 Review by shen jie
13/04/2016 性价比很高 Review by guilei xu
29/01/2016 good to new Poly-ball Review by Chengbin Huang
1. good to new Poly-ball than the blue edition
2. clear hand feeling
3. stable style
4. powerful force
21/01/2016 性价比很高 Review by Zuo lei
01/12/2015 very good blade Review by voice83
nice touch great speed big handel,recommended
16/11/2015 The top among 7ply Review by Steven Lee
Among all the 7ply of this configuration, this blade is top notch!
27/10/2015 Good blade Review by ITTF2400
Good blade for all rounders, excellent control, long dwell, medium speed and above average throw angle.
21/10/2015 Great Review by Andrei Zakharyashchau
17/08/2015 very good. Review by choi hong hyuk
Table tennis coach said.

The best of my life The ball flew deeper and deeper in its beautiful.

Belongs to my table tennis club, like all.

Providing sufficient so repulsive force

01/08/2015 Great off blade Review by Stratos Petropoulos
I had some issues at first with this blade but tt11 helped me out.Anyways, I was thinking about keep it for my collection and no play with it at the beggining.But I got convinced to play with it and it became my first blade.It is excellent blade and it matches perfectly with tenergies.It lifts very easily the ball from backspin, great in topspin to topspin, very precise in short game and perfect block.At first I played it with evolution rubbers and blocking was not very good I have to say, but with tenergies it became a block machine.That's why I believe that it perfectly matches with tenergies more than other rubbers.
12/07/2015 控制更好的萨姆超能 Review by 弗雷德徐
03/06/2015 Good blade Review by tae-young kim
very good blade.
21/05/2015 Better than Clipper Review by MG
i like 7 layers blades because of the speed and control. i used Clipper CR, Ludeack, Challenge Speed and this. Black edition is less speed than and more controllable other 7 layers blades.
(But, it has enough power, so i don't mind it.) Also, Black edition is really good for blocking.
20/05/2015 Black edition Review by Jan Bogdan
Very good blade, fast with good control and feeling.
19/04/2015 very good blade. Review by tae-young
Feel so good.
24/12/2014 Good Review by Dylan
Better quality than the original Force Pro, and more powerful as well. Love the blocks and it looks beautiful!
18/12/2014 WONDERFUL Review by JET
The blade is wonderful. The wood grain is clear and straight. This is what I want, but the logistics speed is really quite slow.

11/12/2014 Very good Review by Pang
Very good
11/12/2014 Like it very much Review by Wei Pang
Good speed, good control. For players that find the perfect balance between faster attack and aggressive bloks!
01/12/2014 Very good blade Review by Hoang Trinh
It is better than Xiom Solo, the solo is a bit slower. This Samonow Force Pro Black Edition is great for looping, smashing, or blocking. I like the ST handle.
26/11/2014 GREAT Review by JET
24/11/2014 Amazing! Review by Eric
I played Force Pro before, excellent control, but the speed seems not very good, so I try the black edition. It doest it! Without losing the great feeling of the original Force Pro, it adds speed! I have quite a lots of blades, yet the black edition beats many that worth 100 euro.
I can rely on the Force Pro for superb blocking, now with the black edition, even the power!
Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition