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Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6
TIBHAR SAMSONOV FORCE PRO. This is the newly designed blade for the multiple European Champion and World Cup winner Vladimir Samsonov. His requirements were to have impressive and varied speed reserves whilst still retaining excellent ball control. After numerous compositions of different wood types he settled on the FORCE PRO design. Its perceptible power, balanced touch allows a great deal more force to be distributed into the shot. High performance blade for offensive players.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/02/2019 Thank you Review by Irakli Alasania
I.m happy
11/02/2019 K 55 Review by Bill Petrovic
Good job!
22/02/2018 Good Review by Sergey Hein
Отличное качество, очень удобная ручка. Мой экземпляр 91 г и для меня тяжеловат. Основа жесткая, быстрая (off-off+) с минимальными вибрациями. Из накладок лучше всего играет с серией Evo, с Vega pro мне не очень понравилось. Смеш, блок очень хорошо, для топспинов на мой взгляд не самый оптимальный вариант. Кто любит мягко накручивать лучше подойдёт пятислойка. А в остальном отличная основа.
13/01/2017 True OFF- blade Review by Yuri Onufriychuk
SAMSONOV FORCE PRO - is True OFF- blade. Shines on serves, top spins, pushes. Very good near the table and mid distance. Need to get more of your own power from far away, and there are better blocking blades. But if you are top-spinner and counter-looper - this one is perfect!
09/11/2016 完美 Review by 一颗米
13/10/2016 Excellent blade. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
This is an excellent wood blade... Really powerful, really balanced; very versatile. I bought it for my brother at first, I use Arylate Carbon blades, but this one really caught my attention.
I'm actually buying a black one to test rubbers. Excellent product!
05/10/2016 very good quality Review by facundo carignano
excelent combination with evolution mx-p for forehand and fx-p for backhand
04/10/2015 Above average blade Review by Berj Nercessian
Overall, I like this blade. It has a good feeling about it. The only drawback is that, the blade is soft and the ball doesn't bounce faster. You need to push the ball.
03/09/2015 Un poco pesada pero... Review by Fernando Torres
Anteriormente usaba una Adidas Fibertec Extreme, que por tener carbono es muy ligera y con buena sensación del mango. Me está costando adaptarme, ya que si bien es más contundente y ayuda a golpear con más seguridad, las sensaciones del mango son más toscas y luego de un par de horas de práctica, la muñeca resiente el peso de la madera.
12/07/2015 代替CL的底板 Review by 弗雷德徐
19/05/2015 A++++++++++++ Review by Sungwook Oh
Excellent Performance & Good price..

I will recommend this blade for all table tennis fan~
15/05/2015 Great feel! Review by Mataya Seto
The all wood racket is quite excellent in terms of feel. Speed wise is decent for 40+ balls. Pair with MX-P rubbers and immediately up your gameplay.
05/03/2015 Great Blade Review by Rodrigo
This blade offers good possibilities for combining offensive game with a nice touch and allowing Variations in the game. It works well in the short and medium distance game. Very good choice for offensive players who do not want to neglect the control. Hard and medium hard rubbers can suitably be used in this blade. Very good service TT11 concern is noted on the packaging. The product arrives at its destination in perfect condition. congratulations
12/09/2014 very comfortable Review by Jack Dong
very good feeling when attack or defend...
26/06/2014 Good Review by Dylan
a very powerful blade with good price
26/03/2014 Great Blade Review by Rodrigo
Good speed, good control. For players that find the perfect balance between faster attack and aggressive bloks!
27/01/2014 Good price and good blade. Review by John Ma
Good price and good blade.
Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro