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Tibhar Nimbus Off

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Number of Layers : 6
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 6.9
This 6 layered- offensive blade has a soft ,even and high speed feeling controlled. It is very well suited for the modern attacking game with all possible spin variations, but also hard, straight block balls. It blends very well with the soft to medium hard-Nimbus coverings. The special coating protects the outer plies wood, removing the plaque and thereby the remaining glue residue.

Customer Reviews

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01/07/2019 4 Review by Alexandr Krutianskiy
Мне очень понравилась эта основа, это основание уже ближе к хорошему любителю, контроль сумасшедший, но большая вибрация в руку.
17/09/2017 Nice rubber Review by John Nuttall
Great rubbers. Suits my game nicely as i love to use spin and deception to win points and just enough tacky to keep control. Not too fast that blocking cannot be controled and a great feel on the ball. Feels like the ball is soaked up slightly into the rubber before releasing it beautifully.
Best rubber i have ever had.
28/07/2015 Much worth for this price Review by Sammy
Thank you again tabletennis11 for issuing quality products at a reasonable price with very fast delivery as well. Extremely satisfied.
06/01/2014 good value for money Review by PETER LEE
in a word, good value for money
Tibhar Nimbus Off