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Tibhar IV-L Balsa

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Number of Layers : 6
approximate weight (g) : 70
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 6.8
The IV-L Balsa has principally been designed for players who are looking for good ball contact and plenty of control. The outer layers are made of Ayous wood, which is both soft and fast and allows for a large variety of active and passive strokes. The core this allround blade is constructed with Balsa, making it very light with exceptional touch.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/09/2019 Хорошее Review by Bokhodirjon Mirjalolov
Мягкое, контрольное. Балса этим наверное все сказано.
16/08/2019 Отлично Review by Bokhodirjon Mirjalolov
Легкость и контроль - вот как можно ее охарактеризовать.
24/07/2019 Excellent paddle Review by Ricardo 'ody' Sevilla
Good control and easy to use!
08/12/2018 Excellent all-wood, all-round balsa blade. Review by Nicholas Kalfas
Many have commented on how nice this blade feels in the hand: handle and weight distribution are perfect. I rate the speed of this blade as "all" to "all+", so control is its strong feature, while the blade's lightness allows for fast, nimble attacking strokes which can surprisingly really pack a punch! Probably best suited to close to medium distance from the table players. Blade is nice and rigid thanks to harder outer plies (no annoying vibrations) but soft balsa core nevertheless allows for exceptionally strong feedback. Hard outer and soft inner plies perfectly compliment Euro or Chinese rubbers respectively. Do not expect the super-large sweet spot of heavier, non-balsa blades, but the sweet spot is still more than sufficient. Though arguably not the most "potent" blade out there, this has still become my trusty and consistent "go to" blade when I absolutely cannot afford to lose unnecessary easy points..
14/09/2017 excellent paddle Review by steven robertson
i had tried a balsa wood before but found it too fast (8.5) this is perfect , I can look at a spot to aim the ball and no matter what speed and spin is on it this paddle helps me replace it where i want to. Its light easy to manouver and controllable, love it.
04/09/2017 Good balsa defense wood Review by Igal Onik
Like the old good TT Master wood.
Light and soft.
27/12/2016 Very light all around blade Review by Christian Tomyn
Super light blade, great for women players and kids. Lacks from far away from the table but I'm guessing anyone who's good enough for that would start clear from this paddle to begin with. Great with mark v(or rubbers similar) in 2.0 on both sides. Great beginner blade.
25/07/2016 Wonderful! Review by Florin Nazare
Excellent product quality very good price Thank table tennis
30/06/2015 10 Review by Ruslan Zhakashev
Очень легкое основание! При весе всего 70 гр. позволяет возможность больше работать кистью. Само собой при тренировке, при отработке повторяющихся элементов техники продолжительность выполнения увеличивается в разы, меньше устаешь. Возрастает реакция на мяч. Чувство мяча очень хорошее. Обладая этими преимуществами также есть и свой минусы. Заказывал с накладками friendship 729 super с обеих сторон. Получилось ракетка, как говорится "пахать и пахать". Очень требовательная к технике! Не довел движение, не обработал мяч как надо, все и мяч уже под сеткой. Соответственно при игре на счет начал больше проигрывать. Зато дало больше понимать приходящего вращения. Хотя играю всего год. Стиль игры активный, нападающий. В целом ракетка понравилась. Может с другими накладками будет легче зарабатывать очки. Но в данном случае как и говорил требует хорошего уровня техники.
26/05/2015 waiting for some more... Review by Alexandre Fonseca
top. I want to buy some more and maybe I will forget all order because some of the other things that I want are in weekly special but tabletennis11 didn't have fl handle - concave. I wanted it so much that I think I will not order the other stuff....
17/12/2013 nice blade Review by Boris Salaj
This is my first custom blade and i am very satisfied with it. Very light, handle is just perfect for my hand. Great control, no lack of speed
11/08/2013 Super Review by Philippe Rousseau
Tres bonne combinaison avec Rakza 7 soft
Tibhar IV-L Balsa