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Tibhar Hybrid MK

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Rubber type : inverted
This hybrid rubber was developed by Tibhar together with famous Japanese player, Kenta Matsudaira, with the idea that Kenta would play with this rubber. Being hybrid means that the rubber is slightly sticky. The unique advantage of this high-class rubber is that, while it is not hard (48 degrees) and is quite light, it produces a great amount of spin and speed.

Customer Reviews

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23/05/2023 very controllable rubber Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
It is a very controllable rubber, lower shooting angle than rakza z, less sticky, hardness 48º ESN or 37º China, that is, slightly softer than rakza z.
It is hybrid but it feels more European or Japanese.
Of all the similar rubbers I've tried, in the Bluegrip S1 style, it is perhaps the one that offers the best control. But it gives less spin than an H8-80 for example, and I think less ball speed on strong hits than a rakza z.
Either way, it allows me to play my game and hit all the subtle shots and deep cuts without getting the ball up too high.
18/05/2023 Consistent and linear Review by Juan Camilo Mora Zoppi
Disclaimer: the rubber is called hybrid but it has a topsheet that has absolutely no tackiness.

The main characteristic of this rubber is its soft topsheet and linear but elastic sponge. These give the rubber a very consistent behavior in all types of situations.

I personally use it on the backhand at 2.0. Before I used Tibhar EL-P and the MK seems to have another design philosophy from the evolution series. The main difference is the absence of the tensor effect that catapults balls even at low contact speeds. This makes the touch game superb as the control is maintained which is usually the weakness of european rubbers. The top sheet is somehow soft, very spinny, and not spin sensitive all at the same time. This makes the rubber great for receive, blocks are easy to control, and countertop requires just to swing and the ball goes in almost always. The high throw and good spin makes it good for open-ups and flicks. Overall it is a very safe rubber, with high throw and good spin. Its only weakness is far from the table play (at least for backhand) due to its lower speed. It is not a slow rubber, but if you like the speed of other ESN rubbers like Evolution then this would seem slow.
10/05/2023 Good, soft rubber with great control attributes Review by Elias Pierrakos
This is a good rubber. It is soft and delivers a nice feedback when driving and looping. The ball sinks in to the soft sponge and it can be easily placed in a controlled manner all around the table. Block, looping backspin and counter looping are very easy to perform. Keeping the ball short with backspin is a bit harder though, because the sponge is reactive. Hitting the ball hard and flat will produce enough speed to win the point.
This is not a tacky rubber though. I don't understand why it is marketed as a hybrid rubber.

The only drawback I've found is that the rubber is very subjectable to humidity. It can form a very thin layer of "goo" and then it becomes very slippery! In my club need to clean it all the time between points in order to have a grip! Other rubbers like Xiom Vega Europe do not have this issue under the same conditions! Very strange behavior!
Tibhar Hybrid MK