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Tibhar Fortino Pro Series

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.8
"The fastest blade among the TIBHAR SUPER STRONG SERIES. Thanks to a fabric made from carbon and Dyneema® fibres, ‘the world’s strongest fibre™’, this 7-ply wood provides good stability, vibrations are reduced to the minimum and the sweet spot increased. Offensive players who do not like compromises and need to make the most of their blade in all playing situations are guaranteed good ball-feedback. The high-end fabric of this FORTINO variant is located under the surface layers and permits a harder service and you can play dynamic topspins with more penetrative power. The high-end fibre comes into its own in a game of block and counter and the penetration power of your strokes is extraordinary. Especially with regard to the different plastic balls and needs the realization of this wood took very long. The result is a next-generation attack wood and an ideal solution for offensive players, not only in professional sports.

Customer Reviews

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29/09/2022 Excellent control and fast Review by Mario Fernando Coba Cisneros
Excellent control and fast
22/03/2022 Хорошая атака из любой зоны Review by Eugene Kozhukhov
Несмотря на толщину 6,4 мм и карбон на внешнем слое основание вполне контрольное и информативное и не супержесткое как, скажем, Joola Vyzaryz. Хотя и не такое мягкое как Stiga Dynasty Carbon.
По скорости Тибхар быстрее Стиги и, наверно, пободрее Timo Boll ALC. По крайней мере издалека им можно приложить плотнее, чем Династией или Тимо Боллом. Но и в короткой игре Fortino Pro не ощущается тупым веслом.
Основание ведет себя линейно и предсказуемо, без подхлеста. Дуга не слишком высокая. Баланс смещен несколько в лопасть, что лично мне нравится при игре издалека.
04/05/2020 Good Review by sean
Tibhar Fortino Pro Series