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Tibhar Fortino Performance


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Number of Layers : 7+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The offensive blade with the highest feel among the TIBHAR SUPER STRONG SERIES. This 9-ply offensive blade has power in any situation, but also an excellent ball-feedback thanks to its perfectly matched veneer combination. Thanks to the use of the high-end fabric made from a combination of carbon and Dyneema® fibres, ‚the world’s strongest fibre™', the sweet spot is increased, vibrations are reduced to the minimum and the necessary stability and dynamic are kept. The fabric was placed close to the core, so that this FORTINO variant is perfectly suited to modern table tennis sports, enhancing speed, catapult reserves and the necessary control. With pride we can say there is no other wood with this Setup currently on the market. A real innovation, a fibre-reinforced attack wood of the latest generation, consisting of 9 layers and still relatively light and with great touch – TIBHAR FORTINO suits the offensive game and puts the emphasis on punchy but controlled attacking games!

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

10/08/2022 Классный лезвия Review by Baxodir Kamalov
Дизайн этого основание вообще классно. Просто красавица
12/04/2022 Excellent Blade Review by Nurmukhammad Khamidov
Real Performant!!!
28/02/2022 Buen control y velocidad media, no muy rápida. Review by Alejandro Rubilar
Madero posee buen control aunque demoro un poco en acomodarse al madero, este no posee tanta velocidad pero si control cuando te acostumbras, puse una muy buena sensación al momento del impacto de la pelota el sonido cambia cuando le pegas de forma correcta y enganchar la pelota.
07/02/2020 Carbon Control Review by Tim B
I can highly recommend this blade after using it for the last two months. It is a slower, control-oriented 9 ply blade. It is not too bouncy or fast for over the table pushes and touch shots. But when you swing hard the Dyneema layers kick in and it has plenty of power. The blade is stiff, so for high-level loopers, you might want to look elsewhere. But, I am generating good spin. I am using Andro Rasanter 53 on the FH which seems to be a perfect match for this blade.
08/01/2020 Excellent Review by Quyet Ngo Tien
Control, spin, and feel are very good compared with others.
09/09/2019 Excellent Blade Review by ITTF2400
Very good in all aspects of the game. Control, spin, and feel is very good compared with other quality brand blades.
09/07/2019 Blade worth trying Review by Alexander Valyugin
I was initially attracted by the blade 7+2 composition and a new (not so new, actually the fiber was invented in the early 90s) fiber called Dyneema.

There are not too many blades with 7+2 inner layer composition on the market. Xiom Zetro Quad is one of them, so I was eager to compare it to the Fortino. The ZQ is an awesome blade, but it has some downsides for me.

And I must say, I was surprised in a good way by what the Fortino is.

First of all, I can say the build quality is OK (the blade is made in Slovenia). I didn't notice any problems with my blade, but I couldn't say it was extremely well finished or fine-grained either. The quality is good, with no splintering when regluing.

The composition of this blade is interesting the central core is balsa wood. I know many people like balsa and the other half hate it. I've never played with a balsa blade, so I cannot judge. But I gave the blade to the one who normally dislikes the balsa and he liked Fortino nevertheless.

Coming to playing characteristics. I've tried this one with MX-P and EL-S.

Can't-go-wrong combo, I must say. The racket is light, not head heavy at all (or just a bit). The blade itself was 85g, but normally you can expect lighter samples.

The first thing I've noticed when playing is how effortless my game became. I don't know how Tibhar made this.

But what Tibhar says "With pride we can say there is no other wood with this Setup currently on the market. A real innovation" I confirm it's true.

My impressions were a sum of Feel + Power + Spin + Control:

- Feel. The feel of the blade is great. The blade is bouncy but it still has the good dwell time, I don't know how they made it :-)

- Power. The blade possess absolute control but still you won't feel the lack of power in any situation. I don't know how they made it :-)

- Spin. The blade makes you feel like you absolutely ignore or absorb the incoming spin, however you still can impose a great spin in your stroke. The receive is easy and the serve is great.

- Control. You may play an allround game or an offensive game. You feel absolute control in any situation close or far from the table. This blade supports you.

Overall you must get it right it's not a top end attacking blade (look for Fortino Pro if you want one) and not the most controllable.

But I can't think of any other blade that is such easy to use and still has such power.

I caught myself that I cannot name any major weakness of this blade, really wierd but true.

I've tried all table tennis elements from flat hit to top spin, from push to banana flick and the blade doesn't fail in any of these.

Regarding ZQ comparison. ZQ is harder to use overall due to it's a big portion of non linear behaviour.

ZQ seems to have more power at full strokes. Flat hits are somewhat worse with ZQ.

It's more challenging to play safely with ZQ closer to the table.

Summary if your style is playing mid - far from the table with top spins you may prefer ZQ.

If you want to play safely from any distance and more often play close to mid range then your choice is Fortino.

And finally it's a must try blade, you'll love it.
Tibhar Fortino Performance