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Tibhar Force Pro Special Edition

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6
The Force Pro Special Edition is a TableTennis11 EXCLUSIVE item. This blade takes the beloved Force Pro Black Edition and offers a newer, thinner, and lighter handle. This handle slims down the beefier handle found on the Black Edition and redistributes the balance of the blade closer to the head. This ultimately results in an increase in spin and feeling. This blade is an excellent choice for players looking for controlled power.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

01/04/2022 Comfortable handle Review by Ouchy
The handle reminds me of Viscaria. Fitted very well in my palm. The feeling is improved.
11/02/2022 Lots of control enough speed! Review by Jean J. Rudolph Bertin
Was expecting more speed from a 7-ply blade! It seems more control-oriented!
07/01/2021 Nothing special Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
Not for topspins. For flat hitters. Stiga Clipper has better control and feeling.
20/10/2020 Suit me well Review by Bayu Sampurno
I've got the Samsonov Pro Black Edition, it's a good bat but the ANAT handle a bit bulky. This special edition has very similar characteristics, but with a slimmer handle. I pair it with R48 on the bh side, and it suits me well.
19/03/2020 Отлично качество Review by Vano Azizyan
Хороший товар,только упаковка очень примитивная.
09/10/2019 Hidden Gem Review by TT Player
I have enjoyed playing with this blade for 10 months. Below are my observations.
I have a light blade ~79g by request. It is thinner than Ludeack which was reported 6.5mm. The Black edition was reported 6.6 and 6.7mm. I don't know if Special edition is normally thinner than Black, or it is due to batch-to-batch variation or if I have a thick Ludeack. The handle is very comfortable. Possibly the most comfortable out of ~15 blades I've tried. I like to adjust my grip during play and the handle allows for an effortless transition. In some sense, I consider this blade somewhere in-between typical 5- and 7-ply blades because it is thin and light despite being 7-ply. It is not a topspin monster like some 5-ply blades but FH topspin is, nonetheless, very easy to execute. The ball placement is superb. For BH topspin I don't recommend rubber with low throw because the blade is low-throw already.
The blade feels very soft and has good dwell. Very easy to keep the ball low during the short game, very easy to block with. Even though it is very light, it feels steady during the play. I don't feel any strange vibrations that I get from several 5-ply blades, yet, I can really feel the ball. In summary, excellent OFF- blade that can do it all. I can't believe that the price is so low but I can live with that!
04/10/2019 Good Quality Review by Ricardo Compton
Very good design. Superb FL handle, exactly like the Viscaria, facilitate both backhand and forehand strokes.
Good dwell time, good feeling. Easy to spin the ball.
Tibhar Force Pro Special Edition