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Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50°

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Rubber type : inverted
The rubber surface of the MX-P 50 HARD version is identical to the rubber surface of the already familiar MX-P (47.5) which is famous for its incredible grip and extraordinarily high spin. Professional players have already had this high-performance harder sponge available to them and with the new generation of plastic balls setting in, this rubber is now available to all players. Professional players have had the choice between fine-pored and large-pored sponges. The original MX-P (47.5.) is large-pored but the fine-pored variation, MX-P 50 HARD is now available. This fine-pored version plays noticeably different with an increased forward and direct trajectory and speed.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

11/10/2019 A bit faster than regular MX-P. Review by Quang Vo
It less a bit spin but faster than regular MX-P in comparison. However, if you use it with a Viscaria or better with ZLC then probably it is powerful in attacking - that is my opinion. Thank you.
02/10/2019 Great rubber Review by Michael Baltaxe
Excellent speed and spin. Great for playing topspin. A bit difficult to deal with against underspin. Will order more.
26/09/2019 Good spin Review by Leung tony
Nice spin...but a little heavy.
18/09/2019 good Review by airdog29
14/09/2019 Very fast rubbers generates lot of spin on forehand and backhand loops. Review by STEVE YENPIKSANG
Very fast rubber, generates lots of spin on forehand and backhand loops.
06/09/2019 BUENA Review by Antonio T.
Es una goma potente y con mucho giro, únicamente pierde su efecto muy rápido, voy a probar con XIOM VII ASIA.
27/08/2019 Great backhand rubber !!! Review by CHRISTOS PANAYIOTOU
Great speed and spin. Recommended for aggressive play, paired with DHS Hurricane Long 5 on the backhand and I couldn't be happier.
23/08/2019 Tibhar Evolution MX-P Review by Syd Montgomery
This is a quality rubber. Very fast and spinny, with good control and Paul Drinkhall definitely uses this rubber at our club, so that should tell us all something.
15/08/2019 Technology has evolved and MX-P 50 Review by Alvato Roberts
I still own 20 sheets of Tenergy 80 FX and 10 sheets of 80. After trying MX-P 50, I am refusing to go back to Tenergy at all. Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50 has really great speed, spin, and control! Try it and make the switch today. Also, MX-P is great with bigger pimples. Let me know what you think. My rating is under 2000.
12/08/2019 Good for hard players Review by David Kim
I love this rubber with 50'. To begin with, it was kind of bouncy but after 2-3 days, it began to show its true characteristics.
It's an excellent rubber for a powerful and aggressive player.
More than anything, the price is fantastic. Why pay 70-80 for Te****.
06/08/2019 Good Review by Michael Barsky
15/07/2019 love it Review by thao hoang
I used the MX-P before this one came out. I tried the MX-P 50 when it first came out as a new product and as to this date, I don't want any other rubbers. I like this one more than Butterfly Ternergy 64, which cost twice as much.
11/07/2019 The best rubber for all professional player Review by Dung tien Nguyen
This is the best rubber I have been played as a professional, over 20 years.
A lot of spin. Very accurate to return or loop ball far from the table, even from 20 feet. I would like to recommend to
everybody who is a serious player.
Dung Nguyen tien
Vietnamese table tennis club in Montreal
09/07/2019 Faster, Improved MX-P Review by Amilcar Yip
I always liked this Japanese rubber. Different from all those ENS rubbers. And 50* hardness is perfect for boosting. Compared to the 50* ESN rubber, the MX-P is faster and harder. In my opinion, the regular MX-P 47* is the right rubber if you do not use boosting. Good durability. Recommended.
08/07/2019 Отличная накладка Review by Pavel Eliseenkov
Очень быстрая, катапультирует шар куда я не запланировал.
28/06/2019 love the speed and spin Review by thao hoang
I love this rubber. I used the regular MX-P before this and can see the improvement with this new rubber.
10/06/2019 great forehand rubber for softer woods Review by Robert Antal
This will work just fine on all soft blades where the carbon is shifted close to the core and has a soft (limba) veneer on the top like DHS Ma Long 5, Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner and others. Pair this with the regular 47 DEG MX-P on the backhand and you got yourself a looping weapon with great short game and spinni serves.
05/06/2019 проф резина Review by Dmitriy Gorbenko
Отличная резина для вращения, без бустера не пробовал, минус один - довольно тяжелая . С бустером 2 слоя в стандартном обрезе 53 - 55 гр
Скорость. вращение и контроль субьективно выше чем Т05.
26/05/2019 Very fast yet controlable rubber. Review by Bayu Sampurno
Very fast rubber, faster than the MX-P 47, also faster than the Rasanter 47 and the DHS GA8 in my opinion. I put it on the Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition on FH, and on BH is the normal version. More direct than the "normal" version, enough spin and control. I think V. Samsonov is using this rubber. As always, very good assembly shipment from TT11, thanks.
22/05/2019 High speed rubber Review by Nafiu Sani
The difference between the MX-P Evolution and the MX-P 50 is that this rubber has higher speed compared to the MX-P 47. Recommended for aggressive players and distance loopers. It has spin, speed, and control, especially outside the table. No regret. Simply is a hard rubber.
10/05/2019 Good speed Review by jhonny
The speed is so good abd it has nice control too.
Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50°