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Tibhar Evolution FX-S

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Rubber type : inverted
Evolution, the top of the line rubber series from TIBHAR. Evolution offers two different categories of rubber types to get the most out of your specific playing style; -S and -P. The Evolution -s line employs a unique rubber mixture resulting in a softer topsheet. A rubber of this caliber allows for better feedback. This results in even more potential to produce spin on the ball, more feeling for exact placement, and more control and safety on all of your strokes. This helps you hit those winning balls that will take you to the next level! Having the softest sponge of the Evolution -S rubbers, it provides the most stroke security among the entire Evolution series! Even with this considered, FX-S is not suitable for beginners as it has substantial potential for speed and is an advanced level rubber. FX-S is the way to go for players looking for controlled attack, exact placement, and good speed.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/05/2023 Good backhand rubber; do not recommend for forehand Review by Anton Tran
With the forehand it just did not work very well; but it was good for backhand
27/09/2022 Great service Review by Richard Burrell
Rubbers sent quickly, great service. Great rubber for the backhand. Slower than the MX and EL equivalents but allows more contact time and additional control.
26/09/2022 Great Product, Super Fast Delivery Review by Shakti
I received the product within 3 days of order placement, despite international shipment. The packing was excellent and the product was received in perfect condition. Thank you.
26/07/2022 Excellent Review by FH
A superb rubber, pairs very well with my Tibhar Soczs Signature 1 blade with an ST handle. Has a wide array of gears and can be used by most players regardless of ability.

14/04/2022 Great rubber Review by Richard B
Love this for my backhand. Fast, spiny, controllable and amazing sound when you hit it with power!
05/10/2021 Not bad Review by Massimo Fabbri
Not bad.
28/06/2021 kontrol çok iyi Review by fehmi yavuzer
Kontrol şut ve spin komple çok kaliteli lastik.
18/06/2021 Excellent backhand rubber, but on the heavier side Review by Anton Kukeste
Great backhand rubber for intermediate players. I've tried it in 2.0 sponge thickness, the catapult effect is quite pronounced. Good control, great spin, and plenty fast. Unfortunately a bit on the heavier side for a rubber of around 42 degrees on the ESN scale. The durability seems good, on par with other "soft" higher-end rubbers.
19/02/2019 Good quality, too slow for my game Review by Nathan Crabtree
Good quality rubber I tried on my BH. Excellent control but not good if you want to attack from your BH. Opponents commented on how much easier it was to return shots with this compared with EL-P. Will stick to faster rubbers to my game
18/02/2019 good rubber fo Review by Nikolay
After long period of seeking rubber for BH, I found what is suited for me. With Peter Korbel I can do top spin meny times. I am thinking to try it rubber with Nittaku Acoustic
15/02/2019 Like It Review by MIKE FITZPATRICK
Use on my backhand, good control with plenty of speed to hit winners
12/04/2018 Not the best in evolution series Review by Mark Hendricks
I went with MX-P on forehand and MX-S on backhand. MX-P is my new favorite rubber, however I found the MX-S to be slightly harder to produce effective flicks and slower spinny shots. The rubber was consistent for faster hits and less spiny loops.
10/10/2017 Strange rubber to me Review by Owen Lee
This rubber didn't work well for me. I tried it on carbon blades as well as stiff and flexy 7 ply all woods. The rubber just seems a little inconsistent in my hands.

It domed up like speedglue was used. It bounced fast on slow pushes, but bottoms out easily on faster shots.

I think it's a good rubber on a slower blade and with a more all around game. It doesn't suit an all out attack games but to be fair it's not built for thAt
24/05/2017 Best Backhand Rubber Review by SAROSH AHMED
Medium sponged soft tensor rubber, ideal for backhand. Makes nice sound on contact, perfect for blocking smashes,topsins & returning serves. Not very sensitive to incoming spin either. Bit on the slower side as expected, but can generate tremendous amount of spin, backhand serves are lethal with FXS!
Totally satisfied with this rubber, allows for safe allround play on backhand.
Definitely recommended !
I have been playing this rubber for a month on zang jike carbon arylate wood. Hard top sheet and soft sponge give a strange perfomarnce and a lack of speed when iam doing fast spin. I think it needs booster to play how i want.
The ideal combination for this wood in my style of playing is 05fx - forehand and tibhar fxp-backhand.

22/02/2017 Fucidin Review by selman Unsal
Good spin good control i ilke fxs
30/01/2017 perfect rubber Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
I like it more than EL-S sound,spin and control
10/11/2016 G Review by Branko Cubovic
This rubber is mych better than el-s. Better spin and spin and fantastic sound.
23/09/2016 Very nice product Review by Michael
Tibhar Evolution FX-S