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Tibhar Evolution EL-S

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Rubber type : inverted
Evolution, the flagship rubber series from TIBHAR. Evolution offers two different categories of rubber types to get the most out of your specific playing style; -S and -P. The Evolution -s line employs a unique rubber mixture resulting in a softer topsheet. A rubber of this caliber allows for better feedback. This results in even more potential to produce spin on the ball, more feeling for exact placement, and more control and safety on all of your strokes. This helps you hit those winning balls that will take you to the next level! Evolution EL-S strikes more of a balance between MX-S and FX-S, though under close inspection, EL-S leans more on the side of MX-S. With just a little extra softness, this rubber gives you the dwell time needed to hit the perfect attacking stroke!
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/05/2019 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
мах 72.0 г среднепористая губка, такая же ка у MX-P, а вот топшит менее эластичный и при растягивании быстро рвется , резина ощущается довольно жесткой, хороший контроль и вращение, скорость и катапульта средние
21/03/2019 Great Backhand Rubber Review by Zane Cundiff
This rubber played best on my Gewo Zoom Pro Off-. It shot too long on my Joola TPE perform and Sanwei V5 Pro. Perhaps this rubber works on more dwelly and slightly more stiff blade. Great and spinny rubber when applied correctly, it's hard to play with if you play off the bounce, one needs to let the ball drop and then generate the power and spin or a really closed racket angle is necessary, so not my style. I would recommend to players who really want a bouncy and spinny rubber on their backhand. 8.6/10. Did not like it on my forehand and it shrinks a lot once re-glued.
15/03/2019 Super spinny rubber Review by Don Dooley
I have this on my backhand. Fast and spinny with great control
15/03/2019 Good Control and excellent attack Review by Dimitry Kavtaradze
Good Control and excellent attack
23/02/2019 Spinny Review by AN-94
Spinny but no power. Not recommended.
15/02/2019 Little Slower than MXP Review by MIKE FITZPATRICK
If you were finding MXP flying off the table but liked the speed, you’ll love this! It’s just right and easier to land.

Dotec Waldner Carbon
11/02/2019 A spin-machine that gets the job done Review by Ulf Beckman
Very similar to MX-S/EL-P A real spin-machine that does the job! Still, i think, despite Tibhars 120 in spin for MX-S and 122 for this, that MX-S has a little more spin. But i shall tet it on some more blades. The spin is very very high on both anyways! Good Control too.

08/02/2019 Great rubber Review by Mike
It is a good tensor rubber. The sponge hardness is about 45 ESN degrees which is medium hardness. I use it on forehand only. I tried it on backhand where it is good too but a bit too "springy" for my taste. For backhand, I moved to 5Q VIP.

As the 45 degree sponge suggests, it is not very powerful rubber but it is still hard enough for an advanced local club player. I have no problems performing all table tennis strokes, except maybe for very powerful loops and kills (you have to be a bit gentle there).

Overall, it is great for the close and mid-distance play. Excellent feeling and touch too.

30/01/2019 Excellent Review by Dessen Ramen
One of my favourite rubbers...I have tried many types of rubbers like Rakza 7, Xiom Omega V, Xiom Omega VII Pro, but what works best on my FH is EL-S...
09/01/2019 Liked it from the beginning Review by Intermediate Player
Played in 1.9 and 2.1 mm thickness. Performs as described. Medium rubber and not as hard as Mx-p. Not an elite player but can generate spin on serves, flicks, and pushes. . Use it on the back hand. Have played with this rubber since it came out. I have butterfly blade that is used for player close to the table. This rubber on the back hand provides the spin needed for fast rallies. I like the 1.9 better than 2.1. Due to control obviously.
05/01/2019 Great spin Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
heavy but has lots of spin, speed
23/12/2018 Excellent Review by Darko Veselinovic
top performance rubber, strong spin, good blocking and smash to. control excellent. feels harder then mxp although sponge is a bit softer, so top shit is harder then
20/12/2018 Great spin Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
It has great spin and good control, the ball sinks in the rubber and with ease you create lots of spin. My blade was Juic Hinoki Carbon 3, of course I tested on a few more blades and all were really good. It is good for blocking too, I used it on FH.
Thanks to tabletennis11, price too is okay.
21/06/2018 Excellent BH rubber Review by Charles
Great rubber for the BH. It has lots of spin. Not as fast as the bluefire series but a great rubber to develop a stable and controlled BH for top spins and loops. It is softer than the bluefire series.
26/04/2018 Good Review by Nenad Paunovic
Kupljena za bh (crna 1.9) i odlicno se pokazala za sad. Minimalni katapult efekt je prisutan, meni taman dovoljno za bh. Prilicno neosetljiva na dolaznu rotaciju, a rotacija u napadu odlicna. Ugao bacanja osrednji, brzina veca nego kod Donic Baracude, recimo.
21/02/2018 Good for both FH and BH Review by Yi Zhang
This is a high performance rubber. It's fairly hard and is fast enough for most players on forehand. If you have good technique and enough power, you can use it on your backhand too. My backhand is still not strong enough to consistently maximize the true potential of this rubber. Very good balance between speed and spin.
16/01/2018 Fast Review by Gregory Stevens
I was warned on one on-line site that this was a fast rubber and not appropriate for intermediate players. I'm determined to learn to hit with it. Since I use one side of the paddle, I mostly use this for warm up and against my robot. I'm still not ready, but it does produce incredible speed and spin.
06/01/2018 One of the best Tibhar rubber Review by Abhirup Bose
If you want a controlled version of T05 then this is it. It's semi hard sponge and grippy topsheet can produce serious speed and spin. Control factor is also very good. The arc is medium and throw angle is medium too. If anyone is familiar with new gen tensor/ESN rubbers then they will feel at home with this. Having played with Fx-P, El-P, Mx-P, this rubber is my favourite anytime. It's closest alternative is donic bluefire M2(my previous rubber)
18/12/2017 Очень хорошая накладка Review by SERGEY YURCHENKO
Хорошая накладка, играю ей справа, средняя скорость, хорошее сцепление, хорошо ставить блоки.
14/11/2017 Great rubber for spin and control Review by Vincent Oberle
I have tried several Evolution rubbers (MX-P, FX-P), and also have been using the EL-S on my forehand for about a year, when i decided to also put it on my backhand. I found that this rubber gave me good spin on loops, good control on blocks and works very well also in the short push game. It also fits well on my backhand, great for flips and the backhand control game.
23/10/2017 The right FH rubber for me Review by Barry Stendig
I couldn't control MX-P and EL-P seemed dull and lifeless. After reading the review of EL-S on TT 11's blog and gave it a try and I'm happy I did. I can control its speed, it spins topspin really well, and the control is just what I needed/
12/10/2017 Great! Review by Igor Pereira
Great spin and yet very controllable. Have been using on the forehand for a few months and now I am going to try it on the backhand. Topspins are, indeed, full of spin.
10/10/2017 Good rubber but I prefer MXP Review by Owen Lee
Softer and grippier than MXP and MXS. But in march play, it doesn't impact the game quite as much as MXP. MXP still gives that awe inspiring result that's unique and special. ELS is lacking that specialness. Still a very good rubber in the right hands.
14/09/2017 Good Review by Joseph D
One the highest spin, strong catapult, very heavy weight!
12/09/2017 Excellent Rubber Review by Cham
It is a excellent rubber with enough speed and more than enough spin.
06/09/2017 Very good rubber Review by Brian Li
I use it as my F/H rubber at my Andro Treiber Z . Good control and speed. The throw angle is a little low. However, it seems not very durable. I just used my paddle 2 times a week and few hours per session. After a month the edge of the rubber chip off already.
31/07/2017 Buena Review by jorge aranciaga
Prefiero la Evolution MXP...creo que la EL-S no equivale a como la promocionan
27/07/2017 Latvija Review by Sergejs Kritenko
Замечательная накладка на быстром основании у меня слева привык сразу
справа ясака ракса 9 тоже убойная вещь evolution EL-S позволяет отлично контролировать и топспинить даже со стола в очередной раз спасибо tabletennis 11
19/06/2017 Recommend for Tenergy 05 alternative Review by Andrew Mak
I was using Tenergy 05 and looking for more affordable alternative. After researching and reading reviews, I decided to give this rubber a go. So far I play with it for around 3 weeks, I ordered the 1.9mm thickness. This rubber is definitely good although I will try the 2.1mm when the time comes.
The rubber is fast and spinny with good control, the difference I feel is the throw angle not as high as Tenergy 05, so during top spin loop (especially in mid distance), the starting action need to be started lower to give it more momentum although this could be due to the thickness of the sponge. Very good rubber in general.
05/06/2017 Good for blocking Review by Ian
Very good for blocking , not as powerful compared to MX-P. Can consider it as a backhand rubber
24/05/2017 Perfect Forehand Rubber ! Review by SAROSH AHMED
Tibhar have come up with a winner, it has perfect balance between speed & spin. Forehand serves are spinny, can generate lots of speed with full stroke. Sponge hardness is just right for an all round game. Good build quality, pairs up well with the harder outer plies of my XVE blade.
Feel more confident playing forehand topspins/smashes with the ELS. Not very sensitive to incoming spin either.
The search for perfect Forehand rubber ends with...... ELS !!
01/05/2017 not much happy Review by Selim Tuzunturk
not much happy, did not liked the surface of this rubber.

I looks like old... ı dont prefer to use it any more
18/04/2017 Great Product Review by Alan H.
I am very happy with this rubber. Using it on a BBC Quad Trip ++. It has both good power and good control when paired up with this paddle. My looping, blocking and spin game have all improved since using this rubber. I use 2.1 on FH and 1.9 on BH.
12/04/2017 Not easy to play with. Review by AL p
I am an MXP and MXS user. like both of them the same amount.

After hearing about ELS i figured tibhar has not let me down, so i should try it.

-you can banana flick very easily. you can turn any heavy back spin at any height into top spin with ease.
-very spinny. more than MXS.
-amazing serve
-you can get some amazing drives from under the table that are fast and accurate with a good solid swing.
- if you push game is on point, super easy to do push. racquet has to be almost flat though.
-med range game is also good with good swings.
-control is very good and accurate.

-cant do passive strokes. you either stroke properly or ball wont go over the net or even forward.
-cant really play slow have to play decently fast to get anything out of the rubber
-sensitive to incoming spin.
-the red breaks around the edges super easily and keeps breaking off. black is a lot better.
-can't passively block.
-med/low throw angle.

i used a black and red (backhand/forehand) max sponge on 3 diffrent blades. DHS hurricane king v1, BTY cofferlait alc, and xiom vega tour. mainly the spin improved with vega tour. speed and control were very similar on all blades.

I personally would not recommend this at all, unless you love breaking your arm playing. just go with MXS or MXP. boosted mxp and mxs have same spin and much easier to play with. specially passive blocks and strokes.

on that note. i am selling both my ELS black and red rubber in toronto only. :D
07/04/2017 Buena goma Review by Renzo Vizcarra
Me gusta esta goma, tiene buen spin y también velocidad; la usa para mi derecha y hasta ahora me fue muy bien.
03/03/2017 耐打 好用 Review by Poki Lin
旋轉很好‧力量普通‧ 很適合剛進階的球員‧
16/02/2017 try it Review by Nizam Magomedov
Rubber with extra grip. Good control, high arc.
28/12/2016 Very good Review by Roman
Great rubber. Has enough spin and control to play a mixture of styles near the table, but can keep with an offensive game just as well.
28/12/2016 Very good Review by Roman
Great rubber. Has enough spin and control to play a mixture of styles near the table, but can keep with an offensive game just as well.
05/12/2016 Very fast Review by Roopesh Patade
This is excellent rubber for Pro but need little more control else difficult to control the ball.
10/11/2016 C Review by Branko Cubovic
10/11/2016 G Review by Branko Cubovic
Nothing special. I am reading that the rubber is very goog but that is not even close.
07/11/2016 Goma para revez Review by guillermo santelices
Goma con un excelente spin no tan rapida semi dura excelente para revez y derecho, recuerden que es semi dura.
25/10/2016 Very grippy topsheet Review by Rory Goulding
To give context, I am using this on my BH.
I'm using a 5 ply all wood flexible N-11 blade that is in All+ to Off- range.
Before using the EL-S I had a Donic M2 for one year.
I find the EL-S very similar to the M2.
I think the EL-S may have a little more grip on the topsheet.
It may have a little bit more speed.
But considering my M2 is a year old, it may be due to the fact. That's its new, to a degree.
Switching from the M2 I found that I didn't have to change anything with my stroke, but it does seem to have more spin and speed.
Control is comparable to the M2.
Like most tension tension rubbers, it's grippy, not tacky.

Overall I really like it.
24/10/2016 goma semi dura Review by guillermo santelices
me gusto bastante para utilizar en el revés, harto efecto, para derecho me pareció demasiado dura
24/10/2016 goma semi dura Review by guillermo santelices
goma semi dura, excelente feeling, tiene harto agarre, en lo personal me gusto para revés, es demasiado dura para derecho.
27/09/2016 Very Good Review by Alejandro Ramos

only a small difference with its predecessor, the rubber grip makes it more appropriate for the new ball
27/09/2016 very good rubber Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
EL-S is a fantastic rubber with grip,best alternative for T05
Tibhar Evolution EL-S