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Tibhar Dynamic JC Darko Jorgić

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
The new blade by Darko Jorgic – DJC – uses Dyneema® carbon fiber. With five wood plies and two layers of Dyneema® carbon fibers, Dynamic JC confers enormous power and penetrating force to your topspin strokes. Since the Dyneema® carbon fibers do not lie directly underneath the top veneer, the touch feeling is not only determined by the Dyneema® fiber. Power, control, flexibility are the main qualities of DJC but also of Darko‘s playing style!

Customer Reviews

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30/03/2023 direct feeling, fast, yet retain relatively good control Review by small CHANG
Craftmanship not so good, maybe MIC in my opinion. But this blade is direct with only little flex and powerful while flat hitting/punching. The head size in ST is about 157x150, same as the normal Bty blades. Despite fast and direct in nature, due to two outer layers of wood, still in the level of controllable. Better suited for slightly slower or tacky rubbers. With ESN rubbers it may be too fast and fly out of the table. Besides, this blade is light, so very versatile in play.
5 stars in blade performance, 3 stars in craftmanship.
Tibhar Dynamic JC Darko Jorgić