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Tibhar CO-S-3 Defence ST

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Number of Layers : 3
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : DEF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The ideal blade for the passive, defensive player, looking for maximum braking effects and ball control. Combined to a sponge rubber, this 3-ply wood enables extreme undercut, while combined to a long-pimple rubber, reversed spins can be realised.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

26/11/2020 Отлично Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Отличное и очень контрольное основанье.
09/01/2020 As per manufacturers products description Review by ROBERTO VICENTE
Very good control, but can attack as well.
23/05/2018 Good value for money Review by Jose Da Silva
Good value for money blade with good control and manufacture quality.
12/03/2018 Amazing! Review by Benjamin Harnois
This blade is perfect for people like me who are beginners. It's very slow so you can easily control where you want to place the ball. In fact, it maybe one of the slowest blades you can buy.
07/02/2018 Awesome blade Review by Abdulragmaan Hay
I have 3 of these blades now and they are very consistent between them in terms of characteristics. This with the Blitz Schlag on my backhand and Tenergy 05 on my forehand is the absolutely perfect combination. The control from close to the table as well as away from the table gives me the options to be pro active when I'm near and then defensive when I'm playing from the back. The most important feedback I receive from the blade is the feel on the close to the table play.
18/11/2017 suits my style of game . Review by robert pattison
I have been playing with this blade for 8 hours per week and found it to be a well balanced blade . in the next 2 weeks I will order a second blade as a back .
13/07/2015 good blade Review by andrei bakharev
Classical solution for defense blade -3 ply soft wood.
Rare nowadays.
Good to excellent control ,good in secure defense and random quick attacks.
Gives good spin feedback with thin pips in rubbers .
A bit mushy for thick ones but if one adapts.....
And good with pips out rubbers on thin and thick sponges,did not try anti spin.
Feels slow at first.
20/05/2015 Really slow blade Review by Daniel
I pair it with Zeitgeist and it's very easy to play. The blade is of high quality. Feel of the blade is very high. Recommended of long pip player who play close to the table.
28/06/2013 Great blade and service! Review by timeout
Just initial comments...Great blade for defense...close to the table...not as much flex as Toxic well with dtechs ox...slower than toxic...can open block with dtechs ox...speedy service and delievery from order a few more very soon...dont need to buy any expensive balsa because this blocks very short not many blades can do this...thank you tabletennis11!
21/06/2013 Qualidade e serviço Review by Amilcar Maria
Madeira com boa apresentação, pena ter uma emenda no núcleo ao nível do cabo, daí ser penalizada na qualidade. Esta madeira com esta emenda não deveria ter sido comercializada pela Thibar. Talvez por causa disso a promoção. Quanto ao serviço, bom e rápido com boa embalagem
Tibhar CO-S-3 Defence ST