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Tibhar CCA 7

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 7.1
Named after the initials of the World Champion in double, CCA 7 convinces by its high potential of acceleration and speed. Although being a very fast blade, the serve remains soft. CCA 7 confers a lot of sensation and is very spin friendly. It opens the possibility to play hard undercut Topspins at the table and at half distance. The Chen Chien-An playing style corresponds to powerful Topspins and a backhand full of sensation. Adapted to a spin friendly and fast game.

Customer Reviews

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27/11/2017 средненько Review by Igor Golovlev
91.4 г, 158х151х7,1 мм. быстрое основание. звонкое. с пустой ручкой. баланс смещен в голову , с приклеенной резиной ощущение очень тяжелой ракетки, из-за этих ощущение падает контроль. В последнее время очень много появляется оснований с пустыми ручками, но производители об этом умалчивают, а ведь это сильно влияет на баланс, вибрации и звук.
19/06/2016 Excellent All-wood blade Review by Ernest Wahyu
Very nice 7-plies all-wood blade. Excellent combination of speed and control. Even though this blade fast, the amount of dwell time is very amazing. Actually I'm a little bit surprised when I'm trying this blade. I thought it would be difficult to adjusting to my new blade, but this blade give me a good feeling when hitting the ball. I can easily adjusting after played with it for a while. This blade also has a large sweet spot and it has a comfortable handle too.

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Tibhar CCA 7