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Tibhar Bat Case Carbon Round

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Bag Type : cases
Bat case with reinforced walls. Can contain one bat. Composition: 100% nylon fabric Dimensions: 31 x 22.5 x 5 cm Colour: silver, black

Customer Reviews

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31/05/2018 Good Review by Kim Dahui
04/08/2017 Holds 2 bats Review by Julian Main
does not get crushed if sat on
01/04/2017 Bad design overshadows great build quality Review by Michael Wu
The bat case has outstanding build quality, you dont need to worry about having you bat crushed while in this case, however the case it self will damage your rubbers and the netting is next to useless.

The problem is the location of where the elastic band is mounted, its about a 2cm away from the backing of the case, meaning when you put your racquet in the case it will flop around inside the case, There is clear signs of damage on the top edge of my rubber because of this.

This elastic mounting flaw also applys to the net, because theres a huge gap anything you put in the netting will simply just slide out if you walking around. i like to put a couple of sillica gel packets in my case to keep the humidity out; literally every time i open the case the silica gel packet, is sitting on the rubber of my racquet.

Tibhar Bat Case Carbon Round