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Tibhar Alumroller

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Rolling tube made from aluminium. Can be use as balbox for 4 balls. Suitable to measure the net height.

Customer Reviews

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30/05/2019 Best roller out there Review by Drogi
Excelent roller and ball holder! Really nice aluminum material.
14/02/2019 The ideal protection Review by Marco Bermudez
Very good for protecting balls.
29/11/2017 Great look, does its job Review by Huida Qiu
Nice roller.
28/09/2016 Good Review by Behruz Basla

It's very well built, the quality of this product is top notch. However, one needs to take care as the surface can get scratched easily and also the markings for measuring the net height which comes quite handy start to get erased very quickly. The cap comes off very easily as rightly noted by other owners, but I guess that can be fixed with wrapping some plumbing tape to the cap. I like it.
05/04/2016 Medial merchandise Review by Guy tsvi
The main purpose of holding a bunch of balls does not hold, as the tops of the case fall of by the lightest hit it gets.
Beside that, it measures the hight of the net and can be use as a roller for all purposes just fine! I find it very useful when i finish training and tight the adhesive sheets on my bats' rubbers
28/03/2016 Does what it needs to Review by Sam Zhou
Holds table tennis balls and rolls rubbers onto the blade. Extremely convenient.
The aluminum is also top quality.
09/07/2013 Not satisfying Ball Case Review by Dmitry Patashov
The ball case is useful, but it's cap is hardly hanging thus the ball case opens sometimes on it's own...
It has a net height measure scale, but it's starts from above the cap thus you need to remove it and because of that you need to take out the balls before you can measure the net...
10/05/2013 Util Review by Juan Carlos Llamosa Leon
Infaltable para pegar las gomas..
10/05/2013 Buen precio Review by Juan Carlos
Muy útil a buen precio.
Tibhar Alumroller