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Stiga Symmetry

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Rubber type : short pips
Symmetry is a made in Japan short pips rubber developed and adapted for the plastic ball. The elastic sponge and built-in speed glue effect gives this rubber high speed and excellent spin possibilities. While it's spin generation is noteworthy for a short pips rubber, its ability to flat hit well is also surprisingly good. This allows for a very stable rubber that is proficient in most strokes relative to short pips. Opening loops against pushes will come back with heavy topspin, blocks and counters come back with very high but still manageable speed, and drives are sure to put pressure and finish points.

Customer Reviews

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29/11/2021 здорово Review by Igor Golovlev
вес квадрата 43.8 г, Очень приятные шипы, довольно быстрые, с хорошим контролем, вращением и даже с не большим катапультным эффектом, приятным звучанием, но с малым обманывающим эффектом .Кому нужна скорость и контроль, то это для вас. Пробовал 1.7 и1.9 мм разницы не заметил.
19/07/2021 Good Review by Herrera Omar
Buena, buena distorsión
14/02/2020 Excellent Review by Angelo Crivellari
I really liked the rubber, it’s very fast and has great control.
Stiga Symmetry