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Stiga Rosewood NCT VII

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 95
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.2
Rosewood NCT VII is the blade for players who demand high speed, but won’t tolerate a loss of feeling, control, or trajectory. Built with the unique combination of 7 plies of high quality Rosewood, this distinctive blend of technology and craftsmanship dramatically increases the size of the sweet spot and trajectory while maximizing the power of the blade. With the Rosewood NCT VII the player gains maximum control when executing many variations of speed and strokes. Rosewood NCT VII — where Science meets Nature! Used by Pär Gerell & Jens Lundquist. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/05/2022 Super Review by Aleksandr Klimentev
Отличная основание для агрессивной игры.
16/02/2022 Great blade Review by Yevgeniy Veger
Very good blade with excellent control for 7 ply blade. There is great review for this blade on the TT11 blog.
13/07/2021 Very suitable for ox long pip Review by Gregory Wong
Match well with Tibhar D’tec OX on backhand; block hit and chop. Also, great for forehand with Dignics 09; loop, hit, and block.
18/05/2021 A Great Blade for Aggressive Long Pips OX Review by John Kam
My blade weighs 95 grams. The rubbers are Tibhar Evolution MX-P 2.2mm and DHS Cloud & Fog 3 OX. The weight of the combined racket feels just right, not too heavy, and not too light. The play on the MX-P side is fast and controlled, not affected by the lightness of the OX rubber on the other side. On the OX long pips side, blocking is consistent, fast, and deep. Chopping is controlled and spinny. Hitting is fast. Looping, while not as fast as with inverted rubbers, is quite fast, consistent, and produces a deep and low trajectory. Due to the blade’s weight and power, this is the only blade I have that allows me to attack with long pips OX on the forehand side for a long period without tiring me out.
21/10/2020 Fine blade Review by S. K. Kelen
Great control, good spin, and speed. Pairs well with sticky Chinese rubbers or tensors. (I have DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on Forehand and Evolution ELP on bh. Can spin them and it's like a different racket...). Not as fast as a lot of carbon hybrid bats but has better touch and is very versatile depending on the rubbers you use.
02/12/2016 Good blade Review by Chee Lee Chew
30/07/2016 Ndnks Review by Hiệp Ngô Quang
05/07/2016 Wonderful, worth the money Review by HAN LE
Its my first blade. I don't know others but this one is just the one you need if you like quick attack with loop drive.
15/06/2016 Good blade Review by Vandy Tep
Good blade, but if you use Chinese rubber, it is heavier. I recommend you use Stiga Rosewood XO is better.
05/01/2016 Beautiful piece! Review by Gilberto Souza
This blade is all the best and beautiful.
With tenergy 05 and 64 this wood gave me a lot of control and speed enough.
I felt a bit of trouble playing near to the net but in middle and long distance it shines. The cable is thicker than most stigas blade, as I prefer. Mine has 94g.
Thanks once TT11.

Gil from Brasil
12/07/2015 可以止烧的底板 Review by 弗雷德徐
Stiga Rosewood NCT VII