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Stiga Rosewood NCT V


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6
Rosewood NCT V is designed for the modern attacking game. It is ideal for aggressive players who depend on fast racket speed with long trajectory to gain the upper hand. This 5-ply blade offers an exceptional balance of speed, weight, control and trajectory. The handpicked Rosewood combined with STIGA’s scientific engineering and NCT technology brings together the very best of Science and Nature! The blade of Xu Xin.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/03/2015 Lovely Blade Review by young ok kwon
Using it for several month and I find it a good balanced blade. I use Rakza 7 soft for BH and 5Q for FH. Rakza7 soft works perfect for my BH. I really love that rubber. For FH 5Q is good but it lasts only for three month for me.
17/10/2014 Really beautiful and good blade Review by Ulf Beckman
Just about right speed, mixed with great topspin, and very beautiful, plays this blade in the upper division.

Also, it is so damn forgiving, that i never want to get a new girlfriend!
02/10/2014 Great blade, handsome looking Review by Eric
The blade is fast and good control, I bought an ANAT handle. Good for close table fast looping as well. FH-Baracuda; BH-Musa2. Need to wrap the handle to give better balance.
OMG, the rosewood is handsome and classic.
Love it, and, love it.
25/09/2014 very good Review by Chew Yueh Xin
Good blade !
05/07/2014 ok Review by nikola simeuncevic
Odlicno drvo
04/07/2014 feels good... Review by Engin Acar
This is a very sensitive and good-look blade. When you took the handle, just feel the quality in your hand. Sounds and feels good...I think i will use this blade for many years...
03/01/2014 Nice looking and good control Review by Frank Chen
It's the most beautiful blade I've ever had. Love the rosewood textures. Much better control comparing to my current carbon blade, but without losing much speed. The only thing is the handle is a little rough.
15/01/2013 Xu Xin Weapon of Choice Review by Chuong Trinh
Unbelievable blade. Dwell time is amazing. Great for looping. So much control. Blocking is effortless. When a power loop is applied, this blade moves the ball quickly with a lot of spin. Conclusion is that this blade can do it all. Not super fast so that you can deliver the speed and spin that you want to. But when speed is needed, this blade delivers.
Stiga Rosewood NCT V