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Stiga Intensity NCT

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.9
Intensity is the 21st century light weight weapon! The Intensity has fantastic trajectory and good speed, while the light weight enhances the performance in all the best ways. If you are a controlled attacker you will like the outstanding balance between trajectory and control. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

07/04/2020 Nice blade Review by Ilya Berson
Nice blade. First I tried it with DNA Pro M rubbers on both sides but it was super fast. In this set up this blade did not forgive mistakes! But if you do everything right this is a super weapon for fast offensive players! Then I tried it with Joola X-plode and now it’s much better. I feel control and ball goes where I what with super speed.
04/04/2020 Дорогой друг Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Заказывал для друга, отзывы самые хорошие спасибо TT11.
23/12/2019 Fantastic blade Review by Ni Jia
TT11 chose an excellent blade for me. Thanks a lot.
30/03/2019 Good control Review by paulus pusponegoro
Good control.
23/02/2019 Good Review by AN-94
Only good on forehand. Backhand is too bad.
15/03/2018 Nice blade for looping. Review by Yifan
I feel this blade is powerful, yet easy to control. My favorite blade so far.
14/11/2017 Verry good Review by Veaceslav Nicoara
I have an offensive game. I put Xiom vega japan on both sides. an association that suits me perfectly. Thank you for your offer and the price
25/10/2017 Light and Fast Review by Yi Zhang
I really like this blade. It's really light and really fast.
I also like the crisp crackling sound it makes when you hit the ball hard.
I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fast all wood looping blade.
If you want a blade for short pips, you need something harder and stiffer.
17/04/2016 弧圈利器 Review by guilei xu
17/04/2016 两面弧圈利器 Review by guilei xu
23/04/2015 Good blade Review by Xiang
Very good service.
I have kept buying a lot of blades.
27/03/2015 Для тех кто вращает... Review by Fatality
Заказывал две штуки, одну с ручкой мастер, вторую "champ", "champ" очень удобна, лопасть лакирована как на фото, в общем без нареканий. А вот мастер нелакированная, линза косо, почему так, непонятно. О модели:
1. Основанием играет Xu Xin, penhold понятное дело.
2. Пятно отскока 50х90, максимум...
3. Вибрация благородная....
4. ...для умельцев вращать деревом.
5. Интересная послойка: Грецкий орех - Ёлка - Абаши -Ёлка - Грецкий орех
6. К грецкому ореху тяжело приклеить накладки быстрым клеем, очень гладкий.
7. Про накладки: обычный Н3 на хайфушном быстроклее - хорошо но "дурноват", TG3 NEO на самопальном бустере очень хорошо. Ятакмыслю: TG2 NEO отечественный (не путать с националкой) будет Божественно. Накладки слева дело индивидуальное но есть подозрение, тем лучше чем линейнее ( не зря же Xu Xin не играет тенержой слева).

Вывод: явно мужское основание, для амбициозных топспинщиков, любящих и умеющих начинать и заканчивать первым номером, однако,
если соперник сильнее то у этого основания есть достаточно контроля для подставок.
11/11/2013 The sound is defferent Review by Guillermo Fonseca
The sound is different, personally, I don't like.
The sound is strong, but it has good feeling.
09/10/2013 Nice blade Review by Gabor
Good blade, needs some post-processing though. The surface of the blade is too smooth for most glues to stick, some light sanding was necessary. Grip got a thin varnish layer. The blade is fast but consistent. I'm using it with Donic Blufire M2.
05/10/2013 excellent Review by ANDRES ALFREDO ARJONA SALVATIERRA
is an extension of the palm of my hand
stiga touch
speed and control in your hand.
you can put the ball in any part of the table
3hs lather of glue the rubbers i played the first match of spanish andalusian league, and said, this is my wood.
01/10/2013 Very good quality Review by Hu
Very good price.
And the store owner is very good person to help you.
Very good service.
I have kept buying a lot of blades.
24/09/2013 Very good place to shop Review by Ray de Dios
Thanks for the free neottec balls you sent with my order. Excellent and fast service. I got it in 1 week only super-fast. Good blade sealing.
Stiga Intensity NCT