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Stiga Infinity VPS V

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 91
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.1
The Infinity VPS V (OFF) with the brand new VPS technology (Veneer Precision System) is built with two hand-selected middle veneers that are treated with a unique and exact heating and cooling process with precisely measured time and temperature. The Diamond Touch technology gives the outer veneers extra hardness and the surface an incredibly smooth finish and combined with the VPS technology the result is an offensive lightweight blade with outstanding solid touch and feeling. Infinity VPS V gives you the possibility to master the key elements in today’s modern game: aggressive receives which help you gain the upper hand at an early stage, and the possibility to follow up with powerful and aggressive topspin shots. Developed together with top players from the Chinese National Team, the Infinity VPS V suits the more offensive minded player with powerful topspin strokes! Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

20/11/2023 As expected nice sound , high control , med level Review by Wisam HADDAD
Very nice blade; raw finish need sanding for better holding;
master handle is very comfort i think its better than the legend one even in my big hands.
Very good control. My only downside a lil slow away from the table
29/04/2023 yomon emas Review by lilia
yaxshi taxta
12/04/2023 Отличное основание Review by Denis
Купил, так как рекомендовали несколько человек. По соотношению цена/качество все идеально. Для моего стиля игры очень подошло. Поставил с обеих сторон Rakza7.
23/03/2023 Stiga Infinity VPS V Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Frame 5 layers of well balanced wood. Great for topspin and attack shots. Control is also good. Small element against the slightly excessive weight.
15/11/2022 best 5ply Review by megadash
Solid choice both for the developing and for the advanced player. The blade has many gears, looks good and has great feeling. The finishing on the blade could be improved, but I guess it's one of the stiga features to hand out the blades in a more "raw" state and to let the player customize it to their own liking. A little sandpaper and lacquering formula will turn this into something that looks and feels premium.
09/07/2022 Excellent paddle Review by pinakin suryavanshi
This is an excellent paddle for all levels of players, with great control from near to far from the table. I have been using this with Nittaku fastarc G-1 (FH) and Rakza 9 (BH) for the past 4 years.
11/04/2022 Рекомендую Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Профессиональное основание
29/03/2022 Excellent blade Review by Jari Seppala
Can't be disappointed if take this.
28/08/2021 Great at everything!! Review by Jonas Lindersson
Fantastic to play within most areas of the game.
Great loops, blocks, chops, and smash.
Works well from Close to far from the table( if you have Good weight transfer and fast hips) but that's if you play with tacky rubber, with euro rubber you can play far away with chicken Wing :).
It has a nice clear and loud sound :).
I paired it with hurricane3 blue sponge provincial om FH, works great!!.
19/07/2021 Well made! Review by Edmund Ho
This well-made blade has a huge sweet spot and many gears which enable me to develop more advanced skills. Best blade for me so far.
23/06/2021 Good 5 ply all-wood blade Review by Stephen
Good combination with pips. Good beginner blade for the plastic ball era. The edges of the blade need minor sanding.
20/05/2021 Good, but… Review by Leon Siu
Good control and enough power, BUT the hollow feel… not a fan
I’m sure it works for some people, just not me.
09/01/2021 High performance blade Review by Truc Nguyen Hoang
As always, the blade stability and pretty much reliable in the short game, touch, and power loop. Weight is suitable and supports your advanced game especially the attacking game.
01/11/2020 Amazing blade Review by Gorm
Whether a blade is good or bad is highly subjective, but out of the 15 or so that I own, this is the one I use; and I have now bought a spare in case I break it mid-tournament. I play it with two sheets of Rakza 7 2mm on each side, and I play a close to mid-distance offensive looping game. Here are some assorted thoughts on why this blade has worked so well for me.
It's a soft, lightweight blade with a thin handle (at least the flared handle is) with lots of feedback. It is fast (enough), but its defining quality is its amazing feeling.
The vibration helps me understand what is happening. I now know exactly where on the blade the ball hit, and so I started getting an intuition for where I ought to hit it. Short pushes close to the handle, flip close to the tip, loops a bit above the middle, etc. I also feel a difference in how tightly I am holding the racket. For instance, I quickly learned that I need to tighten my grip more for BH loops, and the consistency went up as a result.
The hard(ish) rubbers combined with the soft(ish) wood is made for brushing the ball rather than hitting it. As a result, I've slowly started moving towards less blocking and more counter looping close to the table. This is a much harder thing to do (and much more fun!), but the amazing feeling of the wood makes it possible.
This blade has helped me develop my game like no other blade has, and I can not recommend it enough.
20/04/2020 Good blade Review by CIPRIAN Ciurca
Good blade
01/04/2020 Very good blade. Review by Adwait Vyawahare
I use it with DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on FH and DHS Hurricane 8 on BH.
It has a great feeling to it and is able to improve my game with it
20/03/2020 Best!!! Review by Andrei Badura
Best blade for me!!!
19/03/2020 Дорогой друг Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Звук у этого основания неповторимый.
15/03/2020 Too Stiff Review by Anon123
I'm not sure why people are praising this blade. I tried for many sessions to get used to this blade and just couldn't. It is extremely stiff and bouncy. Zero dwell time. FH loop is ok, but bh flips are near impossible (at least consistently). Had 2X Rakza 7 Soft on it too which is meant to help with the dwell time.
14/02/2020 5 Review by SERGEY VASIN
Интересная звонкая и конечно удобная доска!ракса 7 на ней у меня играла супер! удары проходили отменно,я заказывал с шипом коротким дегу,но видимо шиповик из меня плоховатый.закажу на неё ниттаку g1гладкую,думаю будет супер!
03/02/2020 A perfect well balanced blade Review by TTW
Stiga Infinity VPS is a perfectly balanced blade and can be used by players of all levels. You can do any shots with this racket and minimal vibration which is perfect.
I am using this with GoldArc and it suits this blade perfectly.
27/01/2020 Excelent service!! Review by Jorge Francisco Neciosup Castro
Madera excelente, es rápida tanto para hitter o looper. Tarda una semanas en abrirse, al inicio será muy dura, pero una vez que la flexibilidad se abre paso totalmente, da un fantástico feeling y control en los ataques.
24/12/2019 fast speed and with spin but very flexible Review by Sereyvuth Hong
fast speed and with spin but very flexible
02/12/2019 Excellent touch and feel Review by Chang
I paired it with Xiom Vega Pro and Vega Asia both 2.0mm. Very good touch and feel, very good control too. I only played with it for 1.5 hours. Usually, I cannot make any conclusion in such a short time. But Stiga Infinity VPS is unique.
25/11/2019 Stiga Infinity VPS V Review by ALEXEY BLINNIKOV
Отлично для тех кто любит скорость.
02/10/2019 Fantastic Blade Review by RADISSON BLU PARK HOTEL ATHENS
A fantastic blade I really like it!
04/09/2019 My best blade Review by Florin Teodoru
I love this blade. It’s fast but has good control. Good from mid and long-distance too. I could do whatever I wanted with this one. Free lacquering, fast shipment and I got the specified blade weight 89g. Paired with Sanwei Target National 2.2mm as forehand and backhand, total weigh 201g.
28/08/2019 great for pips Review by Uri Mints
I used to play with carbon blades, and I decided to try this all-wood blade because I play with pips on the backhand.
The difference is major - my backhand became much more consistent.
On the other hand, my forehand became slower - I am used to playing with a medium\hard sponge, and I put the same rubber on the infinity...
I think that with this blade you need a fast and hard rubber on the forehand - this is what I am going to do.
30/07/2019 Raqueta de 1..... Review by Heder Alvarez chavez
Stiga me a dejado sorprendido con su infinity vps v,gran raqueta sin duda la volveria a comprar.
29/05/2019 Great feeling and control Review by Bhuiyan Tanveer
No doubt this is a very popular blade. I used to play with the Eternity VPS, but I find that the Infinity VPS has better control. Still haas great feeling as other Stiga all-wood blades do. Good from mid and far distance too.
Using the Rakza7 Max on both sides, and thanks to TT11 for suggesting it to me.
29/04/2019 Extra blade Review by Faris Prevljak
Super balanced blade for universal playing game with good technique. Comfortable feeling in hand. For masters of this game.
07/04/2019 Great 5 ply blade Review by Nicanor Ruben Joya III
I would highly recommend this blade. I agree with all the good things that were mentioned about this blade. What's even better is the service that you are getting with Tabletennis11. Free lacquering, fast shipment and I got the specified blade weight. I receive the order in 4 days with no shipping charge. Kudos to Tabletennis11!
08/02/2019 ممتاز Review by Rami Faiume
مضرب ممتاز وقوي وضربه جيد قوي وله صوت خاص اللمسة الماسية لكنه يحتاج الى قوة عضلية في ساعدك لكي تعمل دوران اكثر من مرة
04/02/2019 Happy but... Review by Alex Olmedo
After reading many reviewsб I decided to give this blade a try. Bought it here with lacquering (I read many times this has to be a must) and rubbers assembling service (Yasaka Mark V HPS soft on fh and Donic Bluefire M2 on bh), which was excellent. After a week trainingб I changed the fh rubber to Rakza 7 which fits better my playing style, the HPS soft is a bit slow to me. So well, now I'm still dealing with the feel of the blade. Although I like the way it performs increasing my aggressive but controlled playing style a couple of mm over the netб I'm still struggling with the whole feel and sound of this blade, which I personally don't like much. But yeah, this is a matter of personal taste. Except for this, I'm happy with it.
30/01/2019 Many options Review by wylyem kromyko
There are many option that we can choose to get blade
07/01/2019 Quite Heavy Review by JK
Very fast blade, but a little too heavy and as a result, control suffered.
03/12/2018 Excellent service Review by Marcelo Cordero
Excellent control. Thanks
09/11/2018 Normal blade Review by Hon Kau Ip
This is very normal blade and not anything outstanding or special. I feel blade a little weak in construction. Control and speed just normal
26/08/2018 Nice Review by Ivan Nyrkov
Best blade.
07/08/2018 Infinity PLUS ULTRA Review by Jacob Tran
I found this blade to be perfect for driving close to the table and looping far away. Since I'm a more powerful hitter I found this to allow me to hit even harder while still being able to control the ball compared to my DHS blade.
08/07/2018 Master of control Review by Riccardo Deiana
Very good control and feeling, I cant replace with another blade.
06/07/2018 Love this one Review by Igor
I bought one 93gr. Need to have more active game.
Like feeling and sensitivity of this blade.
06/07/2018 What a nice blade, for God's sake! Review by Cesar Gonzalez
I don't know how to begin this review. This blade is perfect, basically. You can't go wrong with it. 5 layers of beautiful control and feeling, but craving for power to unleash.

It is so versatile, that I even tried it with one of our guys at the club WITH PIMPLES! Yeap, he moved from Timo ZLC to this, now he's blocking basically anything we throw at him.

For attackers, the speed is there, when you hit it right. It is a wonderful blade. My hands are medium-large for American standards, so I if that's your case, go for the Legend handle. Enjoy this babe!
22/04/2018 Excellent Blade Review by Jadson Almeida
I bought my second infinity VPS V. Yes, I have two of these. I love this blade. It’s fast but have good control. Feeling is appropriate. It’s an excellent option for pimples players because its outer wood is hard. It’s great so fan zedhong uses it.
15/03/2018 Nice blade Review by plant viet
5 ply nice wood blade
07/03/2018 ""To infinity and beyond!" -Buzz Lightyear Review by Van Taggart
Best all wood blade that I've ever used. Used with Bluestorm Z1 rubbers and now with Nittaku G-1's. Great wood blade for fast and spinny rubbers while maintaining lots of control.
02/03/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Everything is above average. Hard woody blade. Medium to low throw angle.

Especially joint Limba used which is no expected in this price range.
21/02/2018 Hard blade, joint limba Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Good blade, hard feeling, speedy. But quality of outer layer doesn't satisfy me which is built from jointed Limba. It is expected to be jointless.
16/02/2018 no feel Review by Mark
blade has no feel because of hollow handle, medium hard, speed about OFF-
25/12/2017 nice Review by ABDULRAHMAN ALGASAAB
love it.. i try it with donic Z1 for FH
and vega japan for BH.

very good
04/12/2017 heavy Review by Asset
I bought this for my friend, he likes it, I don't; heavy blade with thick handle, I believe it takes getting used to.
27/11/2017 Excellent control Review by Bo Eklund
Medium speed and excellent control makes this the best blade for me (so far), playing an allround attacking play mostly near the table. Away from the table it lacks a bit in power, especially compared to carbon blades. I prefer the straight handle to the legendary because the legendary feels like it hinders my wrist a little (I have medium sized hands). First blade got some splintering when changing rubbers so second one I had lacquered by tt11 (excellent service). Still, you have to be really careful when removing rubbers. And I agree with all comments about the sharp edges, you probably need to sand them down.
In summary, a great blade, especially regarding control. Some quality issues with splintering and sharp edges that I choose to ignore because the feeling when playing is simply excellent.
24/11/2017 Great Offensive Blade! Review by Yi Zhang
I have played with several Stiga blades (offensive cr, maplewood nct, intensity). Infinity is slightly faster and much stiffer than intensity. Despite how hard the blade is, I was really surprised at its great dwell time. I use hard Chinese rubber Skyline 3 (1.8mm) on forehand, the ball still stays on the paddle for very long time, allowing for a lot of adjustment time during rallies. Looping is super easy due to the long dwell time.
The flare handle and weight are just right. I read some reviews that said this blade is too heavy, so I'm glad it turned out ok.
I highly recommend this blade to topspin players of all skill levels.
24/11/2017 Nice blade Review by DO VAN HIEU
The most beautiful blade i have with the favorite weight about 90g
17/08/2017 Good overall but balance is questionable Review by R C
I own a Viscaria, Timo boll spirit, Clipper CR and have played with a lot of other setups. My level is about 1900 US.

I ordered two Stiga Infinity VPS V blades. One was a bit heavier than the other, 92g vs 86g. I found the heavier one to be more solid and very effortless in terms of power ( especially away from the table). I really liked it except it was too heavy. As for the lighter one I was sure it was going to be a perfect blend. Unfortunately that was not the case it seemed quite the opposite.

In summary, I think everyone has different preferences. I feel that this blade is quite good in general. I personally did not enjoy the balance of this blade. I thought the heavy bat had a good solid feel and was powerful but was too heavy. I also thought the light bat was fairly decent but compared to my other setups which actually weighed less, this one felt heavier in the hand. I feel it is a good blade because it has decent touch, good control, speed and power. My personal opinion is the balance of the blade is not optimal.
09/08/2017 Too heavy Review by Filoteanu Adrian
Very fast blade, even without carbon. Too heavy, try the normal handle, not the legend
13/07/2017 Perfect. Review by IAN
Arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend having tabletennis11 assemble your blade. They do it perfectly.
13/07/2017 Sublime Review by ABRAHAM GENARO FLORES ACEVEDO
Gran blade es el mejor que he tenido, un gran feeling, una gran calidad de la madera realmente un peso promedio, sin embargo me da el soporte necesario para darle la potencia a mi rubber con un buen control.
05/07/2017 Nice blade Review by DO VAN HIEU
Nice and good blade.
19/05/2017 Good blade but lacks quality Review by Michael Hutterer
Good blade for attacking but when you take the rubbers off you very likely will splinter the wood. Which should not happen. That's just something you don't expect from a brand like stiga. You get a good feeling for balls but you have to hit the ball more frontal than with other woods which takes some adjustment but can improve your game. I got better with it. But it's hard to say how much of this can be accounted to the blade
01/05/2017 Full of vibration Review by SJ
If you like a lot of vibration/feedback then it may be for you. I have not seen this aspect of the blade written at many places so I want to let others know that this is a core aspect of this blade. Tabletennis11 is awesome as always. I got one ST and one FL from them when this was on sale. Both were around 98grams. Beware of sale items I guess and need to ask specifically the weight when buying sale items.
25/04/2017 Best blade Review by Renato das Neves Santos
Excelente raquete, rápida e com controle, pena que vibra um pouco, porem ótima raquete.
12/04/2017 Very good blade Review by Alapaap
With proper techniques and good rubber combinations this blade will perform more than one can expect. Quality is top notch, no splintering so far, light in feel, very good short ball play, explosive spin. Not too fast but not slow, very good flex and control.
21/03/2017 listen Review by Yao Li
its hard, hard feel when I transferred from avalox series. I cannot believe Fan zhendong using this to do his BH in-table flip. I cannot simply return one! Its so hard feeling that short ball BH flip is just impossible to me.
13/03/2017 A balanced blade Review by Floris van Halm
The Infinity had just the right mix between speed and control.
The blade has a wonderful woody feeling. I eventualy bought a second one.
17/01/2017 Good! Review by eduardo silva trevizan
It's a quality blade. If you have a big hand, don't hesitate to pick up the Legend handle. My hand is big, and the Master handle is a bit thin and 'spiky'.
11/01/2017 exellent Review by Ivana Ivkovic
good speed and control
11/01/2017 Excellent! Review by bob Chen
This is excellent Order and Excellent Product!
Very quick and professional Service delivery!
Very satisfactory from TT11!
Thank you for the wonderful work!
04/01/2017 Not bad Review by Jihoon Shin
Topspin feeling is like hitting the rubber ball.
Sweet spot sound is.. "Tong...Tong..".
Its funny.
29/12/2016 Light and great feeling Review by Francis Raval
I've only played with it a couple of times. I will probably come back to review it some more. Right away I've noticed it to be very light and the wood provides good feeling when spinning or hitting the ball.
28/12/2016 Best Value For Money Review by Christos Villas
The quality is not so good (especially the top wooden sheet).
If you attach and detach rubbers quite often you will need to buy a new one soon.

Generally it is a nice fast light weight blade with exceptional control.
So for me it is best value for money.
20/12/2016 Great control Review by Jo de la Vega
My coach uses this blade in penholder style and he has excellent control!

In terms of the blade itself, physically, I took the precaution of lacquering it several times (water-based lacquer) as I do enjoy trying different rubbers and carrying out my own comparisons. The surface is not as smooth as the Eternity VPS.

I currently use Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 80 on this blade and the balance between speed/control/spin is pretty good - not perfect, but I am happy with it.

One bug bear with Stiga is the sharp edges - would it kill them to gently sand them down? Obviously, I did that myself. The blade is nice and light and has a good feel to it.

I have compared quite a few blade/rubber combinations and I chose this after trying the Stiga Genesis soft rubbers on my Stiga Eternity VPS blade - overall effect for me was just too dead.

I don't want for speed with the Infinity VPS but having said that I am still experimenting with rubbers for my Eternity blade! It feels like an OFF blade and depending on the rubbers you choose could even feel like an OFF- blade. Good body technique is needed to ramp up the speed of this blade - I cannot afford to use "lazy" strokes and hope for the rubbers to provide the speed. I see that as a good thing since that illustrates the good control offered by this blade.

With the Infinity VPS I am happy to try any shot type and pretty confident that any subsequent failure to execute is down to me and not the bat!
26/11/2016 Fantastic blade Review by Pedro Einloft
It has everything: power, control, feel and spin. Reccomended.
15/11/2016 controlled offensive blade Review by burak acar
speed between off- and off. nice blade.
highly recommended...
09/11/2016 还不错 Review by 一颗米
04/10/2016 A good all wood offensive bat! Review by Cheetah945
The bat is light and may feel a bit head heavy with different rubbers. Otherwise, this is a very good choice for developing players to master their shots. Very good control and wooden feel. The legend handle is extremely comfortable. A deal for the price!
17/08/2016 Top blade Review by Jorge Gordin
Most satisfied with this blade
09/08/2016 Value racket Review by Htun Lynn
Good blade for me and I have ever get perfect looping with this. Also speed enough for me.
19/07/2016 Awesome offensive blade. Review by Roman Aulov
Great control, more than adequate speed. Very comfortable handle. Just need to sand it a little and you have a lethal weapon. P. S. Thanks for the gift. Rules! Спасибо ребята
18/07/2016 This might be The One for me ... Review by Todor Braianov
Started playing with this blade about a year ago, and I really like the balance b/n stiffness, feel, and control. I have Evolution MX-P on both sides, and this thing really does it for me.
12/04/2016 还好吧 Review by peicheng wang
25/03/2016 挺不错,性能均衡 Review by peicheng wang
18/03/2016 Impressive Review by JoeyA
For an all wood blade it is impressive. When you want to play full offence this blade produces good spin because of its dwell time. Just make sure you put a med-hard rubber. I used Tibhar MX-P on it and normally this rubber by design is a speed devil, bounce immediately. The flexibility of wood makes the ball spin with the proper stroke, do more drills and on the same session uou will feel ita full potential.
04/03/2016 Good Blade Review by ITTF2400
Control 9, Spin 8, Speed 8, Dwell 9, Hardness-Medium. Best combo with 42-48deg rubbers Good for blocking, long rally, and looping. Blade for allround to offensive players.
16/02/2016 Great blade Review by Mike Wells
One of the top blades
09/01/2016 Very nice Review by BZ
One of the nice all blades. Control and looping are good. Legend handle feels very good at hand.
14/12/2015 Its a good and fast blade with neat sound and decent amount of control Review by YB
Its a good and fast blade with neat sound and decent amount of control. I like it. will use it for another year at least.
24/11/2015 Great all wood blade Review by Alexander Valyugin
This is a great all wood 5ply blade with decent speed (true off) and control. I own a few of them and all are bit different to each other even being almost the same weight. The blade has average to little vibration and high throw. The sweet spot is average and not that big as claimed by Stiga.

But even though I like this blade very much. It doesn't excels in every aspect but still very good in all. For the price it's a deal. I play Tenergy 05/05 FX and it fits great. I played Tibhar Mx-p and it worked great as well. The feel that blade gives you is awesome.

BUT I want to make it clear: the playing properties of this blade are impressive but the quality is not that great. Be extremely careful when taking the rubber off. Look not to take the wood layer off :-) And I also had troubles when gluing the rubber - the glue dries out immediately so it's hard to apply it properly to the blade (I used butterfly Freechack 1 and 2).

20/11/2015 one of the best Review by Kouros Zirak
This blade is one of the best blades i have ever played with. Very nice feeling, enough speed and good control.

It gives you whatever required for modern game. The only down point is inconsistency in product. I ordered 2 blades, but they are very different in charactristics. Usually I expect a little difference between 2 blades of the same model, but this is the first time I have seen such a big difference. This means that I don't know how to order another blade similar the one I like more!
04/11/2015 good Review by raymond chiu
nice blade for this price
19/10/2015 Great blade Review by Daniel Yi
This is a great blade for looping - somewhat stiff with a med-hard feel. Its sweet spot is HUGE and it has amazing control. The pace I feel is good enough paired with a faster rubber. Just make sure to get it sealed and you may want to shave down the "wings" so that it doesn't dig into your hand. The handle was also fairly rough, but smoothed out over the weeks playing with it.
12/08/2015 Pretty good Review by Charlie
A little soft for a pen hold hitter, but works great for loopers.
15/06/2015 Very good blade for offensive style Review by Rose
This is my first and only all-wood blade. Comparing to zjk zlc blade I was using, it feels almost the same. IMHO this is a balanced blade and it is not picky about the rubbers. I tried two set ups, FH-Rakza 7/BH-Tenergy05 and FH-Omega VI Euro/BH-Rakza X. They both work great for my style. However, I had to sand the blade handle to make it comfortable for holding.
08/05/2015 pleasantly surprised Review by jinchuan xu
great blade, Logistics is very fast, I will buy it again
24/03/2015 good blade, great customer service Review by Filip
It is light, stiff and hard. It feels hollow but it plays very good, especially close to the table. It has enough power for close to mid distance play and it's not bouncy on slow shots so it's much better at short game than most blades with that speed. It has high throw. Rakza 7 2.0 Soft on BH suits me perfectly. Rakza 7 2.0 on FH is good but I think there are better options for my game.

Excellent service from tabletennis11.
First, I got the exact requested weight. Second, I chose free lacquering and upon receiving the blade I wasn't sure if my blade was lacquered (I am inexperienced with it) so I asked a question on some other forum and they (tabletennis11) have read that post and contacted me(!) and after double checking with their stuff they confirmed everything was ok and offered me further assistance if needed.
You don't see that level of customer care often.
23/01/2015 good stiga blade Review by Sam Anning
Very good all wood blade. Coming from my Butterfly Viscaria I noticed that I lost quite a bit of power away from the table. Up close is where this blade shines. It is a very good aggressive up close blade making blocks and counterloops off the bounce easy
08/01/2015 The best 5-ply wood blade I've ever used Review by Ren
Very beautiful and the best 5-ply wood blade I've ever used. Just like other people have mentioned, this blade has very good feel and is great for close to mid distance plays. The rubbers I've tried include Yasaka R7 (FH), Tibhar MX-P (FH), XIOM Vega Pro (BH), and Andro Rasant (BH). The hardness of these rubbers ranges from 34-37' degree. They'll perform very well on VPS. The spin is amazing, especially MX-P and Vega Pro. Serves are short and spiny. Top spins are fast and powerful. The only downside is that, VPS lacks a little bit of power when paired with softer rubbers and playing far from the table. It also looses wood fibers easily. So be careful when removing the rubbers. Overall, VPS is a really good blade and I even purchased a second one for backup.
10/11/2014 Excellent blade! Review by Ren
Thanks tt11's good service! This blade is light yet very powerful!
01/09/2014 Very good Review by shlomi namer
The blade is very good I play with donic blue fire m1 turbo and the spin is excellent the control good
18/08/2014 Balanced, controlled power with good feel Review by Daniel Gan
Paired with H3Neo on FH and Acuda S2 on BH. Only just tested the configuration and initial sensations are favorable. Good spin and control, minimal vibration, nice feel. Controllable power. An outstanding blade!
06/08/2014 VERY NICE BLADE Review by Rodriguez Guzman (Colombia)
Good offensive minus / Offensive blade.

A not so blade: Not so fast (but enough speed for an OFF blade), not so stiff and not so hard.

Kind of rough finish.
17/07/2014 vary good Review by Chee Lee Chew
Price reasonable and good quality blade.
13/07/2014 Excellent blade for close to mid distance range Review by Ashay Kakde
The blade is excellent for mid to close distance players like me. It gives excellent control and also produces great top spins.

I would also like to thank table tennis 11 team for making it such a wonderful shopping experience. The blade was timely delivered and was in excellent condition.

Best online store for table tennis products.
03/06/2014 great control Review by yair marco
The blade has great control very good spin, has a good speed. But not the fastest blade out there, very light .
20/05/2014 很好,超級好!!! Review by Kee
手感很好, 速度不錯, 旋轉也很好 特別是反手。。
12/05/2014 Great Blade Review by Yudi Ashari
Great Blade with speed n great wood feel
18/04/2014 Great Review by zach
Overall the blade is solid but since it is 5 ply, it lacks power. if you use tenergy or tensor rubber it will be good. Mine was 82g and was super solid. The edge is still fragile as to all stiga blades but this one doesn't dent too much as to offensive series. It gets the job done in the end at a good price.
11/04/2014 Great Control Looper Review by Liberty
This must be the best looping all wood blade.
It is made of soft wood but does not feel soft in short game which makes for great touch.
When u add some power all of sudden the blade becomes soft and feels the ball goes in very DEEP. Creates feel of comfort and security.
Unlike Korbel, primorac and other limba blades that have similar 'deep feel' this blade has no vibration, pretty stiff, and as result has far superior control in loop exchange. People confuse stiffness of the blade with 'dead feel' but there is no other feel if you want to have control. Vibration has nice feel but it also destroys control
03/04/2014 Perfect Review by Marco
I used to play with a carbon blade (XIOM Stradivarius aramid carbon) and changed for Stiga Infinity VPS V and my game changed a lot!!! I can have the same power (or almost) but with much more precision!
This blade is very controllable and powerful!

I use Xiom Omega V Tour for FH and Tibhar 5Q for BH

06/03/2014 Excellent all round blade Review by Zong-Yuan Zhao
I am an experienced (advanced club level) Cpen player in the past and has just taken up the challenge of learning to play shakehand. The Infinity VPS is actually my first real shakehand blade and it's a good choice for the developing player and for professionals alike.

The pros of this is that it's very good for close to the table, two winged looping attack style. I have a steady FH and BH loops and drives/blocks (I use to play with RPB with Cpen) and this blade is particularly well suited on the BH for blocks/punch blocks. The spin and speed is everything expected of a 5 ply blade (I would rate it as a steady off speed) and as Stiga suggests it's a tad faster due to the coating used on the surface layers. The short game is also above average (I have tested several other "classic" shakehand wood blades prior to purchasing) and it's pretty good at opening up a backspin ball especially for me on the BH side.

I recommend this for everyone who plays close/mid distance from table. It does lack a bit of speed far from table but I am not at a level to play like 4-5 topspins far from table like the pros so this is not really a problem for me.

The only real downsides are: I have already bought two Infinity VPS,the first one was like around 78g and the second was close to 85g. This is a problem typical of Stiga blades (I have 6 Stiga blades so I do like them despite this!) and I recommend you ask the tabletennis11 people, they are excellent at finding and sending you a racquet with your desired weight. Second downside is that when changing rubbers I found the old rubber did take a little bit of the surface material (like stringing bits of wood). I recommend a little bit of lacquering (although Stiga doesn't for this blade I think) or else take care when gluing and removing rubbers.

Also an extra 5/5 to Tabletennis11 for their service, I have bought literally like nearly a $1000 worth of gear from them, have never regretted it.
01/03/2014 No feeling Review by Gholamreza Fathpour
No felling
18/02/2014 Excellent!!! Review by Kieran
amazing blade...
14/02/2014 excellent Review by johnnie
This is first time I am so satisfied with a 5 poly blade. Good control and speed. Make you settle in your game. Powerful weapon.
14/02/2014 Good Blade Review by Yudi Ashari
Good Blade with nice feeling n speed
11/02/2014 Good quality blade from Stiga Review by Wenyao Hu
The quality of this blade is better than I expected, and the weight is what I am asking for: 88 gram. It has a different feeling than other 5ply wood blade: sharp and hard, similar to some carbon blade. Faster than many 5ply wood blades. The best thing about this blade is back-hand defense. The stiffness increases the successful rate a lot, and gives you opportunity to regroup and play rally against opponent.
10/02/2014 infinity vps v Review by lolo
Infinity VPS V is a very nice blade.
It is OFF, is a little stiff, and has high control.... 5 plies, 85g... I like it very much !
It's not very expensive
... and shipping was very fast... thanks to tabletennis11
13/01/2014 light Review by wang shuai
there is two black wood knots on reverse side and the weight is too light, only 75g
02/12/2013 good Review by laska
very nice feel with speed
18/11/2013 性价比很高 Review by Jacky
12/10/2013 Very Good Review by Chalam Sriboonyong
OMG ! Blade very best . Confirm
31/07/2013 es muy buena, me gusto mucho Review by luis
tiene un exelente equilibrio entre velocidad y control.
24/06/2013 good to have Review by Jack Dong
good feeling to play, all in all you deserve to have one!!
Stiga Infinity VPS V