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Stiga Hybrid Wood NCT

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Number of Layers : 9
approximate weight (g) : 100
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.5
A dynamic and powerful 9 ply blade utilizing the famous NCT from STIGA and designed for the modern attacking game. Even with a blade that is very fast you will still feel tremendous control and feel throughout your game.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

21/08/2018 Nice but lack of quality for over 100$ blade Review by Umut Ozkalyoncuoglu
I will be mentioning about the lack of quality of the recent manufactured blades such as Stiga Hybrid Wood NCT, Carbonado 145 & 190 and other which has issues with the outerply. First time i have removed my rubber from the blade, 4-5 cm side of the blade cutted loose from the edges, tear out of the blade. This happened on Carbonado's as well. This is really annoyging Stiga. You create lovely blades but they lack quality. You need to fix this issue.
28/11/2017 perfect Review by dongxin dongxin
手感非常好,狂飙3 40,反手cj8000 42-44,正反手没有软板,进攻控制非常好,除了一开始102g的重量让我适应了一段时间。
27/10/2016 Fast and good control Review by edison rodriguez
I used it with hurricane 3 of both sides and is amazing
25/10/2016 Excellent service & product Review by Avishkar Ramcharan
Great blade and control.
Paired up with Raksa 7 soft & Raksa 7 max rubbers, only negative is the overall weight which is on the heavy side overall but getting used to it.
12/07/2015 最特别的底板 Review by 弗雷德徐
19/05/2015 Good++ Review by Sungwook Oh
Good blade~

Nice price..:-)
18/05/2015 Amazing Review by Joey A
I have been using this blade for almost a month now. This blade works well for me and the engineering behind it is one of a kind. Speed with control as advertised is what you get. Just be careful on edges the when its new it can cut, no kidding. A good buy and now I need to get my skills honed to reach this blades full potential.
19/10/2014 great Review by Mirza Dževlan
I bought the wood for my friend and he is pleased with him.
Stiga Hybrid Wood NCT