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Stiga Horizontal 20


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : long pips
Stiga Horizontal are a series of long pips developed in close collaboration with former Japanese National Team player Masato Shino. The pip structure for Horizontal 20 and Horizontal 55 is placed at a horizontal angle providing more effective spin and variety in your game. These rubbers are made in Japan and developed specifically to increase the spin of your chops for the modern defensive game. With a horizontal pip structure and a 20 degree sponge hardness, it gives a high level of spin and safety in your strokes.

Customer Reviews

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16/01/2020 good for agressive backhand play Review by Alan Strelzoff
A very spinny long pips rubber. I tried it with no sponge, that is OX, and found that I can chop with it, but also it is good for driving. I used it on my backhand. However, overall, while I think it is a very good product, I think
Dornenglanz II OX is better for backhand chopping as it is slower with better control. In some conditions, I can hit with it as well. In summary, I think Dornenglanz II is better if you are going to mostly chop on your backhand.
Stiga Horizontal 20