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Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 89
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.9
Made in cooperation with and for Xu Xin, the Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition strikes an excellent balance between the classic feeling of an all wood blade with the power and feel expected from a high quality offensive carbon blade. This blade has been constructed in a way so as to make the playing characteristics of the blade surface consistent at all points without impacting the weight. Dynasty Carbon is built with a thick middle veneer which enhances the core feeling and overall balance of the blade. The outer veneer is Koto, chosen for its quality and close to the net game dwell time in comparison to more traditional outer veneers. This blade which combines superb touch with strong power, gives you the potential to hit shots as powerful as Xu Xin. The Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition includes a signature of Xu Xin and features a uniquely designed lens by Xu Xin and his wife, former Chinese National Team player Yao Yan, describing their love story.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

16/08/2021 Good Review by Brian Wong
It’s feel like I wood blade. Excellent control I love it.
03/11/2020 Very solid blade by stiga Review by J.T
I have had this blade for a couple of months now. Overall great blade. Fast, powerful but still gives a good feel and spin. Very thin carbon layers give it a feeling close to all-wood blades. Sadly I don't play this blade as often as I should because my particular one is only 80 grams, way lighter than what I'm used to. QC on these are questionable given the price.
16/08/2020 Best from Stiga Review by romeo mihaila
Powerful, a lot of control and feeling when you need it loads of spin, what's not to like?
15/07/2020 The best blade I've ever tried. Review by Seow Peng Lee
Best blade compared to Viscaria, almutart,Stiga 45...
10/05/2019 Best blades Review by jhonny
This blade is so good for me. Nice control and good speed. Thanks TT11 for your service.
09/05/2019 Recomand Review by Aaron Kun
Very powerful blade with a good ball feeling and very controllable. You can feel the real power of it's Textreme+ carbon fiber only when you hit harder otherwise this blade feels more like a stiff all wood.
Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin