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Rubber type : inverted
For a long time and the most part, Stiga has developed and produced all of their rubbers in Japan. Now, same as all other major table tennis brands, they collaborate with a German rubber factory. The rubbers of the DNA Pro series are the first Stiga rubbers to be produced in said German rubber factory. They were developed in a joint effort of German experts and members of both the Swedish and Chinese National teams to create a rubber for the modern offensive playing style. All three rubbers in the series are quite hard, with the hardest being H, at 50 degrees, M, in the middle, at 47.5 degrees, and the softest, S. One could say that this is a paradox, of sorts. The S usually stands for "soft". However here, the S version is actually mid-hard (42.5 degrees, to be exact). The sponges have larger pores as well, which Stiga says helps provide a better feel and a crisp, clear sound when hitting the ball.

Customer Reviews

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10/08/2021 Good control without loss of spin and speed Review by Gert Ellegaard
For a medium-level player like myself, this rubber is very good. The control is very good and even though I chose the soft 1,9 version I don't feel like losing spin or speed. Normally I lose a lot of points in the short play and because of my bad blocking but DNA pro has helped me to reduce these losses.
23/02/2021 High-quality Review by Nader Abouzeina
Suitable for beginners looking to develop their technique.
27/04/2020 Good product, recieved it promptly Review by thomas mann
This rubber is slightly slower than Fastarc S-1, a bit spinnier, and about the same hardness. Rubber is not soft but the sponge is. Good stuff.
Prompt service from TT11 also. I think it was 5 days in shipping.
04/02/2020 Excelent rubber! Review by Jose Delgado
Fast rubber and good control!
06/01/2020 Good Review by Htun Lynn
It's too hard for me.
02/01/2020 Нужно привыкать Review by Andrey Kirillov
Я играл с права R42. Эта резина совсем другая. Отскок более резкий и низкий. Странно но по запилу она тоже не сильно работает. Я бы рекомендовал эту резину с лева - думаю она многим подайдёт.
01/01/2020 Отлично Review by Vitaly Zykin
Отличный сервис. Накладка добротная