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Rubber type : inverted
For a long time and the most part, Stiga has developed and produced all of their rubbers in Japan. Now, same as all other major table tennis brands, they collaborate with a German rubber factory. The rubbers of the DNA Pro series are the first Stiga rubbers to be produced in said German rubber factory. They were developed in a joint effort of German experts and members of both the Swedish and Chinese National teams to create a rubber for the modern offensive playing style. All three rubbers in the series are quite hard, with the hardest being H, at 50 degrees, M, in the middle, at 47.5 degrees, and the softest, S. One could say that this is a paradox, of sorts. The S usually stands for "soft". However here, the S version is actually mid-hard (42.5 degrees, to be exact). The sponges have larger pores as well, which Stiga says helps provide a better feel and a crisp, clear sound when hitting the ball.

Customer Reviews

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08/05/2022 Nice linear rubber Review by Ralph Taylor
Nice linear rubber. I think it's quite good for all types of stroke. Topspin, Chop, Block. Especially good for aggressive punch blocks. Has a nice feel as the sponge is firm, not bouncy. Very predictable if I make a good stroke.
Spin is a bit less than G1 but control with DNA is better for me.
Worth trying if you want something a bit harder than G1.
19/10/2021 GOOD Review by ROMAN DUBINSKY
An expected and good product.
23/09/2021 Good rubber but not durable Review by Shido
I have been using this rubber since 2020. The rubber hardness is interesting for those players who are seeking shots with precision in mid-distance. Even it is a hard sponge (50 degrees on the ESN scale), the speed is good. The spin is acceptable, but the top sheet does not have good durability. I play three times per week / 4 hours per session, and the spin is good for two months approximately. After that, the top sheet starts to get slippery.
28/07/2021 Good Value for Money Review by Alvin Sarmiento
I have tried a lot of rubbers and can't seem to find one that suits my need. I'm a bit hesitant in trying this rubber. I was mistaken, I have noticed that my f/h and b/h loop becomes more consistent and I was able to generate a lot of spin and control from the ball.
05/02/2021 123 Review by Roman Raev
Достаточно мощная современная тензорная накладка. Тяжёлая. Срок жизни примерно 2 месяца при ежедневной игре. Очень крупнопористая губка, часто с первого раза приклеивается не полностью... Если после сборки ракетки есть чувство дискомфорта при игре стоит проверить качество проклейки резины.
07/12/2020 Excellent purchase! Review by Jose Delgado
Excellent control and good spin!
18/11/2020 For offencive players Review by Anton Valovenko
Fast with excellent spin.
21/10/2020 luis frutos Review by Luis Frutos
vengo usando esta goma en mi timo zlc y ahora la estoy usando mi zhang jike alc para dive muy con forme con la goma murde bien y entra bien la pelota en la gama recomiendo
14/10/2020 Excellent product Review by Emmanuel Uzoma
Excellent rubber with good control and speed.
07/02/2020 Best rubber for backhand Review by Mohammad Erwandi Mohamad Zaine
The best rubber I’ve ever had.
04/02/2020 Excellent rubber! Review by Jose Delgado
Fast rubber and good control.
03/02/2020 Excellent Review by Gary S.
An offensively fast rubber (H version) on Carbonado 145 blade.
03/02/2020 Good control Review by TTW
This is a rubber with very good control. Speed is decent and blocking is really smooth.