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Stiga DNA Dragon Grip

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Rubber type : inverted
A table tennis rubber with a 55-degree sponge and a sticky surface for high control and maximum rotation. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip secures the full control of your strokes even during really intense play. Made in Germany.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

01/02/2024 Control and Spin Review by Leon Siu
Great control and spin. Lacks speed.
06/07/2023 Excellent FG rubber Review by qq
k3 is very good, but dragon grip has lower arc and it helps a lot on backhand (with my technique - kinda chinese).
So my currest setup is k3 on backhand and dragon grip on forehand. Highly recommended
29/12/2022 The Best Alternative To D09C Review by Sean
It performs similarly as the D09C except slower top speed. Depending on the batches, the top sheet could be worn out faster than the others. Better quality control would be appreciated for the high demand product.
23/12/2022 360 Review by Jose Antonio Betemit Rojas
super grip, my game changed 360
06/09/2022 Tacky and Spinny Review by Ruel Rubio
Similar to DHS with much better bounce. Last a little longer.
02/08/2022 Best forehand rubber Review by Joey Wang
Best forehand rubber.
11/04/2022 Improved my game a lot! Review by Oren Gartzman
went from off to off+ and still regained all the control and speed, I was amazed to see a lot more of my balls hit the table when previously I had some difficulty with controlling the ball using my previous rubber and blade. the combination with Carbonado 145 is super!
18/03/2022 Not very tacky Review by gary fagan
Decent spin but the sponge is very slow.
14/03/2022 Excellent hybrid for the modern game Review by L E
After trying Rakza Z (too slow) and Dignics 09c (a bit fast), I stumbled upon this rubber. I found that there was enough catapult when engaging the sponge, but good touch when executing passive shots and pushes. This was all tested on a 7-ply all-wood blade.

When switching to a composite blade, the mid and top-end power increased all the while keeping the same control for easy placement (on all shots). Durability is good, at nearly 2 months, only the topsheet 'looks' worn, however, the rubber settles into a very playable mode (that's very similar to day 1).

21/02/2022 Needs more power than I have :( Review by Ralph Taylor
Needs more power than I have :(
Very hard, quite tacky. Seems heavy rubber.
My stroke is not strong enough to use this rubber.
31/01/2022 best hybrid I've tried Review by Viperman
I've tried various hybrid rubbers and this fits both my FH and BH. I'm around an 1800 level player with an attacking style. This rubber is good at BH flip, FH drive, FH loop, and good power away from the table with lots of spin on serves. I've used Rakza Z, Tibhar K3, Xiom Guang/Ying and this one is by far the best. It's not as sticky as Victas triple-double but is much faster. It's starting to show some wear after a month playing 9 hours/wk. The grip is still decent but I can tell is weakening. I just wish this came in more hardness degrees and maybe a third color
05/01/2022 Достойная накладка Review by Eugene Kozhukhov
Поставил на основание Stiga Dynasty Carbon. Ощущения вполне комфортные: не слишко жестко, контрольно и с достаточной скоростью. Вообще, Dragon Grip похожи на обычные негибридные накладки, но с повышенным сцеплением с мячом.
Мне скоро Dignics 09с должны приехать, которыми играл около года назад. Интересно будет сравнить.
29/12/2021 best hybrid I've tried Review by pongmaster
having used this for about a month now I can say this is my favorite hybrid rubber. Coming from using non-sticky tensor rubbers (Fastarc G1 and Rasanter R53) this is closest in speed with tackiness. This is not as tacky as Hurricane but it is probably the fastest hybrid. I've tried Tibhar K3, Rakza Z both were too slow for my taste. Against heavy topspin loops, this can easily block back without flying off the table or punch back. I can lift chops almost without effort while controlling the trajectory. I can also easily BH flip underspin serves easier than my old rubbers. Away from the table, you need some more forward effort simply because it's not as fast as non-tacky rubbers but it's more than enough speed. Overall I switched both FH and BH to this rubber because it improves my game in all aspects.
21/12/2021 好咬 容易製造弧線~ Review by air
好咬 容易製造弧線~
30/11/2021 Its good Review by Muhammad Wasif
Good rubber a lot of spin and speed. Not as tacky as I expected but overall good rubber.
Stiga DNA Dragon Grip