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Stiga Celero Wood

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 93
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.3
The Stiga Celero Wood has 5 plies total with harder outer plies. Despite the hardness this blade is packed with plenty of control while having enough power to finish the point. This is a thin and fairly light blade.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

26/08/2021 Very good dwell time Review by leon siu
Very good dwell time.
slow, so pair it with fast new-gen rubbers.
14/06/2021 Spin-oriented, many gears Review by Ats
Mine is 90g, rubbers Rakza 7 fh / Rakza 7 Soft bh, flared legend handle. Very good for the spin-oriented, variable game, for flicks, blocks, top-spin, back-spin, side-spin, and fooling 'cross the table'. Slow gears make it very controllable near the net and faster gears are usable near the table for fast blocks, drives, top-spins. At mid-distance and far it may be a bit weak for the raw aggressive off game, but for peaceful def/all strokes it is ok. The game speed may be limited also by my intermediate level, more closed angle strokes and better technics can there give more speed (not to mention additional spin). The blade 'grabs' the ball well. Very good sensibility and sweet spot. Lots of low-frequency vibrations, especially clear touch with medium-hard Rakza 7 (compared to 7 Soft).

When compared to my previous blade, Yasaka Sweden Classic, Celero has a lot more gears and spin, more sensitivity-feedback vibrations, 5...10g more weight. The Celero Speed 'gearshifts are more linear and upper/lower limits are not so remarkable - simpler to adopt than Yasaka SC. When compared to the Stiga Legend handles of my (30 years) old blades, the Celero has a new handle shape - thinner near the thumb grip but not too thin and simple to get used to. It has solid metal stamps on the handle and a quality silky brown wood. Weight is center-centered (not handle- nor head-heavy).

Thank you TT11 team for your fast and professional service!
20/04/2021 Looping blade Review by Ouchy
Good flex, suitable for looping. Pair it with medium-hard rubber....nice control and feeling.
14/01/2020 Much better than I expected Review by Marek Fedorovic
Flexible blade with crisp feeling on ball impact. Thin limba as top ply and hardwood as 2nd ply makes you feel where you hit the ball. The feeling is crispier than koto on Viscaria.
I think speed is OFF-. Decent control, medium throw, good spin. If I were to buy again I'd still buy Celero instead of Primorac. My impressions are very positive.
18/12/2019 Solid blade Review by chun kei leon siu
For this price, it’s a very solid blade. Good control and enough power to put up a good game. Stay close to the table, put two pieces of flagship rubbers on it.
I’d rate it 4/5, 5/5 is an acoustic.
11/05/2019 Отличное основание Review by Alexander
Контрольное, умеренно быстрое - то, что хотел.
С накладками Xiom Europa и Pro получилается очень прогнозируемая игра.
Сервис TT11 - отлично!
04/04/2019 Impressive, slim, heavy structure similar infinity Review by plant viet
Nice blade!
Speed Off
5,5 mm thickness
Metal stamps
A little bit
17/12/2018 Отзыв на основание. Review by Ruslan Taymazov
Хорошое основание, в полне подходит для играков среднего уровня и для тех кто не хочет быстрое основание. Но, я бы не сказал что оно совсем медленно, в полне комфортное основание. Сервис от tabletennis11 просто супер!!!
23/06/2017 It's very solid 5plywood. Review by Takashi Kobayakawa
I like used INFINITY VPS, So I will compare to it.
Celero Wood is very similar for Infinity VPS, but it's slower than INFINITY VPS. Because INFINITY VPS is 6mm thickness and Celero Wood is 5.7mm thickness.
If you like feelings as VPS series, but you want more than controllable blade. Celero Wood is just for you.
24/01/2017 Recommend it. Review by David L.
Mine came in 82 gm. Xiom omega V Asia on FH. Donic bluefire JP 01 turbo on BH. Excellent control. Very well balanced, not head heavy. Can do basically everything very well.
17/01/2017 Great feel! Review by Gary
Very good new OFF- blade from Stiga, great feel and speed when impact with power!
08/01/2017 It is a bit stiff, I prefer CR clipper. Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
It is a bit stiff, I prefer CR clipper.
Stiga Celero Wood