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Stiga Carbonado 145

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 87
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Carbonado 145 and Carbonado 190 blades have speed with an excellent feel feel. These two members of the Carbonado family are built with the processes and materials allowing it to contain 100 gram per m² carbon fiber. - Carbonado 145 is constructed with carbon layers in a 45 degree angle which is preferable for looping - The 45 degree angle provides torsional bendability which gives the blade more flexibility and increased stiffness - The high trajectory makes it a perfect choice for the offensive player who looks for good speed and stability combined with excellent control - Wide sweet spot - 100 gram carbon fiber per m²

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/01/2022 Very Good! Review by Ruel Rubio
Compared to Carbonado 290, this has better control! Looking forward to purchasing another.
27/05/2021 Good blade Review by Artem
It's like Bty Peter Korbel but with carbon layers. In my view, that sums it all up.
23/11/2019 Superbly made blade Review by Gary S.
This is my second acquisition of such a product. This blade has excellent control.
18/09/2019 Brilliant! Review by Nizam Magomedov
So much of control and speed! Use it with Fastarc G-1 on both sides. Now the 145 is my favorite blade ever.
21/03/2019 Отлично качество Review by Vano Azizyan
Всем рекомендую.
19/09/2018 Normal Review by PRAMOD KUMAR Kaushik
18/04/2018 Stiga Carbonado 145 Review by Nelson Rivera
Great blade. Fast and light. With Mantra M for BH and H3 (blue sponge) FH. I couldn't play due to injury. Just hit a couple of balls. A better review coming soon.
10/01/2018 Good blade Review by Van Ly
Very control and fast delivery
08/01/2018 Great paddle Review by XI LIN
I transfered from Stiga CL CR. It is a better blade.
15/12/2017 Fantastic Review by Dmitry Pyshkin
No comments! Absolute bliss. One tiny thing: the hadle felt just a little too thin in the beginning. So, those with larger palms shoud consider thicker handles.
17/07/2017 Outstanding blade! Review by Joshua Gordon
I'm playing with this blade for about four weeks and so far is an impressing quality and performance. I'm using Tibhar Evolution 2.1 Xiom rubbers, MX-P FH, MX-S BH.
16/06/2017 Great Product Review by JACK ZENG
Speed is OFF, very stable,very controllable, feels the same wherever the ball hit on the racket. Arc is medium with Rakza 7 on FH, very easy for the opening loop as well as counter loop. BH loop is very easy with Rakza X. Only downside is not much feeling especially when serving.
07/06/2017 Good Review by ADILSON KUBO
Very good
23/05/2017 The best Review by Nicholas Armitage
This is my second identical Carbonado blade (I'm hard on my bats). I highly recommend it!
10/04/2017 Best Blade I have owned Review by Ashish Atthi
I am very impressed with this blade, have been using it for a month now and amvery happy to have chosen this one.

Speed and control of this blade has really impressed me though the weigh is bit on higher side but I was able to manage it.

Definitely a blade to go for.
28/03/2017 Genuine Review by Kamran Zahid
Genuine Product. Recommended.
06/02/2017 Excellent blade Review by CH Wang
The best setup for me is DHS Hurricane 3 on FH and Nittaku C1 on BH. It gives lots of spin and speed while keeps excellent control. Suitable for top spin players who play close or middle distance to table.
The quality is outstanding. Surface remains perfect even after a few times of removing rubbers.
29/01/2017 The Champ's Blade Review by Syed Mujtaba
The Blade is very fast and very controllable. Got this product one month back and got used to it in couple of minutes. Very well balanced blade and is not that heavy. Definitely the blade for fast top spin for both sides, close to the table, from mid distance. Still have to experience the game with this blade from a position away from the table..

Not a blade for the beginners. If you want to see miracles than one should have good technique in executing shots in both FH and BH. This blade has a huge sweet spot which makes the ball go into the opponent's court even when an error is made while executing the shot.

I find this new blade excellent for executing attack and serve returns. Its fantastic for smashing.

Good work STIGA and excellent service from TT11.
12/01/2017 Great Blade to transition to Carbon Blades Review by Michael Wu
This blade is great for players who want to transition to a carbon blade. Very fast but very controllable , got use to it in a couple of minutes.
13/12/2016 Excellent blade. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
I like this better than the Carbonado 190. Blade is is not that fast has a good control and feel.
15/09/2016 good Review by yousef almukaimi
it's very nice plade good for strong player
20/06/2016 Excellent Review by Jatin Jaitley
This is the most amazing blade I tried. you can do everything with it.
18/03/2016 A good blade with good quility Review by Kam Kit Wu
A blade for fast top spin of both sides, close to the table.
25/08/2015 Terrific product Review by Patrick McCloughan
I got this product about one month ago and am very pleased so far. My old blade was the very first carbon produced by Stiga, which I got over 30 years ago and which is great too. I also have a Stiga graphite wood blade that I got almost 15 years ago and which is also very good but not as good as the other two blades. I play with Tenergy 80 1.9 both sides, which I've found to be best for my game. The thinner sponge allows me to feel the blade, which is important for my game, which is based on topspin both wings. I have played internationally and currently play for the Irish veterans team (40s).

The Carbonado 145 is faster than the old Super Carbon and I find has a low throw angle, if that's the correct term. This is good because it allows for good touch play away from the table without the ball popping away off the table (which the graphite blade is prone to do). To master the Carbonado, you need to have very good technique and I wouldn't advise an intermediate or inexperienced player to use it without first having the necessary skills. Used properly by a good player it will not disappoint. It's a very stable blade with a bid sweetspot but these are also found in the Super Carbon, which is a more striking looking blade, with its dark colouring.

It would be unfair to compare the Carbonado with the Super Carbon, other than to say that they have different features. The old blade is invaluable and extremely rare - priceless I would say. I had it repaired twice by a skilled craftsman in Budapest, such is the value of the old blade.

I find the new blade excellent for attack and also very good for all other shots, including return of serve. It's surperb for smashing.

Enjoy your table tennis and keep playing.

22/07/2015 Buona racchetta Review by Fasano Giuseppe
Ottimo controllo e velocità. Spin eccezionali
21/07/2015 excellent Review by choi hong hyuk
Coatings commissioned a number of places , but the best is here
21/07/2015 Very good Blade Review by choi hong hyuk
The best all-around player for the blad

eppropriate and best sense of repulsion

Diverse and proper weight
01/07/2015 Vary good Review by choi
Carbon blades , but in a very good sense . Swing spot is very wide and helps the rubber well .
30/05/2015 reallllly nice blade Review by WOON YOUNG YEOM
very good quality, grip feel is good, all most i satisfy this blade.
09/05/2015 Simply Superb!!! Review by AshwiN
This blade is really out of the world. Exceptional control with no compromise in terms of power. Beautiful high arc produced when combined with a medium/soft rubber. Absolutely huge sweet spot (almost all of the surface area), every time when the ball contacts the bat it produces music for ears. Exquisite product from Stiga. It's legendary ;)
06/05/2015 Out of the World!!! Review by Shivam
Let me tell you honestly it is not just any other blade.
This blade is additive after playing with this blade you will not like any other blade. Even the butterfly do called Super Duper ZLC's cannot match it. Stiga is going to rule with this blade because it will suit to a variety of players.Power yet awesome control 10/10.
Stiga Carbonado 145