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Stiga Azalea Offensive

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 84
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 6
The Azalea Offensive is for players who are looking for extra speed without much sacrifice in control relative to the Azalea Allround. The Offensive uses the same soft outer layer as the Allround but has a harder second layer for a significant increase in speed. This allows the blade to maintain a high level of balance, control, and soft feeling while providing a noticeable boost in speed which is an excellent combination for quick and/or powerful play close to the table. Also similar to the allround, the blade has a lighter than average weight.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

23/07/2019 Good blade Review by Joao Buica
The wood needs to dry. It has quality but the touch of the ball is very hollow. It may improve over time or with different rubbers. I tried Andro rubbers but maybe Stiga rubbers are better.
04/12/2018 A beautiful lightweight offensive blade with good feeling Review by Timothy Swensen
This is a beautifully designed and manufactured blade. I like the light weight and the many gears this blade offers. The thin outer limba layers offer fine control for close to the table touch play, while just underneath lie the spruce layers, which give give power when striking the ball harder. The transition between slow and fast play is quite liner.

The handle is very comfortable for my average-to-small sized hands. The pink/lavendar highlights should not be misinterpreted to mean that this blade is for women only. It plays great for everyone seeking a lightweight offensive blade with good control.

This blade appears to be the sister to the Infinity VPS V. The same selection of woods, but slightly thinner and lighter, with a little smaller handle.

I love the feel of this blade, and intend to play with it for a long time.
30/10/2018 Light Blade Review by Victor Tan
The blade feels extremely light in the hand. I have on a 2.15 Hurricane 3 Commercial and a 2.0 Vega Europe. I've compared to many other club members blades, but none are as light. The handle is very thin compared to all the other blades I have used. I would not recommend this to anyone that has large hands. It would feel as if it was slipping out of your hands, even though it's flared. The black pigment seems to rub on the pink inking as you sweat and it starts to look a bit muddled, however, I don't really care about the appearance. If you have small-medium hands, and you're looking for a paddle with great touch and speed, you should buy this paddle. I believe this blade suits anyone, from beginner to expert.
Stiga Azalea Offensive