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Stiga Allround Classic Carbon

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 76
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The Stiga Allround Classic Carbon has taken the design and construction of the original Allround Classic and has added a layer of carbon to each side of the blade. This means that this blade keeps all of the amazing qualities of the original such as its tremendous feeling, control, and consistency while adding in even greater speed and power. The layer of carbon adds extra stability to offensive strokes and allows for some extra gears of speed.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

22/11/2021 Excellent ALL+ blade Review by Vincent Meunier
Very good control for a decent speed. Good balance between stiffness and flexibility. Big sweet spot. Paired very well with medium-hard rubbers.
06/05/2021 Very nice and easy handling racket Review by Alexander Pinhasov
I will definitely buy it again.
20/04/2021 a bit slow Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
I must try it again, it seemed too slow for me...
02/02/2021 Excellent blade Review by Tai Nguyen Manh
Great control, spin & speed from carbon helps in my playing style, feeling the ball is really perfect, the blade is not so stiff so you won’t be disappointed to have it as one of your blade collections.
02/12/2019 Cheap & good blade Review by paulus pusponegoro
Stiga blade cheap & good control.
25/11/2019 Stiga Allround Classic Carbon Review by ALEXEY BLINNIKOV
Одно из лучших оснований как для начинающих игроков, так и для тех у кого есть опыт игры.
08/10/2019 88 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Excelente madera no muy rápida pero excelente control.
17/09/2019 Отлично Review by Alexander
Отличное основание. Достаточно контрольное. По скорости мне очень подошло. Легкое.
23/05/2019 Неплохо Review by Bokhodirjon Mirjalolov
Очень приятное основание, легкое, контрольное.
29/10/2018 Easy for..... Review by Chang Hoon Gwun
It's not Allround, but offensive, good for all kinds of skill.
27/08/2018 Excellent Review by Claudio Vaisenstein
The blade arrive on time and in good condition.
03/07/2018 Genuine product and good price Review by Ming Chuang
Genuine product and good price
03/10/2017 Brilliant intermediate player bat Review by Maksym
This is really good. I love the feeling it gives and the extra speed carbon layers add when required.
16/09/2017 good combination blade Review by Philip Roberts
After watching ox lp player Gustav Erikson Iwanted to try SACC,I got an 86 g copy in the weekly specials.Some internet reviews suggest that this is the same speed or similar to Allround classic with muted carbon feel,my findings are different.
I tried a lightly boosted T051.9 on f/h but sometimes was overshooting,I changed to 05fx 1.9 and everything is landing ,good pace with high control,there is a slight flex and some vibration and a slight carbon ping which I like when topspinning
Itried my usual 388d ox on bh,spin reversal is high but the pace is a bit faster than Ilike,I switched to a Tibhar Grass original ox(not De Tecs)and the pace is lower with excellent chopping ,blocking and can attack also,Iam torn between this and my all+ Avalox 550,sacc has more power,AVX 550 is easier with the lp,Iwill have to try a Dornenglanz ox on both then decide
13/07/2017 Ligera Review by ABRAHAM GENARO FLORES ACEVEDO
Un peso excelente, gracias a su fibra de carbono, la combinacion perfecta entre peso y potencia.
16/04/2017 Good Review by Meelis Kanep
This is good blade, not fast fortunately, edges are littlebit too sharp, but overall feeling is good. Maybe little bit too light blade it means when you put heavy rubbers balance is weird.
27/11/2016 Good value for money Review by Velin Andonov
Suitable for combination players. Gives huge reversal with CK531A OX.
18/05/2016 Stiga Allround Classic Carbon Review by Xuong Luong
I used Stiga Allround Classic, it served well. This blade has good review so I give it a try. I think it is about the same as regular Allround classic. However, I play better with original Stiga Allround Classic.
05/05/2016 Stiga Allround Classic Carbon ST Review by Ludo
Stiga Allround Classic Carbon is a very light all+ blade.
Mine in ST was 76g.
Carbon layers are closer to the center.
Extremely good control and almost no feel of the carbon. It's also a very stiff and slow blade (much slower than the Donic Waldner Carbon Senso).
Very little flex on that Stiga... That makes it an awesome blade for chopping.
Speed is there but requires fast tensors due to a very low throw because of its stiffness.
Perfect blade for LP, LP Ox, SP.
Highly recommended.

16/02/2016 Great blade Review by Mike Wells
This is one of the best blades, especially for beginners.
25/01/2016 Great product at a great price. Review by Alberto Vega
Great blade for the price! Alot faster than I expected . Have brought two from TT11.
04/12/2015 good Review by Ivan Nyrkov
nicely blade
10/11/2015 Excellent Blade. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
Excellent Blade.
21/10/2015 гуд Review by Ivan Nyrkov
очень очень хорошее
16/09/2015 so good Review by Ivan Nyrkov
25/08/2015 nice Review by Ivan Nyrkov
so good blade
15/07/2015 Excellent ever, Review by tt....
Very controllable but still makes good speed and spin if play with my own impact (not just touch).

Very stable in defense. Has good feeling and sound. Large sweet spot rather than just wood layered blades.

I am very satisfied with this blade. It's even cheap as well.
15/07/2015 So good Review by Ivan Nyrkov
Exellent blade!!!
25/06/2015 10 Review by Ivan Nyrkov
So good blade? i m so glad of this order/
20/05/2014 such a nice blade Review by zeynep
I bought mine from discount for a really low price and im thankful for it. And the blade is really nice the handle is really smooth and it just fits in your hand. It has a thin carbon layer which stops the vibrations and increses the sweetspot. And you have a lot control because it is an allround class blade. i think it is the most controllable carbon blade.
Stiga Allround Classic Carbon