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Stiga Allround Classic

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : ALL
thickness (mm) : 4.8
The Stiga Allround Classic is the textbook definition in setting the standard of what a high quality allround blade should be. A proper balance between speed, control, and consistency has been struck. The most true to name blade available today, the allround classic is the perfect choice for players of any level who want a blade that will support any stroke they want to make.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

28/02/2023 I am very satisfied with quality of products and service. Review by Iurii Terzi
Well done, very fast delivery and nice quality of the product.
11/01/2023 True to its name, a classic Review by Victor Cheng
Classic all wood blade, perfect for beginners as well as those returning to play after years of inactivity (12 years in my case, and my old Butterfly Keyshot Light was too fast). A little slow, superb feeling.
09/01/2023 Great allrounder Review by Hugo F
This and the Yasaka All-round are basically identical.
Originally I switched to this blade from a pre-made Palio racket. I could immediately feel the difference. Its extremely forgiving, and you get excellent feeling with the blade.
01/11/2022 The perfect begginer blade Review by Petar Hristov
This blade is the perfect begginer blade you can learn all of the strokes, also even once you have learned the strokes you can still continue using it even if you are an advanced player as this blade provides you with insane amounts of control and flexibility
21/07/2022 A very good basic blade Review by John PAYNE
This blade has been a 'standard' for all-around blades for some years. Soft feel and light at 77g. Suitable for any rubbers but requires a powerful stroke to win a point.
05/05/2022 Paddle Review by Frank Aguilera
Nice basic paddle.
12/01/2022 A good all around blade Review by John Wooten
This is my 4th Stiga Classic blade. Unfortunately, I abused one and it broke. I like to have a backup with the same rubber and one for experimenting with different rubber. I like the control of this blade and Table Tennis provides a couple of grip styles. Overall, a good blade.
23/02/2021 Satisfied Review by Nader Abouzeina
Great for developing technique.
08/02/2021 THE ONLY blade to own Review by Lewis Liew
I throw away all my branded blades, keeping only THIS. This shows how good is this. My stoke improved from using Viscaria to AllRound classic. Everyone is shocked with my shot accuracy. Truly a classic blade.
21/12/2020 Good all wood Classic Review by BEN TAN
I bought this Stiga Allround Classic for my training purpose. I
Wanted to hit solid and powerful strokes. I pair it with Hurricane PF4 Chinese rubber on both sides so that it’s not too powerful and fast. I need to use a more proper stroke to do the returns. After 2 weeks of use, I am able to hit better and more powerful returns. It’s extremely good. And after getting used to it, I somehow managed to also hit a very powerful smash and go for the kill. It will be my main blade as of now. I am keeping my other powerful and fast blade in the storeroom. Will recommend you try this setup.
25/08/2020 Excellent Service Review by wylyem kromyko
As usual, tabletennis11 always make the customer happy.
01/08/2020 The allround classic! Review by Jean J. Rudolph Bertin
A blade that can do it all! Reminds me of a Petr Korbel, but the all-round classic feels kind of harder even though it is slower.
Can really perform hard loops with this blade!
Chops and blocks are all good!
22/07/2020 Excelente Review by Matias Pocai
Teniendo en cuenta su fisonomía, composición y precio, es excelente. Sin más palabras. Usala!
19/06/2020 Slow for plastic balls Review by Filip Filipovski
I have played with this blade 20 yrs ago, but now...It is slow for plastic balls. Unless you are a beginner I think Stiga evolution is better choice
15/12/2019 Great Review by Frank Aguilera
Good blade.
02/09/2019 Good product Review by Alexandre Resende
Very good product. The blade is very light and good to use.
16/08/2019 Отлично Review by Bokhodirjon Mirjalolov
Классика - этим все сказано. Для начинающих и для средних игроков самое то.
26/06/2019 Excellent blade Review by Randall Brown
Grew up on Stiga. Excellent feel and control. I like the larger Legend handle, fits my hand the best. I have 2-3 of these Allround Classics, give you an idea of how much I like this blade.
20/04/2019 Stiga AR too dead for me. Review by PMC
Playing for 4 years and thought a step back from Butterfly TB ZLF would help my stroke improve, but it is way to dull and dead. Maybe a good choice for beginner though, but IMO not for someone who is intermediate yup.
31/08/2018 Ok Review by Gicu Arama
Name says everything. Vibration too strong for my taste. It didn't impress me. I'm happier with my Xiom Allround S.
17/06/2018 Good blade Review by Paul Henderson
Great all wood blade the for price
16/04/2018 Classic Review by Conrad
This is popular for a reason. Really good for beginners and intermediate players alike. Very good feedback, super spinny.
23/03/2018 Awesome blade with good feeling and control. Review by Kyoung-Seon Lee
If you are a beginner, I highly recommend to start your TT with this blade. As the name says, this is the greatest blade, making you feel classy and improved during your practice and game.
You will be confident with this blade in the long journey to TT.
22/02/2018 Good and flexible. Review by Aidyn Aubakirov
I play with Mark V 1.8mm in both sides. For me lighter than I expected. Total exact weight is 160 gramms. May be because Mark V is lighter than modern tensor EU rubber I used before. Anyway well made blade. Allround style with average speed. Master handle is very comfortable. Recommend to everyone.
09/01/2018 [email protected] Review by Dmitriy Lysenko
Основание Stiga Allround Classic это очень контрольное без потери скорости.!!!!!!!!!! я заказал это основание для товарища .он очень доволен !!!!!!!!!!
09/12/2017 Just ok Review by Roger Lindvall Kvitle
Good beginner blade.
17/11/2017 Very good for developing skills Review by Alexandru Medesan
This is a light, slow, all wood, flexible bat, with a lot of control. Very good for beginners, which I am.
15/11/2017 Good pad for beginner and intermediate player Review by Chi Hung Ricky Wong
It is very good for control
.And also gives very good sound.
30/10/2017 good Review by Bruno Toma
Very good for a beginner... Good Control
29/10/2017 Too Soft Review by Locke Meriwether
The blade idefinitely feels like a high quality product, however coming off of a Palio Master 2, this blade’s low density was something I couldn’t get used to. However, all of the reviews claiming a soft blade with looping rubber is the fastest way to improve are spot on. Using Stiga Allround with Mark V on both sides forced me to use proper technique for every shot to get anything out of it. Overall a phenomenal training blade, however I wouldn’t use it in matches.
14/08/2017 good control Review by Eric Tsui
Since I was using carbon blade before, all round blade need to getting use to.I feel given enough time would be a good blade.
23/06/2017 perfect for my level Review by Andrea Gatta
i am a begineer and this racket is pefect for my level. It's light, well balanced and my game has improved. Great!!!
14/06/2017 Excellent control. Review by Dmitrii Catran
Very good control. Just perfect allround blade. I bought two pieces one for me and for a friend. He is also happy. Good price and fast shipping!
29/05/2017 I Recommend! Review by Gabriel Abou
Very Good Blade and it comes Perfectly!
It Came in a box, perfect.
Very Good.
19/05/2017 Excellent Review by Oleksandr Skrypnik
Классика одним словом
08/03/2017 Control Blade Review by Joselito Ng Sang
Blade has a good finished. Did some sanding to removed sharp edges. Performance was great, especially the control. Vibration and feel is just right for those who wants to perfect their strokes.
28/02/2017 Great Review by Jon Gummer
nice bat well done tabletennis11 for really fast delivery to Australia!
23/12/2016 Not a Five Star Blade Review by Guo Lu
Lack of power and has big vibration when you hit or loop. definitely not as good as the reviews say on this site.
17/12/2016 Awesome blade Review by Tanveer Junayed
My game is improved a lot already using this blade. The transition from premade paddle to this didn't take long. Good speed and easy to control. Highly recommended for beginners and intermediate players.
30/09/2016 Fantastic Blade To Learn Technique Review by Alex
Great blade for beginners and can even take you to intermediate/advanced depending on the rubbers you put on. I'm a beginner so I put Mark V's on both sides. It's not too fast, not too slow, it's right in the middle, allowing you to focus on your technique to generate spin, speed and power.
31/08/2016 Classy Review by LEVENT
Like the name, like the blade...
06/03/2016 Классика. Review by oleg popov
Рекомендую в качестве первой профессиональной ракетки. Отличное качество и баланс характеристик.
10/02/2016 Very good Review by coen slaughter
Classic blade, mixed with fast rubbers it can do anything. Not the fastest but has fantastic control and dwell is good. 8.8
09/02/2016 Great blade Review by Patrick Haubruge
One of best blade in the world
30/12/2015 Para meu filho Review by Fabio Barros
Comprei essa raquete para meu filho Matheus Barros que está iniciando na arte do table tennis; ele sentiu que esta é a raquete certa para iniciantes e eu joguei com a raquete e sei que posso usar a Stiga AC no meu jogo também. Excelente raquete e preço bom; emparelhei a Stiga com duas Donic Vario 2mm e ficou ótima.
15/12/2015 Классика. Review by oleg popov
Очень контрольное олраунд основание за небольшую цену.
14/10/2015 excellent Review by Wei - Cheng Liu
good blade, good price
This blade helps me to improve my backhand skills, and is really easy for loop.
11/05/2015 A very good blade at this price point Review by DD
I am an intermediate player but then enjoy using Stiga ARC..its a good blade designed for more offensive and good defense as well. Moving from Butterfly ACB, I find this blade really good. I recommend this product to non-Stiga players to try this one.
01/05/2015 Light and Very Good Control to Use for Play Review by Peter
This blade sold over 1 million since inception in the 60's. Allround Classic - the name spoke for itself. I enjoy to use this paddle because of control and speed. The weight of the blade will general vibration to your hand but don't be alarm; get a rubber sleeve and put on it will resolve the issue. I like to use flare handle, it is pretty comfortable. I had Stiga Evolution pabble before and it was very good. I highly recommend this blade for beginner and intermediate player.
27/08/2014 ***** Review by Boris Tsykman
Очень удобная.
09/08/2014 Beginner intermediates will love this blade! Review by keokolo
Buddy of mine had this blade and once I tried it I knew I had to buy one. Its got great control and paired with the right rubbers you can accomplish a lot of speed for attacks. This blade also provides nice flex and vibration. This is a blade you want in your arsenal.
28/03/2014 Top control Review by Patrick Haubruge
This blade have a great reputation
28/03/2014 perfect Review by mavr
perfect blade for beginners or to improve your strokes. great for defenders too
14/01/2014 Fine Review by Andrii Khychii
05/09/2013 Must buy for an Intermediate player Review by swaroop puranik
I am just a club level player which means I have couple of service options , I can anticipate type of returns and can attack and defend in tht position. I have forehand topspin loop smash and drive and backhand chop push and loop/flick. My primary motive is to keep ball in play rather than go for those professional player shots.

If you are one like me, look no further, get this ply plzz. I have stiga offensive ply as well and trust me there is hell lot of difference btw the two.
15/07/2013 NICE Review by ZHENYUAN HUANG
I use this blade with hurricane 2 and genius+.
this blade is soft and i think it is better than my ROSEWOOD 5
16/10/2012 Good Review by Jong Myung KIM
It is very classic blade in world.
Good speed and control.
Legend of blade things.
Stiga Allround Classic