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The Swedish company has been a world leader in table tennis since its establishment in 1944. STIGA has a rich tradition of building blades for champions like Stellan Bengtsson, Kjell Johansson, Hans Alsér, and Ulf “Tickan” Carlsson who won numerous world championships in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The Swedish National Team who temporarily broke the Chinese dominance, winning three consecutive world team championships between 1989-1993, Jean-Michel Saive (1993 World Men’s singles vice-champion, 1994 European Men’s singles champion), and Chinese legend Liu Guoliang who played with the Clipper when he won his Olympic titles in men’s singles and doubles in 1996 and became world men’s singles ... champion in 1999. STIGA also supports future champions and legends, including Xu Xin (7 fold world champion; team events and doubles), Fan Zhendong (2014 and 2016 world team champion), Yan An, Chen Meng, Zhu Yuling, Pär Gerell, and Jens Lundquist. STIGA is renowned for building some of the finest blades and continuously invests in research and development of new blades and manufacturing technologies in close collaboration with the Chinese National Team. Examples of outstanding blades include the Carbonado series, the Clipper line, the Intensity series, the VPS line (Infinity, Eternity, Emerald,), the Hardwood series (Ebenholz, Rosewood), as well as the time proven Allround and Offensive Classic lines. STIGA also produces high quality rubbers including the Genesis and Mantra series as well as the legendary Calibra LT series. Did you know that Stiga was known as “Stigma” until 1949 and that its name is derived from the company’s first owner Stig Hjelmquist?   Show more Show less


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