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Spinlord Waran II

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Rubber type : short pips
Waran II combines the unchanged topsheet of Waran with a very fast, medium hard sponge. Due to this newly developed sponge with a strong speed glue effect, Waran II is even faster than Waran. For skilled players playing with short pips, continuous attacking is the way to victory with this. This combination of classical strengths of pips out rubbers with attributes of modern rubbers is what makes Waran II to be such a high level rubber.

Customer Reviews

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04/10/2023 Reasonable Price Review by Brian
Reasonable Price
09/12/2021 powerful short pips Review by Trung Phan
I ordered Spinlord Waran II from TT11, super fast shipping to the US.
one of the best short pip, powerful, good spin, and quality much higher
than its low price tag. if you are a pips-out player, you can't go wrong with Spinlord Waran II.
Thanks, TT11 for fast shipping, and the best price you can get for your table tennis equipment
25/05/2021 Fast modern short pips Review by Anton Kukeste
Quite fast short pips with the ability to create a good amount of spin. Less disruptive/sinking effect, but more speed compared to regular Waran. Excellent for its price. Overall, in my opinion, I feel like Rakza PO and Victas 102 are better choices if you are looking for fast and spiny short pips.
30/06/2020 666 Review by maximiliano buzzi
Exelente goma, con efecto y velocidad increíble, la mejor explosión al rematar, y el bloqueo pasivo es engañoso, el mejor short pimples q probe.
29/06/2020 Good Review by Herrera Omar
02/10/2019 Best SP I have tried so far Review by JW
Very fast rubber that can hit through the pretty heavy spin. Not the spinniest SP due to the harder sponge but you can still create a decent amount of spin with it.
30/12/2018 Spinlord Waran 2 Rocks Review by Ebenezer Quaye
I really like this rubber because it is quite close to some of
my fast and spinny inverted rubbers. I am a penholder and playing with this rubber RPB is great and I love it.
15/10/2018 Kiire lappi rünnak Review by Kalev Pullonen
Peamiselt ikka rünnakuks, aga saab ka kaitsta. Kui õige nurga kätte saad, siis hea topspinni blokeerimiseks. Pall läheb ilma vaevata tagasi kiiremini kui tuli :) Lõikamiseks parem, kui Waran 1, aga jääb alla Keilerile.
29/06/2018 Great and fast! Review by Igor Zelenski
2,0 mm Waran on Spinlord Ultra balsa V forehand is a deadly weapon. It is insanely fast when smashing, easy to return any serve and not only to just for return, but to push opponent away from the table. However, it requires a lot of practice and good footwork

Blocking is still hard for me with this rubber, but I was playing with this rubber only for one month yet. Ball doesn't have a deceiving vibration when returning, might be bcs of thick sponge, however, I play using speed.

If I play passively I get immediately punnished by opponent with strong attack, same thing with underspin - I try to avoid it. Topspinning is good and the spin is nicely hard for opponent to read. But the smashing is the the thing of this rubber.
28/06/2018 Отлично! Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Оьтличные короткие шипы
23/03/2018 Ehh... Review by w.c.
It's a good rubber , but doesn't seem that much different from the Waran 1. It seems a bit faster, and as a subjective judgement, I like it a better than Waran1 since it seems to have a bit more speed.
01/09/2017 Good fast pimp Review by Pete Sliney
Excellent pimp for attacking and a cheaper alternative to joola ultra express. Spin is good and rubber has good control on a slow defplay blade
Spinlord Waran II