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Spinlord Orkan


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : long pips
Spinlord Orkan is an all-round defensive pips-out rubber that offers good disruption and control on blocks, chops, and the occasional attack. It features a very slow topsheet and uses a soft offensive sponge with decent speed and good speed glue feeling. Primarily for slowing the ball down, it can also allow for well-placed attacks when the opportunity arises. This version named ORKan has a soft sponge with 38-40 degrees hardness.

Customer Reviews

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01/03/2021 Great service Review by Yusuf Steyn
Good deception. Not easy to push close to the net. amazing block - similar to KO Pro with little less deception but easier to use (trade-off). Can also be used to attack.
Spinlord Orkan