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Spinlord Defender II

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : DEF+
thickness (mm) : 4.9
SpinLord Defender is middle fast defensive blade. The head size is increased up to 162 x 155 mm. It is recommended for both classic defensive game and destructive blocking close to the table. High quality defensive blade with excellent control.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

07/02/2019 Great blade Review by An
Quite light for such a big blade. Control is excellent. With good offensive rubbers can hit fast. With antispin rubber (BH) return/block success ratio is around 90%.
22/08/2018 Muy buena opcion Review by JOSE TORRES ESCOLANO
Sorprendentemente eficaz en juego defensnjnjivo encima de la mesa, madera blanda, sensitiva, con mucho control sin ser lenta, superficie muy sobredimensionada. Probada con picos largos Dawei 388d1 pro y Palio HK1997 gold.
06/12/2017 Хорошее основание Review by Anton Nikolskij
Основание выполнено качественно, средне-мягкое, дает неплохое чувство мяча, прекрасное основание для защиты, подставка и блок идут отлично, для силовой игры в дальней зоне не хватает мощности, всё в ваших руках, при необходимости можно и вломить неплохо, махнув более энергично добавляя ногами и корпусом полетит очень даже, но все же это защитное основание и не стоит ожидать от него высоких показателей скорости и вращения, очень хорошо показывает себя в короткой игре вращение дает приличного уровня
09/04/2017 good blade Review by taw
very nice blade controllable and fast enough to counter attack do well with spinlord Spinlord Waran fh and Spinlord Degu bh via that combination you play with high confidence , you can do every things Blocking, chopping, powerful shots and aggressive spin – almost everything is possible with that combination
--Spinlord Degu bh more slower than waran best one for bh you can put the ball anywhere on the table serve return so easy
-- Spinlord Waran fh more fast more spiny rally magic rubber
-- i wish try Spinlord Gipfelsturm or Spinlord Keiler BH and waran FH on spinlord ultra carbon blade
-- i am wondering there are over size off ultra carbon blade??
17/05/2016 good racquet for defenders Review by Mario Preziuso

the racket is of good quality in proportion to the price . It appears to be somewhat slow and somewhat heavy. discrete control . Not suitable for a modern defender who also like to attack .
22/11/2015 Satisfactory Review by Sammy
Performance of the blade is not bad for a beginner. But the blade seems to be somewhat larger than normal blades.
02/05/2015 Def+ blade Review by Thimmy Wallgren
I had played with Stiga Allround Classic for 8 years before trying something completely different. I tried this one. I have never been so please with a blade ever in my carrier. As a modern defender, Spinlord Defender was the ultimate solution. Not too slow nor too fast. I can chop from wherever with all different kinds of spin and speed. Same goes for looping! Blocking, chop-blocking, pushing, you name it! Magnificent control in every shot executed. I highly recommend this for the modern defensive-allround player who is still in the search of the best suitable blade. This blade is the answer!
09/01/2014 Very good blade for the price Review by flemming
If you want a Def+ - All- blade is this blade a good choice.
I have just glued a DHS G777 2mm on blade and a LP 0x rubber. Feels very nice. Tabletennes11, always fast and superb service.
Spinlord Defender II