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Sauer Tröger Super Stop

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Rubber type : antispin
With this slow and low-friction antitop-rubber you will have control which you cannot top. Rotation gets neutralised and passive balls can be played back extremely safe. Also attacking shots can be played easy. Tip: even when you do not play with an antitop rubber this one can be interesting. For example when you do not feel safe enough with your pimples or with your frictionless antitop-rubber or when you produce too many mistakes.

Customer Reviews

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10/08/2019 As advertized Review by Jeff S
I have been using the 1.9 mm sponge version of this rubber for about a year, and recently changed to the 1.5 mm sponge. I find the 1.5 mm version, particularly the red, to be more disruptive and faster when attacking. Super Stop is an interesting anti. It is less difficult to use than frictionless, and more disruptive than almost all classic anti rubbers. I believe it too is the best anti for attacking with my forehand. It tends to kill spin and deaden the ball instead of generating a lot of spin reversal, but that might be my technique. My most effective shot with this rubber is a fast dead hit.
26/07/2019 Can play well every way. Review by Nited Leangsomboon
I can play classic games. You can play the cut style outside the table well.
And easily play the blog style. I played it on both sides. Plus, I play the OFF game style. I like it.
19/09/2018 I like it a lot. Review by RICHARD LIM
Before, I had to depend on the opponent's I have more winner points plus their mistakes. What more can you ask from an anti spin?
15/08/2018 ........... Review by tomo
This rubber is not good for me, not like anti spin as I usually use..
06/08/2018 Good for attacking and keeping the ball short ... but not for much else. Review by Alexander Zubatov
This rubber gives you great touch and allows you to attack virtually everything. But your attacks aren't particularly dangerous. Against loops, this rubber can block them and keep them short, but if you face a competent looper above, say, U.S. 1800, you're a sitting duck because there's no spin reversal on the blocks, so that they can keep coming at you until they break you. But I can imagine that this rubber might be very effective at lower levels.
Sauer Tröger Super Stop