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Sauer Tröger Monkey

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Rubber type : long pips
The pimples of the long pimple rubber Monkey have a high aspect ratio and stand quite far apart. This guarantees the greatest possible space for the pimples heads to buckle. The pimples necks are fairly smooth, while the heads are slightly roughened. The pimples heads are quite wide. In combination with the roughened pimples heads, they provide great rotational development. If you hit the ball well, the opponent will have big problems. Under light pressure, the pimples heads give a medium-hard appearance. However, at higher pressure, they give way and cause a soft and gentle feel. This ensures that the pimple plays in a controlled manner and that, nevertheless, balls that are difficult for the opponent to calculate can be played on offensive strokes. The sponge version has a dampening sponge, but it does not play too “dead”.

Customer Reviews

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07/02/2024 Schnelle lange Noppen Review by Daniele Rezzonico
Spiele ich auch mit vorhand mit wenige fehler und storende balle
16/10/2023 For active choppers Review by Matias Castro
A very versatile pimple.
The pips are soft enough to put a lot of spin when shopping away from the table. Serve reception is easy allowing you to play with ball spin. Heavy topspins are not an issue and the absorbing sponge gives you plenty of dwell time and extra control to put more pressure on your opponent. Ideal for fast blades and a versatile game plan.
Congrats to S&T team for this amazing rubber
04/10/2023 Good for long pimple ox user Review by Brian
it is stable to use, but nothing special i can see.
damping sponge effect is the only one i can find.
07/09/2023 Buena goma. Recomendable Review by FELIPE AVILA
Es similar al HELL FIRE, aun estoy probando ambas para poder decidir con cual me quedaré en forma definitiva. Ideal para jugar cerca de la mesa. No la recomiendo para jugadores que juegan a media o larga distancia. De todas maneras es uno de los mejores poros
31/08/2023 Like it Review by Ricardo Sevilla
I'm enjoying playing this long pips ox, easy to control, retired chop block very low!
11/08/2023 Blue Chill Pill Review by Marc Ross
In a match I was always tight and stressed.
Monkey is vaccine for this. I call it Monkey Chill Pill.

Deception/reversal not huge (with sponge) but high enough, control is amazing. With dampening sponge, you can block fastest shots and keep ball on the table.

Great for passive blocking but amazing for tactical attacking.

Serve receive is easy, now I WANT your tricky serve. No stress, just relax. Show opponent big Monkey smile before they serve. Drives them crazy.

Block is good, chop block is even better. Block & push is Easy to steer opponent left and right, short or long. Push keeps low., often with strange knuckle/wobble.

Directed punch shot is nice aggressive tool to use.

Looks like it will last a long time, very durable.

Very easy rubber to use even if you never play LP before.

Keep soft grip (very important) and take ball very-early to medium-early for best results. (don't wait too long or you can get stuck)

Monkey helps you to relax, control the pace, use your imagination & be creative. So much fun it may be illegal in your country so please check with local authorities before you purchase :-)

(Yasaka Battle Balsa/FH Rasanter R42/BH Sauer Tröger Monkey)

11/07/2023 Tremendous control Review by Sarvotham Pai
One of a kind long pips. I’m using the ox version on Sauer and Trojer Hellfire Blade. Good amount of reversal. Easy to vary the tempo of the incoming ball.
Best feature of this rubber is you are able to punch incoming backspin with ease. Lots of gears to play variable game
Sauer Tröger Monkey