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Sauer Tröger Monkey

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Rubber type : long pips
The pimples of the long pimple rubber Monkey have a high aspect ratio and stand quite far apart. This guarantees the greatest possible space for the pimples heads to buckle. The pimples necks are fairly smooth, while the heads are slightly roughened. The pimples heads are quite wide. In combination with the roughened pimples heads, they provide great rotational development. If you hit the ball well, the opponent will have big problems. Under light pressure, the pimples heads give a medium-hard appearance. However, at higher pressure, they give way and cause a soft and gentle feel. This ensures that the pimple plays in a controlled manner and that, nevertheless, balls that are difficult for the opponent to calculate can be played on offensive strokes. The sponge version has a dampening sponge, but it does not play too “dead”.
Sauer Tröger Monkey