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Sauer Tröger Hellfire X

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Rubber type : long pips
The Hellfire-X is a little bit faster than the original, very popular, Hellfire. It is softer and more flexible as well, with a more disturbing effect. Like the original, it has a balanced combination of speed, control, spin, and unpredictability for the opponent.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/11/2023 Great Review by Stanislav Demchenko
I've been using Hellfire X (the OX version) on different blades (ALL to OFF+).
Great variation of spin. They are very deceptive at my level.
To be fair, I am just an amateur (attacker and defender) playing daily for years.
02/10/2023 851 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Buena poro con esponja, efecto impredecible muy complicado adivinar para el oponente
05/09/2023 Good Review by Benjamin Chan
Like it a lot
25/05/2023 Good for chopping and close to the table blocking. Review by Alan Strelzoff
Paired with a Unicorn blade works very well.
11/04/2023 5 Review by oleg popov
Отличные шипы для чоп-блока, при 5-6 часах в неделю хватит на 3-4 месяца.
29/12/2022 Шипы сложные Review by Александра Степанова
Если освоить технику то можно будет доставлять неприятную игру оппонентам!
23/11/2022 Funky colour with performance Review by John PAYNE
The purple colour was matt so less reflective than the red. Great control with very good effect, one of the best OX rubbers around. Hitting was a lot easier than most OX rubbers
25/08/2022 Best Pimples ever Review by Jorge Tello
Best pimples ever!! It applies alot of spin, and its really hard for the opponent to pass the ball. Its a little bit hard to get used to it but is tottally worth it.
03/08/2022 Great LP Review by David Girdner
Hellfire X in OX is now my new LP of choice. I have used OX LP's for over 15 years on very fast blades, mostly TSP/Victas Balsa 8.5. For ten years I used Giant Dragon Talon in all the variations. Tried 80+ LPs. I usually use an SP on the other side. By far the most disruptive pip I have used since Superblock. Unbelievable control even on the fast blades. I have now put the X on the Unicorn blade which provides great control but still looking for the SP on the other side...101 Victas is the current test. I played in my 92nd USATT sanctioned tournament in Atlanta last month with the X on the Balsa 8.5 and got my rating up by 4 points. I am 73 years of age... Of note, everyone I played had much trouble returning serves when I used the X.
15/06/2022 Talvez o melhor pico longo no mercado Review by Joaquim Barbosa
multifuncional, pois, permite o corte longe da mesa, o bloco seguro e o ataque em spin entre outras funções. De acordo com as habilidades do executante, tal como todos os picos longos, exige muito treino.
10/06/2022 Quality Pips Review by Spike
Used Troger Hellfire X OX on several defensive blades including Barricade, Chen Weixing, and Unicorn. The results with Weixing and Unicorn were similar in play. I would not recommend it for play using the Barricade. The Hellfire X OS pips have a wider spacing between pips which catches the ball for more control. Harder pips which make it faster. I am an intermediate rating player. Had no issues in playing chops, bumps, sideswiping, nor blocks.
26/05/2022 Best Long Pips on the market Review by PJMP
This is a very versatile sheet of rubber whether you play with a sponge or OX. Amazing spin reversal with the ability to attack with ease. This rubber offers great control. As a coach, I have recommended this to all my students who play with long pips. This rubber is the new standard for disruption.
09/04/2022 Good control Review by Long pips close to table playet
Returning loops from high-level players with this rubber close to the table is this rubber's strength. The chop blocks do have a spin reversal. Need the right downward chop block technique to make the ball travel low across the net. Returning underspin using a bump requires proper timing with this rubber. Due to the pips are wider apart the rubber will catch and hold the ball which helps with one’s control. Side swiping returns of one’s serves is another strength. Tried the rubber with the unicorn, barricade, innershield, and Chen Weixing blades. For my close to the table play a medium-hard blade such as CW worked the best.
21/12/2021 GOOD~ Review by air
09/11/2021 Good Review by Genady Karakis
For good players, this rubber is no trouble. Chop block is good, nor more
01/07/2021 Good lp for attacking Review by Geoffrey Goutorbe
Used it on a unicorn in 0x. The best lp to attack imo, really easy to use in combination with the unicorn. My only concern is, it does not really well in chopping mid or far, u have to stay at the table and try chop block. As the level of the opponent goes higher, I really have a hard time chop blocking everything and have to resort to chopping more and more. Really good if you intend to stay at the table.
17/06/2021 Buena goma Review by Pablo Torena
Todavía no lo he usado lo suficiente, adaptándome, parece q va a cumplir con su cometido, MOLESTAR bastante al adversario
11/06/2021 Hellfire X .06 sponge Review by Charles Brooks
I was given a used sheet of Hellfire X to try and loved it, so I bought two more to put on additional blades I use. Great product.
21/05/2021 Good product Review by Zayar Lynn
Nice to use.
28/04/2021 Best long pimple rubber out there! Review by Jose Da Silva
Have tried many of the long pimple 0X rubbers out there, but have not been able to get one that has a full basket of options until now. With the 0X the deception is excellent, the blocks and spin reversal are phenomenal, and the change from passive to active aggression is so easy and effective. This is the rubber I have been dreaming of for a long time. It has all the variations that I have been looking for in a long pimples. Table tennis 11 service is top in class!
14/01/2021 Disruption Review by Bob Afdlin
Disruption is the middle name. The ball always confuses the opponent. I use 0.5mm and love it! The pips is not that soft, but it does the job.
28/08/2020 excellent Review by Paolo
I have tried many long pips OX rubbers, this is the best ever. Another planet compared to the old hellfire.
Hellfire X with no sponge (OX) has incredible disturb effect and reverse the spin like no other pip out rubber can do (maybe only Dornenglanz can come close to this one). Also good control on the table, the ball goes exactly straight where you want. Also good for chops far from the table, need a little bit sensitive hand to chop without a sponge but the result with this rubber is great.
21/07/2020 Excellent long pimples without weaknesses Review by Simon Dimant
I played successfully during the era of celluloid ball with Sauer & Troger Hellfire in OX. It was a great all-round long pimples rubber. Unfortunately, it does not work well with a plastic ball.
Now we have Hellfire X which will give you the same excellent service with the plastic ball like an old Hellfire with the celluloid ball.
I would give this novelty a 10 out of 10. Well done Souer and Troger!
Sauer Tröger Hellfire X